Salute juicers: comparison and characteristics

Juicers from a domestic manufacturer have their own advantages, one of them is high productivity. But this is only the first advantage. The garden models on the market may differ in several ways. To find out the advantages and compare the Salyut juicer with the Dachnitsa, Rossoshanka and Neptune models, to understand the differences and advantages of each of the models, we recommend that you read this article.

How to choose

Russian juicers for summer cottages differ from household structures according to several criteria:

  • high performance. Garden juicers are distinguished by compact, but heavy parts, which allow the machine to process a large amount of whole fruit. Several liters in 20 minutes is the norm.
  • availability. Thanks to some savings in design, companies can afford to simplify the functionality and reduce the price of juicers to the most acceptable for the buyer. You can find models “Salute” or “Neptune” in any hardware store;
  • ease of use. The designs of the extractors are simplified to the maximum. It remains only to press the “turn on” button and the device is powered. Outwardly, the design of all Russian models is simple – no addition.

If you are looking for a suitable device for squeezing fruit juice for giving, then it is better to immediately read the brief instructions for each juicer, guided by the following indicators:

  • power Is an important criterion by which the energy consumption of a juicer is assessed. If the device is planned to be used often, then the power is required in the equivalent of 300-500 W;
  • performance – shows the operating time of the press itself. As a rule, domestic manufacturers set the longest periods of continuous operation – from 6 to 8 hours;
  • guarantee period – another parameter that indicates the quality of the juicer. The longer the warranty, the better;
  • body material – most often, suburban structures have a plastic base. This is used in order to simplify the model so that unnecessary details do not interfere with operation;
  • filter type – affects the operation of the entire machine. There are several types of spinning, which are included as automatic modes in the design. Some filters need to be cleaned as they are used.

Using these criteria, you can safely view suitable models.


There are several interesting devices for squeezing juice from Russian companies. They are all worthy of attention.

To understand not only the differences between one model from another, but also to identify the advantages of each, a brief analysis is simply necessary.. Models “Salut”, “Dachnitsa” and “Neptune”, according to reviews, have the best performance. But which one is better? Based on the opinions, we will draw up a clear description of each of the models.


Penza juicer “Firework” appeared on the market several years ago, but has already earned the full confidence of users. As the owners note, the device can handle any load, is efficient and can hold up to 10 kilograms of apples. Technical indicators:

  • power 400 W;
  • working time up to 8 hours;
  • warranty period from one year;
  • plastic case (weight – 4.5 kg);
  • filter in the form of a cylinder, with an average rotation speed of 3000 rpm.

These characteristics are very good by themselves. For example, having a power of 400 watts, you can safely use the car for 4-5 hours without interruption. Thanks to the simplified plastic case, the juicer is quite light, and the rotating force will allow you to easily squeeze up to 60 liters of juice in an hour.

This model also has disadvantages. For example, with an average power of the engine, the diameter is large, so strong vibrations are generated from use. It is better to fix the juicer additionally on the table so that too strong jolts do not occur.

Sometimes the device must be turned off in order to completely clear the centrifuge from the cake – the model does not provide this function in automatic mode. This is due to the design of the filter itself..

In the next video – an overview of the juicer "Firework".

Features of the Salyut juicer should be described separately. The model has a cylindrical filter shape – so the remains remain inside, there is no way to remove them by means of a lever, which is installed, for example, in Zhuravinka. Fruits and vegetables are squeezed out until the juice stops flowing. Fruits, fruits and berries can be loaded in large quantities, but this should be done gradually. Otherwise, the mass may simply move to one side, after which it remains only to stop the device..

The grater, which is located at the bottom, has holes that do not allow pits to pass through, so they must also be removed by hand. The squeezer does not have a switch-on fuse when the lid is open, so it must be turned off before cleaning..

Another indicator is the ability to filter the juice to the required transparency. The mesh with a double layer inside allows you to get a drink with pulp (for this you need to separate part of the filter), or the most pure concentrate, using all cleaning inserts.

Do not place whole soft pitted fruits such as apricots or plums into this appliance. In this case, you can damage the mesh or grater..

These characteristics are very good by themselves. For example, having a power of 400 watts, you can safely use the car for 4-5 hours without interruption. Thanks to the simplified plastic case, the juicer is quite light, and the rotating force will allow you to easily squeeze up to 60 liters of juice in an hour.


Voronezh juicer, which differs from others in its pleasant design and the smallest power level. Its cost is lower than that of the Salyut juicer, and its productivity is higher. Specifications:

– power – 120 W;

– working time 8-10 hours;

– warranty period – one year;

– plastic case with metal inserts (due to this, the weight of the prior is about 10 kg);

– filter in the form of a cone, the cake is automatically discharged.

Rossoshanka has a pleasant external design and, despite its heavy weight, is compact. The inner cone makes it possible to automatically clean the filter from the cake, which is almost dry at the outlet. Thanks to several filters, you can squeeze clear juice, with a capacity of up to 70 liters per hour. The juice yield is 90-95% (in contrast to the Salyut device, in which the centrifuge only squeezes up to 50% of the liquid from the total mass).

Saving energy is also a nice bonus, as it consumes much less than its counterparts – only 120 watts. However, with increased loads, power consumption can go up to 700 watts. The advantages also include an enlarged neck into which whole apples can be immersed. The juicer is of a centrifugal type, that is, it is universal. Can grind and juice all solid foods.

The disadvantages include the inability to process soft fruits and vegetables – a gruel is obtained that is not filtered. Also, with a powerful engine, sometimes sharp vibrations of the mechanism are created, therefore a strictly stable surface is required.

Differences from other models: the price is lower than that of analogues, processes more in the same period of time and consumes less energy with active use.

Summer resident

“Summer resident” represents the most economical model after Rossoshanka on the juicer market. It has an average energy consumption, it also processes a large amount of vegetables and fruits at a time, but its service life is much longer: according to the assurances of manufacturers – from 5 years. Technical indicators:

– power -220 W;

– working time from an hour;

– warranty – 5 years;

– plastic case;

– filter in the form of a cylinder. Intermittent operation mode.

The Dachnitsa juicer has the advantages of a long service life, the ability to process whole fruits and vegetables, getting from 1 liter of juice per minute. Energy drops do not occur, and the machine itself is protected from electrical damage.

The disadvantages include: no hole for removing the cake. The juicer must be stopped every 15-20 minutes in order to clean it of internal residues. The device cannot operate in automatic mode for too long, therefore it should also be disconnected from the power supply for a few minutes every hour..

The extraction efficiency is much lower than that of Rossoshanka, for example (it is 50% of the total mass). Even taking into account the fact that its productivity is approximately the same as that of the Salyut juicer, it works much worse, since productivity is hampered by the need to turn it off every hour.


The “Neptune” juicer, along with the “Salute” model, copes with any load, is used very often in the country arsenal and has a number of advantages over other models. Technical indicators:

– power 320 W;

– working time 5-7 hours;

– warranty period from one year;

– plastic case (device weight 7 kg);

– filter in the form of a cone with a rotation speed of 4000-5000 rpm.

Juicer “Neptune” refers to a rotary mechanism and has the shape of a centrifuge cone. This means that the remnants of the fruit are automatically removed into a special container. In some cases, the cake can be spun.

The high-performance model “Neptune” is the fastest in operation of all domestic models. This is a real machine for processing apples and other fruits – 120 kg of any product can be processed in an hour.

The Neptune universal juicer is presented by Stavropol manufacturers. Its performance allows not only processing, but also removing excess fragments from the juice, thanks to several filters.

The warranty period is standard, from a year – this gives safety to use. And the plastic case does not appear in any way on the operation of the mechanism. “Neptune” is twice as heavy as the “Salyut” juicer – this is due to the difference in internal graters. However, with a greater weight – the structure does not need to be additionally fixed on the table. Resilience appears one hundred percent.

Comparison of other characteristics shows: “Salyut” has a higher power consumption of electricity than “Neptune”, however, the latter has an asynchronous motor based on it, which can consume many times more energy when switched on. It is necessary to take into account this fact, with the old wiring in the country. For example, when the power supply is 3.2 kW, you can use “Neptune” if other devices are turned off. Otherwise, there is a risk of short circuit or fire..


According to the feedback from users, the best juicer for summer cottages is the Salyut model. As the owners note, it is most correct to use it for preparations for the winter: you can get about a hundred liters of juice at a time. The disadvantages include the inability to stably fix the device and the inconvenience of manual cleaning.

Customers are also distinguished by high productivity and excellent juice quality. The Neptune model has the same positive feedback. This design praises the automatic ejection of the cake, the quality of work and the minimum of noise..

Juicers “Dachnitsa” are bought much less often, as the owners note that the models often require revision. Some users don’t like frequent shutdowns.

Against this background, the Rossoshanka juicer is recommended if the use of the juicer is meant infrequently.

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