Shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets in the interior

The idea of ​​having shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets is usually questionable. At first glance, it looks unusual and stylish. But on reflection, many abandon this idea, because then the need to do the cleaning arises much more often..


Here are just a few reasons to make open shelves in your kitchen..

  • You have a small kitchen and you don’t want to clutter up the space, which is already in short supply..
  • You are an adherent of a minimalist style and do not tolerate anything superfluous. For this reason, you simply have nothing to store in wall cabinets..
  • You are a lover of beautiful dishes or even a collector of kitchen items. In this case, hiding your pride in a dark closet is simply unwise..


Varieties of open shelves

  • Hinged. Their purpose is very wide – depending on the depth on such shelves, you can place cans with bulk products, cookbooks, decorative plates and even a TV. Shelves with hidden fittings look especially exquisite..
  • Wall cabinets with open shelves. The shelves in such cabinets are usually located under the cabinets or in the lower part of them. Items that are constantly in use are placed there, so that it is easier to get them. This can be a daily crockery or a writing book. They can be covered with beautiful embroidered towels and then the shelf will become not only a useful element, but a source of pride for the hostess.


  • Opened in built-in wardrobes. Built-in shelving can be very spacious and comfortable. They can be located anywhere – between windows, glad a doorway, etc. They can also serve as a partition between the kitchen and living room and have shelves on both sides. A modern version of the built-in shelving unit – a mini slide with partially glazed shelves.
  • Base cabinets with open shelves. These can be narrow columns – cabinets located in the corner or between window openings. Often their purpose is to fill custom spaces in the kitchen. On such shelves, heavy and bulky items such as large pots, pans, food processors, juicers and other household appliances are most often placed. Here you can also store fruit vases, bakeware, serving dishes, etc. In kitchens – living rooms, such a curbstone can serve as both a working area and a dining table..


  • Island style kitchen with open shelves. Most often, shelves in such systems are made from the side of the living room. Basically, they play a decorative role rather than a functional one. They look great on a library of cookbooks and various cute trinkets..
  • Opening the shelf above the kitchen sink. Most often, such shelves are attached to the ceiling or to the wall above the cabinet with a sink. It is convenient to place clean everyday utensils here..


Advantages of open storage systems over closed lockers.

  • Open shelves visually increase the space around them. They look very harmonious in small rooms, in apartments – studios, combined kitchens – where every centimeter of space should be used for good.
  • Unlike swing cabinets, where the doors can get in the way when opening, open shelves are very convenient to use..
  • All the contents of the open shelves are in front of your eyes, which eliminates the need to waste time looking for the right thing.
  • Open shelves feel great in a set with closed cabinets – both wall-mounted and built-in.
  • The contents of open shelves often serve as elements of additional room decor, making even the most standard kitchen set individual and unique..


  • Dust and soot quickly settle on open shelves and on their contents, therefore, even with a good hood, cleaning there is required more often than in other places. It is a little easier to place open structures away from windows, which are often opened to ventilate rooms, and from a stove or hob – a source of fatty drops, burning and soot.
  • Open shelves are often not large enough, as well as not very reliable design for storing bulky items there..
  • Not all dishes and not all items are intended to be displayed. Some housewives generally prefer not to show kitchen utensils to strangers..

Decorating Tips

Dishes located on open shelves should be constantly in use. Even a very beautiful set covered with dust does not look very aesthetically pleasing. In order to understand what exactly should be kept close at hand and what should be hidden away, think: if you use this item more often than once a week, it should be in an open space. Everything that is used much less often, feel free to hide in the bowels of kitchen cabinets..

Only what brings you aesthetic pleasure should be kept in plain sight – souvenir plates, a beautiful service, a homemade panel. If these are bulk products, buy cute containers for storing them that will match the overall style of your kitchen..


So that the shelf does not inadvertently collapse under the weight of the beauty that you pile on it, it is better to lower heavy cast-iron pans and bucket pots into the lower cabinets, and put glass or ceramic plates and cups on top.

Do not overload the open shelves. Even if these are light items, they should be placed at some distance from each other so that the shelf has a presentable appearance..


When choosing open shelves, consider how they will work with your existing furniture. If your lower cabinets are made of wood or it is an imitation of wood flooring, you should not buy plastic shelves for them. For facades with a natural texture, openwork metal shelves or structures made of special durable glass are well suited.

If you decide to decorate the shelves with colored dishes or other multi-colored items, all this will look very advantageous against a white or plain background. Conversely, light objects will stand out against a dark background. The main thing is to create a contrast between them..


Group items correctly by topic. You should not put an old grandmother’s service on a shelf with food containers. And with antique clay plates bought in a souvenir shop, sophisticated household appliances will look at least ridiculous.

The sliding system of open shelves looks original. With this design, you can choose what you will admire every day, and what is better to hide from prying eyes. It can be a stand-alone design or an additional element that allows you to optimize the space in the kitchen cabinet..


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