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Everyone knows that a glass of fresh juice in the morning can charge you with energy and vigor for the whole day, so a juicer is not just one of the household appliances, but a source of health and good mood.. And a Scarlett juicer is quality at an affordable price.. We will talk in this article about which model of Scarlett juicers is worthy of taking its place in the kitchen, how to navigate the richness of the choice of household appliances and what parameters to pay attention to when choosing in the first place..

Features and Benefits

A Russian-British holding, leading development in the field of household appliances, had a hand in the creation of the Scarlett brand. Production is established in China, but the quality of the products corresponds to the best English and Russian traditions..

The Scarlett juicer is no exception to the rule and has always been characterized by consumers as a reliable, easy-to-use assistant in the kitchen..

In the video below, an overview of the Scarlett SC-JE50S08 juicer, preparing apple-carrot juice.

The name of the brand was not chosen by chance. A clever marketing move by the developers who named him the main character of the popular female TV series Gone with the Wind instantly raised the company’s rating to the proper height..

Initially, all housewives found household appliances attractive precisely because of the name, and only then such parameters as appearance, reliability, ease of use were evaluated. One way or another, but the trick was successful.

Scarlett’s technology for the production of freshly squeezed juices has great functionality, it is able to prepare vegetable, fruit, berry fresh juice in a matter of seconds without unnecessary noise. It can be easily disassembled and washed, and coupled with such parameters as light weight, attractive design and durability, make the brand a worthy competitor in the market for similar products..

Main varieties

At first glance, the juicer is a tricky device, but after several uses, the juicing process will appear even with your eyes closed. To understand all the intricacies of the unit’s operation, consider its main varieties.


Works on the principle of the press. Suitable for processing apples, citrus and other fruits, as well as vegetables and berries. In turn, it is divided into two categories:

  • household;
  • professional;

Household universal device for squeezing Scarlett juice is designed for home use, equipped with a light body. It can work smoothly for ten to twenty minutes. During this time, the output turns out to be about three glasses of fresh. Further operation is undesirable in order to avoid burnout of the device..

The professional juicer is equipped with a more powerful motor, capable of withstanding heavy loads, suitable for catering establishments.

In addition to power, the efficiency of the universal juicer depends on the speed setting. Low speed is suitable for processing berries and soft fruits, and high speed for hard fruits..


The screw model is a slightly modified meat grinder. According to the principle of operation, there are manual, mechanical and electric juicers. Customer reviews indicate the high performance of this sample, but a significant drawback is the large volume of cake. Plus, the electronic juicer makes a lot of noise..

How to choose?

Having decided to purchase an apparatus for squeezing juice at home, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the analysis of the characteristics of similar household appliances. Power plays a major role in the list of qualifying criteria. As already mentioned, if the volume of the proposed raw material is small, then a simple model with a capacity of two hundred twenty to six hundred watts is quite enough, capable of squeezing out three glasses of juice at a time. If the family is large, or serious preparations are coming, then it makes sense to pay attention to professional samples.

As for the material of the body and its components, metal parts, of course, seem to be more reliable. Plastic can not withstand a long working process, burst or deform. A centrifuge sieve, for which stainless steel served as a material, will serve faithfully for a longer period than its analogue made of plastic.

The shape of the juicer also plays an important role in productivity.. There are devices with a cylindrical, conical or spherical shape.. The good thing about the cylindrical shape is that you end up with a larger volume of ready-made juice. Although this sample does not provide for the possibility of separating the cake. The conical juicer automatically separates the liquid from the pulp and the beverage at the outlet is transparent. The disadvantage here is the frequent clogging of the strainer with cake, so sometimes during operation you have to stop the unit more than once, disassemble it to wash, wasting time.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the mouth of the juicer. If there is such an opportunity, it is worth choosing a round rather than an oval one, because it is more convenient and you do not have to cut fruits – vegetables into slices.

Additional functionality of the juicer is enriched by attachments. Usually, the set includes a cone-shaped attachment for citrus fruits, a grater and a pusher for raw materials. In addition to the above, there may be special attachments for any specific types of fruits. More expensive representatives of the juice squeezing units are equipped with an automatic strainer cleaning.

Reviews and review of models

To facilitate the selection of a suitable juicer, consider the most popular samples that are in high demand among buyers..

Scarlett SC-JE50S06 centrifugal juicer

An inexpensive budget option is a mechanical model with a capacity of 1200 watts, which has a two-speed mode. Squeezes out a glass of juice in seconds. The capacity of the liquid reservoir is 750ml. The centrifuge mesh is made of a durable stainless steel alloy combined with titanium. Will become an irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen. Of the minuses – it is not recommended to use it for more than ten minutes. After the specified time has elapsed, it is better to let the device cool down..

Auger juicer SL-JE51S03

The power of the model is only 300 watts, but it is able to squeeze juice not only from fruits and berries, but even from fruit seeds. The outlet beverage contains pulp. Another indisputable advantage of the unit is noiselessness. There is a function of automated ejection of cake. The steel body makes the juicer immune to accidental fall. The price of the product does not exceed three thousand rubles.


A new generation model equipped with a powerful 1500 watt motor that can process 15 kilograms of apples in 15 minutes. The number of speeds is five. The juicer body is made of stainless steel, and there is also a screen on it that reflects the electrical diagram of the functions and stages of the workflow. The juicer is equipped with a useful “Stop-Drop” device – when, after the end of the work, the spout from which the juice is dispensed automatically changes its position upward, not allowing the remaining liquid to drip. The cost of the unit fluctuates around seven thousand rubles, but it’s worth it.

Juicer SCARLETT SC – JE50S20

First of all, the model attracts the eye with its bright color and stylish design. The power is 1000 watts, two-speed mode. The juicer has a very convenient 7.5 cm wide neck, which allows you to put large fruits whole. The filter is made of titanium alloy, the body is made of steel, which testifies to the durability of the device. There is a Stop-Drop function. The price of a juicer is about five thousand rubles.


One of the most expensive representatives in the Scarlett juicer line. The auger version with low-speed technology, which makes it possible to extract the juice to the maximum from greens and berries, while without the accompanying foam to freshly squeezed juices. The device for squeezing juice works silently, has the “Anti-drip” function and does not heat up during the production of juice, preserving all the useful vitamins and microelements of the drink. Possible disassembly of the unit into its components greatly facilitates the washing process. On average, the price of a product is ten thousand rubles..

Juicer SCARLETT SC 011

An excellent choice for a small family. A device with a power of 300 watts, silent, equipped with a convenient “pulse mode” function. The number of speeds is two. There is protection against accidental activation. The body material is plastic. A budget option when the value for money is at the same level.

Scarlett juicers make life easier, brighter and tastier.

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