Sizes of hoods for the kitchen

How to choose the size of the hood for the kitchen so that it not only fulfills its functions, but also harmoniously fits into the interior ensemble – a question that buyers ask themselves in a wide range of models.

At first glance, it may seem that it is rather difficult to choose it, because the purchase of a hood occurs less often than the purchase of other household appliances, but this is a completely doable task, you just need to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of the choice.


How to choose

There are several nuances that need to be taken into account when choosing household appliances to complete the kitchen.. In the case of over-plate filters, these are:

  • Device operation mode. The kitchen environment is cleaned in two ways: by removing gaseous air and combustion products outside the premises, and by filtration, which involves the circulation of air through the kitchen, which is purified through special filters. If the possibilities of the premises allow, it is worth giving preference to the exhaust mode;
  • Performance. Since the kitchen is the hostess’s working area, the microclimate in the room becomes polluted, odors accumulate, which are difficult to eliminate by airing. To keep it clean and fresh longer, you need to install a hood with good performance..

This parameter is determined by the volume of air that the device passes through itself for a certain time..

Sanitary standards dictate that the entire volume of air in the kitchen during cooking must be changed in an hour..

  • Dimensions (edit). The most important parameter here is the width, which determines the throughput of the device, as well as the ability to capture vapors, odors, and grease..

The hood should be equal to the width of the hob, and it is better to exceed it by a few centimeters;

  • Energy efficiency. Power consumption is as important as performance. The amount of energy required by the device for operation depends on its efficiency;

  • Mounting method. The classic of the genre here is the suspended hood. It is mounted in the wall above the hob at a height of 60-70cm.

Option is also possible embedded technology. It is mounted directly in the headset cabinet above the stove. These models are equipped with a pull-out panel that expands the air intake area above the work surface..

The third type is fireplace or dome hoods that are not attached to the wall, but to the ceiling and resemble a dome in shape.

Less common are corner, a very rare case for a home kitchen – an island hood, similar in design to the hood in a restaurant kitchen – above a large stove, which is located in the center of the room;

  • Control type. It can be push-button, touch or slide, which is carried out using a mechanical switch;
  • Noise level. Unfortunately, modern technologies have not yet stepped so far that the equipment works completely silently. From the existing options, you should choose a device in the range from 35 to 70 dB. They are not 100% silent, but will not cause discomfort;
  • Body material. Stainless steel will be the most expensive and at the same time the easiest to maintain and durable purchase. Enamel and powder coatings have a shorter life span, but are significantly less expensive than steel products. Tempered tinted glass is perhaps the most stylish and effective of materials, but it is very moody to care for..

Dimensions (edit)

They can be conditionally divided into three categories: small, medium, large.



The minimum footage of an apartment is not a reason to leave the kitchen without cleaning and protection from burning and soot. If it has a compact stove with no more than two burners, the choice rests on an exhaust surface of the same size..

The easiest option is from 30 cm wide; the depth corresponds to the typical parameters of the width – from 30 cm and must be equal to or greater than the built-in hob.

The next largest cooker hood in this segment with a width of 40 cm. Its capabilities are slightly more extensive than the most minimalistic models, but it is not able to cope with the amount of vapors, combustion products and grease generated by a large hob. This is the best option for small kitchens and narrow furniture niches..

Over plate filters 45 cm are able to cope with a wide range of tasks. Such hoods will ensure the long-term preservation of the renovation fresh, make the air in the room clean, and prevent food odors from leaving the kitchen. In most cases, their power is sufficient for operation in a studio apartment, and a wide range of models will make the choice easy and enjoyable..


Devices, the width of which is from 50 cm and more, can be considered standard. They are most popular due to ease of use, variety of models, high performance and attractive appearance that fits well into any interior. Suitable for kitchen 6-9 meters with appropriate power.

Standard over plate filters come in a variety of configurations.

Inclined. It is a stylish and flat alternative to the old-fashioned bulky range hood. A distinctive feature of models of this type is the rapid movement of polluted air through the narrowed space of the air cleaner away from the room. Also, the advantages of this type of model include:

  • Modern design;
  • High performance. Features of the internal structure of the device provide high-quality air purification from soot and odors;
  • Profitability. Suction occurs without increased motor operation, which helps to reduce energy consumption;
  • Noiselessness. Improved engine operation turns the air cleaner into a reliable assistant, whose work practically does not interfere with the owner’s hearing;
  • Smart features. Touch control allows you to adjust the speed and operating time, check the condition of the filters, set the desired operating mode. For example, delay the start of work, increase the duration to half an hour and other useful features.
  • Halogen lamps. They give a soft light over the hob, which is necessary during cooking and add an element of decor to the interior;
  • Cover grille protects the engine from the accumulation of grease.

  • Cassette. These are suspended air cleaners that are installed directly above the hob. The most common type is filter hoods operating in circulation mode. The advantages of the model lie in its compactness, the ability to organically fit the device into a kitchen set, beautiful appearance and affordable price. There are several points to consider before buying a cassette hood: its power is low, and the grease filter needs to be replaced quite often..

  • With filter. Modern hoods are equipped with a charcoal or grease filter or a combination of both.

Fatty is a barrier to soot and small particles; they protect the interior of the appliance and the air duct from grease and dirt build-up. Suitable for both exhaust air and circulating appliances.

The charcoal filter is a device capable of removing vapors, soot, dirt, impurities, and cooking odors. Such filters cannot be cleaned; after the expiration of their service life, they must be replaced..

The standard models include 55 cm wide exhaust surfaces. They have high productivity and several speed modes, due to which they are able to clean the air from soot, vapors, odors in the shortest possible time. Suitable for rooms over 9 square meters.

Air purifiers 59-60 cm will cope with their task where the most daring culinary experiments were carried out, even if they were unsuccessful. The power of this appliance allows you to renew 97% of the air in the room, relieves the kitchen of smoke, soot, unwanted odors, gas and steam.

Common 60 cm

  • Telescopic or retractable built-in hood. A flat rectangular device that consists of two sliding surfaces connected by a special pull-out mechanism. This “secret” kitchen ventilation is perfectly integrated into the headset, does not clutter up the space, performs its functions no worse than the old-style hoods.

Another indisputable advantage of a telescopic hood is the ability to position it horizontally or vertically. In both cases, it will work equally well, so everything depends only on the desire to organize the space in one way or another;

  • Hanging (mounted, classic, traditional). A laconic and budget option for any kitchen, since the design and construction are simple, and the operating mode does not require connection to the ventilation system. Unlike air purifiers, the air is purified using grease and charcoal filters, some models are equipped with a disposable acrylic filter. The performance of the suspended hood is low because the recirculation mode does not require a lot of power. Such exhaust surfaces are mounted in a cabinet or directly on the wall above the stove;
  • Visor. One of the most popular types of hoods. And this is not surprising, because a device of this type is distinguished by its small size, low price, ease of attachment and reliability in operation. Visor hoods occupy a leading position in terms of performance, effectively absorb vapors, combustion products, odors. Modern models are equipped with special odor sensors that activate the operation of the device without the intervention of the owner, when necessary..

The hood also has an automatic shutdown mode, and the electronic display and LED lighting make it as convenient as possible to use;

  • Corner. A reasonable solution for a small kitchen, since the special arrangement of the device significantly saves space.

The corner cooker hood is also multifunctional, practically silent, ergonomic, attractive in design and color solutions. In addition, in the interior, it often looks more interesting and original than the usual one;

  • Wall. Also called wall, mantel or dome. It is mounted directly on the wall, does not require a lot of space, therefore it is ideal for most kitchens with standard plate sizes – 50-60 cm. A variety of models allows you to choose the best option that suits the style of the entire kitchen and the necessary technical characteristics for each specific type of room;

  • Mortise. Built-in type air cleaner. It is conveniently located in a furniture niche, looks beautiful in combination with a headset and household appliances, and effectively performs its task. With high productivity, it is capable of operating in the exhaust and recirculation mode;
  • T-shaped. Austere and sophisticated appearance is combined with high performance, quiet operation, convenient operation.

Color solutions

The most common is the timeless classic – a white exhaust surface and its practical alternative – black. A large number of cream-colored hoods, appliances with glass that additionally serves as a decor.

Beige, silver, steel, brown surfaces are also popular..

Popular models

Krona "Kamilla 600" – built-in hood 60 cm wide, – silent assistant in kitchens up to 10 square meters. Three performance levels, air filtration through applied aluminum filters, an anti-return valve that blocks the access of unpleasant odors back to the kitchen, the ability to remember the last switching speed, halogen lighting.

Elikor – products of a Russian manufacturer. The choice of various models is possible from several collections: "Art", "Modern", "Country", "Classic" and air cleaners, among which the cut-in block is widespread.

Jet air – Italian hoods, known for their reliability, quality of materials and workmanship, innovative solutions, stylish performance. The advantages include: functionality, design that makes the hoods of this brand a decoration of the kitchen, a variety of designs, the presence of acoustic packages that provide a minimum noise level, a special coating that protects abrasion and the appearance of defects on the device case.

"Hephaestus" – Belarusian hoods, widespread in Russia and on the markets of the CIS countries. Brest Gas Equipment Plant produces a wide range of air cleaners with a wide variety of technical characteristics and stylistic solutions. Economy and premium class models have proven themselves well in everyday life, are applicable on an area of ​​up to 20 square meters.

Ariston – a classic line that integrates perfectly into the kitchen space. Very quiet, the best in its segment, low-maintenance equipment that will last for many years. The air in the kitchen will always be clean, and the bright illumination on the panel will ensure the convenience of working behind the hob and emphasize the beauty of the design..

All models are equipped with removable aluminum filters that can be replaced after a thorough wash.

Hansa and Kaiser – German built-in hoods for the rational use of a small kitchen space. In the best traditions of the manufacturer, they are made only from quality materials with strict quality control at all stages of production. Among the advantages: high performance, smart systems for absorbing odors and regulating heat in rooms, LED lamps, easy, intuitive control.

Samsung – devices made in South Korea. An air purifier for wall mounting that will look organic in the kitchen due to its laconic modern design with a steel body or glass. They can be one of two cleaning modes or combine an exhaust hood and circular air filtration.

Integra – an appliance with a pull-out slider panel that expands the suction area above the work area in the kitchen, which speeds up and improves the air purification process. This almost invisible device will also be as quiet as possible thanks to innovative Italian technologies that reduce noise and energy consumption..

Gorenje– elegant practicality, functionality and durability of equipment from Slovenia.


These include models from 70 cm wide. Powerful yet quiet motors ensure outstanding performance on wide exhaust surfaces. Suitable for large areas. They effectively clean the air from combustion products, vapors and odors associated with cooking. They have up to two modes of operation, replaceable filters, several speeds and a set of additional functions, for example, automatic shutdown or odor sensors.

Hoods of 75-80 cm in everyday life are less common than devices of smaller dimensions, since they are designed for a sufficiently large footage of the room and a wide hob.

The performance of such a device increases in direct proportion to its width, but power consumption and efficiency remain almost the same. Also, the noise during operation does not exceed 50 dB, which makes the hood quiet and almost invisible..

A 90 cm wide device implies large spaces, therefore, this type of hood differs, first of all, in a variety of shapes (trapezoidal, elongated, rounded) and styles (modern, minimalism, high-tech other).

An island hood model is widespread, which can function as a home air purifier, and its dimensions allow it to be used in food production, for example, in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe.. They are needed in a kitchen area where the stove is centered or not adjacent to any wall. An island hood is mounted directly to the ceiling, but in all other respects it is similar to standard models: it perfectly cleans the air, has high power, useful functions, convenient control and lighting; absorbs gases, vapors and odors.

A popular hood is located above the hob with a “hood”, from under which no odors and gases scatter through the kitchen.

Exhaust panels 120 and 150 cm are professional elite appliances designed for kitchens where they love to cook. It combines the advantages of all previous models, but differs from them in size and higher price, respectively.



The description of the product, even the most eloquent, does not always give a complete picture of how the device will manifest itself in operation.. When choosing a kitchen hood, you should pay attention to the owners’ reviews in order to evaluate the advantages and possible pitfalls of acquiring such equipment..

Most buyers unanimously point out that a cooker hood is necessary even in the smallest area..

It makes the air much cleaner and fresher, useful for safety reasons and maintaining the health of households.. Among the advantages of modern technology, first of all, they note high efficiency, ease of use, a variety of shapes and styles, a wide range of colors..

Some models deserve praise due to the presence of additional functions and modes.


Interesting interior solutions

Household appliances do not necessarily imply strict lines and universal shapes..

The design of kitchen appliances is developing in line with fashion trends, so today the market is not limited to trapezoidal hoods or compact built-in appliances. The most suitable model for the interior can be chosen from loft, high-tech, vintage, unique design solutions. Stylized hoods, glass surfaces, combinations of various materials and decor look interesting.

Extracts of bright colors and original lighting add a special zest to the kitchen..


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