Sizes of tables for the kitchen

The table is an integral part of the modern kitchen interior, making it much more practical and comfortable. Today on the market you can find quite a lot of types of such structures, which differ in both shape and design. This allows tables to be matched to almost any style of room, creating harmony with the rest of the furniture..

Types of materials

Tables in production are made from a variety of materials, among which the most popular are products from:

  • wood. This material is distinguished not only by its high strength, but also by its excellent design characteristics. Wooden tables in the interior can be combined with any furniture. An alternative version of such a product is imitation of wood with veneer. These models belong to the budget options, as they need constant care and are very sensitive to the effects of moisture. One of the important characteristics of wooden tables is their very simple restoration procedure..
  • metal. These types of tables are highly practical, so they are often installed in restaurants or cafes. It should be noted that the design of these structures can be quite beautiful, which allows them to be used as a decorative element of the kitchen..
  • glass. Such products are a frame made of metal, wood or other similar material with a tempered glass top. This material is perfectly combined with a modern interior, and also withstands significant loads, which makes it quite practical..
  • stone. Such structures are quite rare, as they require a reliable foundation. But at the same time, stone tables are of very good quality and unique appearance..

Determine the size of the tables

Similar products are marketed with standard specifications. But at the same time, the variety of table sizes is wide enough, which allows you to choose them for any kitchen. Among all this variety of designs, there are several standard technical characteristics for each type of surface:

  1. Square tables. They are manufactured according to a special standard that regulates several sizes of countertops. So the most common structures are considered, the length of the side of which reaches 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm. These types of tables are perfect for the kitchen, as they take up little space and are quite practical..
  2. Rectangular. The dimensions of tables with this tabletop shape can vary in several ranges. So the standard width is considered to be a structure with a side from 80 to 110 cm, and the classic length in such systems varies from 110 to 240 cm. Rectangular stylish tables are one of the most common and are used in many interiors. Such products are quite simple, which allows you to build them yourself..
  3. Round. These types of tables have a unique appearance and are used mainly, not only as dining, but also as a decorative element in many offices. The sizes of such structures vary in a significant range. So one of the smallest table is considered a product with a diameter of 75 cm.But there are products in which this value exceeds 150 cm.About such a table can already seat about 8 people.
  4. Oval tables also come in various sizes, which can vary in the same ranges as the previous type. Moreover, they are characterized by an elongated shape.


Please note that the height of the kitchen unit depends on the height of the person. Often, these parameters vary in the 100 cm range, but they are adjustable. It all depends on the manufacturer and the buyer’s wishes..

How to choose

There are many criteria by which you can choose the best option for this type of furniture. One of the most important is practicality and the right size to fit the product in the kitchen..

Pay attention to what material the table is made of, and what fittings were used to make it. Please note that today designers provide a lot of ideas for a small kitchen, allowing you to combine practicality and simplicity..

One of the most important criteria is also the direct design of the table, which can be different. At the same time, it is very important to consider several options for chairs that will complement the main product. These designs can be made from the same material as the table itself, or have an excellent design..


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