Single compartment refrigerator-freezer

A refrigerator is an integral part of every home, as it allows food to be kept fresh for a long time. The modern market presents many varieties of such equipment, which are used in various industries..

A striking representative here is a single-chamber refrigerator, which is distinguished by its small dimensions and full functionality..

Distinctive features

Single-compartment refrigerators with a freezer are devices that allow you to simultaneously freeze and refrigerate food. Such a structure consists of several main parts:

  1. Compressor and duct system, inside which the refrigerant circulates.
  2. Electric motor.
  3. Frame. It can be made by combining materials such as metal and plastic. A distinctive feature of the camera is that in fact it is one, but inside it is divided into 2 compartments. One of them acts as a cooling tank, and the other as a freezer (in most cases it is equipped with a small inner door).

This structure of the refrigerator combines two main functions together, which are divided into different blocks in two-chamber models..

Advantages and disadvantages

Refrigerators with a freezer are used everywhere by many owners of private houses, but still they are gradually being replaced by more advanced two-chamber modifications.. Single-chamber systems have many advantages, among which several main properties can be distinguished:

  1. Functional. The design of the refrigerator combines all the capabilities of full-fledged two-chamber models, which are connected in one place.
  2. Small size. These models are available in various sizes, which allows them to be installed even in small kitchens. Small refrigerators with one chamber will perfectly fit into any interior. The volume of such systems varies from 20 to 200 liters, which also allows you to choose the best option for solving specific problems..
  3. Low cost. The price for single-chamber models is much lower than for their two-chamber counterparts. This property is also present in the implementation of repairs, which are not only easier to perform, but also a little cheaper..
  4. Low electricity consumption. This feature is relative and depends on the specific device model..

Still, this technique has many significant disadvantages:

  1. Inconvenience. Opening the doors will affect both chambers, which in most cases will lead to an increase in temperature and the need to lower it. This in turn makes the entire system work..
  2. Loss of tightness. If the door seal loses its characteristics, this will lead to the fact that both chambers will suffer at the same time..
  3. Relatively small size the freezer does not allow you to put the required amount of food there. For normal operation, such systems need to be defrosting several times a year, since ice gradually accumulates inside the freezer..

Popular models

The modern market presents many models of single-compartment refrigerators with a freezer. They can be used not only for solving everyday tasks, but also as small mini-bars in public catering establishments, etc.. Among all this variety, several popular modifications should be highlighted:

  1. Daewoo FN-15B2B. The design is made in the original black color and has a capacity of 120 liters.
  2. Liebherr T 1414. The freezer has a volume of only 15 liters, while the capacity of the refrigerator compartment reaches 107 liters. The design is distinguished by high-quality technical characteristics.
  3. Bosch KUL 15A50. The refrigerator is made of metal and reaches a height of 84 cm, and the width and height vary in the range of 54-60 cm. The total volume of the chamber is 125 liters, of which 15 liters are occupied by a freezer and 110 liters are a refrigerator compartment. Among the characteristics can be distinguished the function of super freezing.
  4. Indesit SD 125. This device model belongs to the increased modifications. The total volume of the chamber system is 197 liters, of which 28 liters is occupied by the freezer.

Single-compartment refrigerators with freezers are versatile devices that can completely replace a two-compartment system. If the cost of equipment is important to you and the volume is not important, you should give preference to these particular modifications..

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