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Functional and practical Zanussi refrigerators occupy high positions in the ranking of the best models of this household appliance. They are appreciated for their high quality, well thought out design and long service life. The modern equipment of these devices allows you to keep different products fresh and tasty at any time of the year. By purchasing such a reliable refrigerator, you can be sure of the correctness of your choice, because the products of the Zanussi brand have an impeccable reputation, thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the production process, as well as the best materials..

Brand history

The Zanussi brand is a world renowned manufacturer of quality household appliances. Particularly noteworthy are Zanussi refrigerators, the range of which is replenished with new models every year. Strict adherence to long-term traditions and strict control over the manufacturing process allow us to create truly practical and durable pieces of refrigeration equipment. Every year a huge number of refrigerators and freezers are produced under this brand, which are characterized by high manufacturability and reasonable cost..

The company was founded back in 1916, and Antonio Zanussi became its leader, after whom it was named. The main rule of his work was the availability of products to absolutely everyone, while not at the expense of quality. It is adhered to at the present time, due to which refrigerators are considered worthy competitors of many world brands. Their reliability and functionality have already been appreciated by millions of consumers who were completely satisfied with such a wonderful purchase..


A refrigerator is an integral part of every home, restaurant, hotel, and in some cases, even an office or other room. It creates real comfort and makes it possible to keep food fresh, without losing its taste. All Zanussi refrigerators differ in the number of chambers, functionality and parameters. It is worth noting that each model of the device has individual characteristics that are intended for it during the manufacturing process..

Embedded units are very popular. They are considered the most convenient and practical, therefore they are increasingly being installed in residential buildings and apartments. The beautiful built-in refrigerator Zanussi perfectly complements the interior and brings a certain zest to it. Also in great demand are mini-refrigerators, classic floor-standing and in the form of a cabinet. The class of the refrigerator is important when choosing, because the future comfort of operating the equipment directly depends on this..

The manufacturer pays due attention to every detail. That is why the handles of this technique are the most durable and easy to use. They are able to withstand even the highest loads, and also serve for more than a dozen years. It should be noted that Zanussi refrigerators are easy to clean and maintain. For their creation, only the most modern and wear-resistant materials are used, due to which the devices do not lose their original qualities for many years..


There are Zanussi refrigerators in categories such as:

  • functional application;
  • installation method;
  • spaciousness;
  • the degree of freezing;
  • thawing technology.

All of these categories determine the type of refrigeration equipment, its power and additional features that you should definitely pay attention to in the selection process..

Rating of the best models

Original refrigerators Zanussi presented in a wide range, among which everyone can choose the most suitable option based on personal wishes and needs. The company invites buyers to familiarize themselves with the rating of the best models of refrigeration units, which consists of the following models:

  • Zanussi ZRX 71100 WA. It belongs to the group of the most compact models and is characterized by the most simplified control system. The device is designed so thoughtfully that even a child can fully use it. The volume of the refrigerator makes it possible to store any food in it, enjoying their taste and freshness.
  • Zanussi ZRB 34210 XA. A modern model that is equipped with the Quick Chill function. Its presence allows you to freeze any amount of food, without harming their appearance, and preserving the original taste. Spacious compartments in the freezer for convenient and beautiful sorting of food.
  • Zanussi ZRB 35214 WA. Appliance with a special zone for extra freshness, which allows, with the correct mode, to store meat and fish, keeping them fresh. The model is roomy and convenient for daily use.
  • Zanussi ZRB 33100 WA. Refrigeration unit designed for high-quality food storage. The shelves here are made of high-strength glass and can easily withstand even the most extreme loads. The device has a class of energy consumption “A +”, which ensures economical use of electricity. The doors in this instance can be located on both sides, thanks to which its use brings absolute comfort.

  • Zanussi ZR T627 W. Modern two-compartment refrigerator with a convenient location of the refrigerator and freezer. An economical level of energy consumption allows you to significantly save the family budget, as well as the freshness of the products themselves. The durable glass shelves and their adjustment make the process of use extremely comfortable. Possibility of hanging the door is provided.
  • Zanussi ZR D-23 JC. Nice two-compartment refrigerator, made in an original design. It features an automatic defrosting system and adjustable front legs. Shatter-resistant glass from which the shelves are made allows them to be used with maximum load.
  • Zanussi ZRG 14801 WA. Small in volume, but quite roomy refrigerator, which has an automatic defrosting system. Has low energy consumption.
  • Zanussi ZR T 18100 WA. A two-chamber unit created in a classic design with modern technology. The freezer is located at the bottom. The shelves are made of durable mirror glass, which makes the process of its use as comfortable as possible.

Each of these models is characterized by excellent quality and practicality. But, regardless of their size, all refrigerators of this brand are equipped with the necessary functions for its full use..


Numerous user reviews indicate that Zanussi refrigerators are really high quality and durable. The use of exclusively environmentally friendly materials in the production process contributes to the reliable storage of a wide variety of products without losing their original qualities. Basically, the attention of consumers is focused on the convenience of devices, as well as the absence of an unpleasant odor in them during operation. The durability of devices, as well as the ability of shelves and compartments to withstand heavy loads, are important factors when choosing. Users are pleasantly surprised by the harmonious combination of high quality and affordable cost. This feature makes Zanussi refrigerators widely popular and in demand in different parts of the world. All models are very stable, functional and extremely convenient to use..

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