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Comfortable use of a modern kitchen presupposes the obligatory presence of a refrigerator, and in the hot season it literally becomes vital. A huge selection of refrigerators not only does not make it easier, but even makes it difficult to make a purchase. This article is about one of the largest home appliance manufacturers, a Japanese corporation SHARP. It is also worth considering several models of refrigerators of its production..

A bit of history

SHARP was founded in 1912 in Tokyo. The corporation’s business credo is quite clear about her approach to business. "Sincerity and Creativity" – "Honesty and Creativity". Motto – appeal to the consumer "Be original", which literally translates to "be original".

The corporation stated that its success is due precisely to adherence to these two principles – honesty towards the user and creativity. SHARP released its first refrigerator in 1952 – and since then it has maintained its leadership position, constantly improving and improving the functionality and quality of products..

During its more than 100-year history, SHARP has been repeatedly named the first in the field of innovative technology. Thanks to a caring attitude towards both the buyer and the environment, the famous Japanese hard work, a creative approach to work and with a deep sense of responsibility, the company really manages to create products that competitors want to copy..

Features and Benefits

Various technologies invented and patented by the company give this technique additional unique advantages (in comparison with traditional refrigerators). These units meet all the requirements for quality and functionality.

Unique technology "Plasmacluster Ion" will provide an opportunity to save a lot of time, allowing you not to lay out products strictly on certain shelves. They will stay fresh everywhere – thanks to the constant process of air purification and the destruction of harmful bacteria. This technology intensively cleans the space, destroying dust, allergens and microbes..

There is also technology "Hybrid Cooling" – Thanks to an aluminum plate attached to the back of the chamber, the fan distributes the cold evenly, constantly maintaining the desired temperature and natural humidity. The hybrid cooling system provides the ability to preserve the natural look and taste of products for a long time. "Hybrid Cooling" provides the ability to store food in the refrigerator without even packaging – effect "winding" product excluded.

Another unique invention of the company, an innovative compressor, provides economical energy consumption and silent operation of the unit. The technology helps to reduce energy consumption by 20% (compared to other refrigerators) and reduces the noise level by up to 36 decibels. With compressor "J-Tech Inverter" even huge multi-compartment refrigerators will run completely silent.

"AG CU Nano" – revolutionary development SHARP, an active deodorizer that traps odor-causing bacteria in the air stream. It also prevents food odors from mixing and provides fresh air in the refrigerator..

Almost all modern models SHARP created using all the technologies invented and patented by the company, and absolutely all are equipped with the function "No Frost", which saves users from having to defrost the refrigerator themselves. Refrigerators are assembled in different countries, but this fact does not affect the quality in any way. All enterprises employ highly qualified and certified engineers and technologists.


It is worth explaining some of the technical characteristics and their designations:

  • Classes of division according to the level of power consumption (best to lowest energy efficiency) – A ++, A +, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
  • Storage chambers, the so-called freshness zones ("fresh zone", "bio-zone", "eco-zone", has a constant temperature of about zero), there are two types. "Wet" the freshness zone is used for products of plant origin, which can be stored without packaging. "Dry" the zone was created for the preservation of meat and dairy products, as well as fish. It is recommended to store products in a packaged form..

  • Climatic classes – denote the temperature conditions for the operation of the refrigerator. N – normal, works at a room temperature from +16 to +32 C. SN – subnormal, for operation in a temperature range from +10 to 32 C. ST – subtropical, designed to work in humidity conditions at temperatures from +18 to + 38 C. T – tropical, suitable for hot and dry climates. This type of refrigerator will work even in the heat, when the air temperature reaches +43 С.

  • Freezer classes are distinguished by numbers or the corresponding number of asterisks: 1 = -6 C, 2 = -12 C, 3 = -18 C, 4 = -24 C.
  • Mode "leave" in the refrigerator implies energy savings of at least one third, due to the constant temperature in 15 C.
  • "Parental lock" – the function allows you to lock the control system of settings from children.
  • "No frost" – prevents the formation of ice, which frees the user from the need to defrost the refrigerator manually.

Model overview

It is worth studying the review of several of the most popular models – with different designs and different price points. This will help you understand which one best suits your needs. Sharp "SJ-EX98 FSL" – four-door model in silver color with a usable volume of 394 liters in the refrigerator and 211 liters in the freezer compartments, equipped with all functions except "Plasmacluster Ion". Missing option "parental lock" and the regime "leave". Has a maximum energy efficiency A (370 kW) and "wet" bio-zone, climate. class ST, class 4 freezer, freezing capacity – 9.5 kg. Life without power supply – 17 hours. The cost is approximately 125,000 rubles.

"SJ-XE55-PMBK" – wide model with full-length cylindrical handles and top freezer. The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 388 liters, and "dry" fresh zone. Energy efficiency A ++ (350 kW), climate class – SN-T. Has an icemaker, LED lighting. The freezer has a useful volume of 148 liters with a freezing capacity of 12 kg per day, has a quick freeze mode, an ice maker, and a backlight. The term of work in the disconnected state is 19 hours. The cost ranges from 55000-57000 rubles.

"SJ-F95ST-BE" – a popular beige model, the volume of the refrigerator is 394 liters. has all functions except technology "Plasmacluster Ion". Fresh zone "wet", energy efficiency class A (573 kW), climate class SN-T, deodorizing system – "Honeycomb / Nano", has a vacation mode. The freezer compartment has a volume of 211 liters, has two sections for making ice cubes, but without the instant cooking mode, there is also no quick freezing option. Freezing capacity is 9.5 kg / day. After shutdown, it keeps the temperature for 17 hours. Price – about 100,000 rubles.

"SJ-F96SPBE" – improved version of the previous model. Manufacturers had to release it due to the popularity and high demand for "SJ-F95ST-BE", adding all the modes and features that were missing in the previous version. Unfortunately, the storage time of food during a power outage decreased to 11 hours, and the price increased to 145,000 rubles.

"SJ-FS97-VSL" – silver four-door model with bottom freezer from the designer collection, with frameless glass design and a total useful volume of 600 liters. Has absolutely all functions, including express freezing of ice (in 30 minutes). Fresh zone "dry", energy efficiency class A (560 kW), climatic SN-T, freezing capacity – 10 kg / day, work without power – 17 hours. Cost – about 145,000-150,000 rubles.

"SJ-FP97-VBK" – multi-door refrigerator with black glass and black steel decoration series "Smart Perfection". Total usable volume is 605 liters, storage area "dry", climate class ST, energy efficient A (560 kW), freezing capacity – 9.5 kg per day. The refrigerator is equipped with a unique hybrid cooling system "Multi Air-Flow" and "Sushi panel", which guarantees the ideal temperature and natural humidity in the entire interior space, and also eliminates the effect "winding" products. Power off storage – 17 hours. The price ranges from 115,000 to 130,000 rubles.

"SJ-FS97-VBK" – large four-door refrigerator with touch controls from the design collection "Smart Perfection". Model with glass finish, black color, with aluminum handle covered with glossy glass. The total usable volume is 600 liters, with three glass shelves. Energy efficiency class A (560 kW), climatic SN-T. It has all the characteristics and unique functions that all refrigerators in this series have. Price – up to 145 00 rubles.

"SJ-XP59PGSL" – Silver model with glass trim and full-size cylinder handles. It has five tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted in height if desired. Energy efficiency class A ++ (360 kW) thanks to the compressor "JTECH Invert" works completely silently. Useful total volume of 578 liters with a freezing capacity of 15 kg / day. Freezes ice in 93 minutes, thanks to technology "Extra Cool" allows you to bring drinks and food to the freezing point, but does not completely freeze them. The price of the model is about 75,000 rubles.

"SJ-GF60AR" – the dream of any housewife. This is a stylish five-compartment refrigerator with an exclusive design – the gradient from burgundy to black creates an amazing cherry tone (or color "black ruby", as indicated on the manufacturer’s website). The volume of the refrigerator is 482 liters. It is distributed as follows: refrigerator compartment – 257 liters, freezer – 83 liters, storage compartment for vegetables – 110 liters, for ice – 33 liters.

The model has a shock freezing mode at a temperature of -40 degrees, an ice maker and a section for quick cooling of hot products. Class A + provides energy consumption of no more than 330 kW per year. The refrigerator has 6 doors with integrated handles, two freshness zones and four tempered glass shelves, the position of which you can change as you like (except for the fixed shelf).

It is equipped with all the advanced technologies, which makes its use as convenient as possible. The only drawback of this miracle of technology can be considered the short duration of work when the power is turned off (only 12 hours), as well as the cost, which is more than 210,000 rubles.

"SJ-F96SPSL" – popular three-chamber color model "of stainless steel" with a total volume of 605 liters, consumes 573 kW per year (class A), climate class ST and freezer 4. The model is equipped with absolutely all technologies and capabilities. It has four symmetrically positioned doors and three tempered glass shelves. Price – about 120,000-140,000 rubles.

Color solutions

SHARP cares not only about technical functionality, but also about the beautiful design of kitchen appliances, offering a wide range of colors and materials. You can choose not only white, but also black, silver, beige or elegant pearl-caramel refrigerator, as well as original models with a gradient effect – from black to burgundy. Basic models look stylish with a steel finish, while a solid glass finish gives premium models a sophisticated and rich look.


Having chosen and bought a suitable refrigerator, do not forget to take care of the accessories for it, components that will facilitate the use of the refrigeration system, as well as its care. For high-quality care, you will definitely need special cleaning agents for the refrigerator, separately – for metal surfaces.

Extra shelves for doors and a special shelf for bottles provide additional comfort. The owner of high-quality Sharp equipment will not need accessories (such as an odor absorber or an antibacterial mat), since all models are initially equipped with technologies to absorb odor, as well as a special antibacterial coating made of silver ions.

The exquisite design of Sharp refrigerators, especially from the designer collection, looks stylish and beautiful without any additional decorations, but you can add individuality to the unit by gluing decorative accessories – vinyl stickers for doors.


As you can see, the price tags of different models can vary greatly, which depends on many factors – size, technical characteristics, as well as additional capabilities of each individual model. However, it must be admitted that the cost of some refrigerators is unjustifiably overstated – in comparison with others that have the same functions and capabilities. It is worthwhile to carefully read the details of each model separately – and thus choose the best option..


After learning the opinions of different users and studying thousands of reviews and comments on the technique Sharp, you can make a conclusion. In terms of quality and functionality in refrigerators Sharp there are few competitors, although the price of individual models is really off scale. However, by choosing the size, color and characteristics, you can pick up a good model from the middle price category..

According to customer reviews, you can determine the top three. This is the model "SJ-XE55 PMBK" – the leader of the rating with the lowest price and absolutely all functions and capabilities. "SJ-F96SPSL" – thanks to the best functionality / price ratio. "SJ-GF60AR" – popular for its unique design and options.

The brand’s products fully comply with all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, justifying the trust of buyers. A variety of kitchen appliances allows you to make a purchase, focusing on both taste preferences and financial capabilities. High quality guaranteed in any case.

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