Review of the best brands of auger juicers

A juicer is a great tool that will help make your life and life in the kitchen easier. Using this technique, you can drink natural juice saturated with vitamins every morning, strengthen the immunity of your family. At the same time, screw models are very popular with modern buyers. They do their job on the principle of a meat grinder, that is, they grind the product, and then extract juice from it..

Different manufacturers present different auger juicers. How to choose a quality product and which brand is trustworthy, and will be discussed in this article.

Top brands

What are the best brands? To comprehensively answer this question, you need to take into account not only the technical characteristics of the subject, but also the reviews that buyers leave. Among the main advantages of all screw models are:

  1. Preservation of useful properties of the product due to cold pressing.
  2. Low noise level
  3. The ability to make juice from various fruits and vegetables, as well as berries, herbs.
  4. The device can be used for up to 30 minutes.
  5. Relatively little waste will remain after work.

Accordingly, you need to focus on consumer reviews. Buy the same product should be in trusted stores. Consider popular brands:


These models are functional and of high quality. They are recognized as the best variants of 2015. This South Korean company is capturing the Russian market more actively every year. According to customer reviews, devices of this brand are distinguished by their ease of use. You can easily and naturally assemble and turn on the device. Convenient and simple, the hostesses believe, to clean and wash the juicer. As for the work, there are no complaints here either. All products are processed with maximum efficiency. Quite little waste remains after work.

At the same time, one cannot fail to note the disadvantages of the product. For example, this is a high price of a product. You will not be able to save your family budget. However, if this does not scare you and you are ready to spend money to purchase a quality item, then you should consider this option..


These models attract customers with their modern stylish design, high-quality workmanship, and excellent work. Strength and durability will appeal to every housewife. The models are made of high-tech ecological materials. Products allow you to squeeze out the maximum amount of liquid and get a nutritious healthy drink.

People consider the main advantages to be quite simple assembly, simple maintenance and operation. The products are also attractive for their compact size. Low energy consumption will help you save your finances. Of course, the price of such a model will not be low, but the game is worth the candle.


The well-known Philips brand has earned the trust of many users. The zealous housewives note the high quality of the equipment. Such models will become your helpers in the kitchen. You can make a vitamin drink from any fruits and vegetables. The models have a special pre-cleaning function that will help clean the inside of the device. And thanks to the removable parts, you can quickly and efficiently rinse the device yourself.

Usually, in addition to the technique, there is an interesting book with useful recipes and properties of drinks. As for the pricing policy, here you can choose exactly the option that is right for you..


This company guarantees high reliability, quality and practicality of products. This technique will serve you for years. The model will be the perfect gift for any occasion. Thanks to its low speeds and design features, the Bosch juicer can handle even soft fruits and herbs. You will receive a healthy vitamin product in a matter of minutes.

Customers also appreciate the stylish exterior design of the product. This technique will organically fit into the style of your kitchen. Convenient, comfortable and compact options will become real helpers in the kitchen. Models can also be taken with you to the dacha and on a trip..


These models allow you to effectively squeeze vegetables and fruits of different density. There is a unique attachment for frozen food. It is ideal for preparing a delicious dessert. Thanks to the auto-rotating brush attachment, fibers will not get stuck in the filter. Thus, you can easily and naturally clean the device after use..

Buyers evaluate the safety of use. The motor is protected against overheating, and thanks to the rubberized feet, the juicer will stand firmly on your table.


These juicers are in great demand among modern buyers. Their power is two hundred watts. Among the main advantages, users highlight high performance, comfort and ease of use. The models have good assembly and equipment. The product works almost silently. As for the minor flaws, among them is the high price of the product. Also, the product is rather difficult to wash and clean. If this does not scare you, then you can consider this option..


Buyers note the availability of these models. So, a high-quality juicer from this company can be purchased at an attractive price. This is an important metric for all buyers. Among the shortcomings, one can single out a slightly larger amount of the product that goes into the trash. At the same time, the models squeeze out the juice quite well. Thus, this budget option is suitable for those who want to save money and buy the necessary worthwhile thing..

At the same time, the company produces models in a modern stylish design. You can even load whole fruits into certain models. The manufacturer guarantees high quality and reliability of the goods.


The Korean manufacturer cares about the high quality and durability of the product. These juicers have steel screws. Accordingly, it will be impossible to break them. Thanks to the technology of cold pressing, you can get juice rich in vitamins and microelements. With the help of these juicers, you can prepare delicious drinks from any fruit, including citrus fruits, as well as berries, vegetables..

Buyers note the easy assembly and easy operation of the product. The juicer is easy to care for, wash and clean. Among the disadvantages is the high price. At the same time, undoubtedly, it justifies its high quality..


The Polish company presents universal screw juicers. Most buyers rate this product very highly. It is distinguished by quality, reliability, practicality and durability. Such a juicer works almost silently. This is another advantage. Usually the technique of this company is made using a combined material. At the same time, a quality product is obtained at the exit. Stylish and organic, such a juicer will fit into the concept of any kitchen.


Numerous positive reviews indicate the high quality of this company. The juice is obtained pure, all vitamins are preserved. The kit includes a brush with which you can clean the device and make it ready for new use. Thanks to the reverse, you can no longer worry if food gets stuck in the funnel. There is a special reservoir where the pulp is collected, as well as an anti-drip device. Stylish and practical technology for modern people.

King mix

These premium juicers have all the necessary quality features for long and efficient work. Everything here is thought out to the smallest detail. Powerful, reliable and stylish, it will become your kitchen companion. A powerful motor, sharp knives will help you quickly create a delicious puree or juice in a matter of minutes. You can also control the speed parameters, prepare ice for drinks.


The minimum amount of foam in the production of juice is noted by users in these juicers. Thanks to high-strength screws, the products will serve you faithfully for a long time. The models are easy to use and easy to assemble. Buyers note the noiselessness of the device. This will keep you focused on other activities. A simple device and in cleaning, you can wash all the parts yourself and dry them. Then you can squeeze the juice again. As for the pricing policy, this option is more budgetary than the previous model. At the same time, the quality remains at its best.


Thanks to the high spin system, low speed, you will get a healthy one hundred percent juice. Now you can prepare vitamin drinks for yourself and your whole family every morning. Although there are many parts, you will be able to assemble the product yourself quickly and easily. The models are stable, safe and reliable. This technique will be a great gift for any occasion..


The effective ergonomic design of the models is immediately appreciated by all buyers. Due to the low rotation speed, the product is processed more thoroughly, and healthy juice is squeezed out. Thanks to the energy efficient motor, you can save your finances. The shockproof housing is responsible for the safety of the product. The auger and bowl are made of innovative material. There is a special self-cleaning function.


This model is rated by users as a compact, excellent squeezing product. The only drawback is the noise of the product. However, if you want to purchase a high-quality option, and you are not confused by this parameter, then you should consider the model.

Thus, we have reviewed the leading companies in the production of screw juicers. Now you can purchase exactly the model that you like and suits you the most..


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