Sliding wardrobe lacobel

Choosing a ready-made wardrobe for the interior of their apartment, many people pay attention to options with mirrored facades or glass. However, it is not always possible to choose the ideal model, since the aforementioned products often do not meet the wishes of some buyers. In this case, sliding wardrobes with facades made of lacobel material become the ideal solution..

What it is

Lacobel is an innovative material, lacquer coating, which is securely fixed on the glass surface and is a decorative glass painted on the outside in a certain color. Such an original detail of the interior gives a special style and attractiveness to any home. Lacobel makes the color more saturated, bright, deep, creates mesmerizing reflections, extraordinary projections, plays with shadows, fills the room with life.

Features and Benefits

The paintwork Lakobel has a high moisture resistance. The top is covered with a special layer that protects the product from mechanical damage, in addition, thanks to a special layer, the color of the product remains unchanged even after many years. Colored glass is fixed to the cabinet surface with silicone glue or double-sided adhesive.

There are no heavy metals and chemicals in the paint and varnish coating of Lakobel, which are dangerous to human health and life. Some sliding wardrobes with Lacobel glass are produced with a matt surface..

It should be noted that the materials for creating the lacobel coating are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the nature..

A wide variety of glass colors, as well as a wide selection of designs, patterns and their color variations, the ability of the lacobel to combine with other decorative materials, such as chipboard, wood, stone, metal, allows you to create the most unpredictable options in the interior.

In addition to all of the above, colored glass is easy to assemble and easy to clean..

The advantages of wardrobes with lacobel coating include:

  • long service life;
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • original view of the facade;
  • a large selection of colors and patterns;
  • design versatility.

Color spectrum

The Lacobel glass palette is distinguished by a variety of shades, brightness and expressiveness. The facades of the lacobel-coated cabinets are painted not only in white, black or beige, in different collections of these materials there are from 20 colors, many of which can be safely called innovative: metallic shades, pure to impeccable colors and other equally extraordinary color solutions. Tinted glass can be used to create unique interiors.


Combination of materials

The Lacobel sliding wardrobe looks great as an independent design, as well as the modern coating is successfully combined with other materials. In combination with chipboard, wood and metal elements, in combination with leather, lacobel looks even more advantageous.

Who walks by a black cabinet with leather inserts? Not every apartment has such an amazing set of furniture. And in combination with textiles, colored glass will accentuate the taste preferences of its owner. By the appearance of such a cabinet, you can immediately understand that a gentle nature lives in the room..

Mirror and lacobelle create unique effects.


Care rules

The wardrobe with lacobel does not require special care. In fact, the front side of a modern coating is nothing more than ordinary glass, which is not afraid of dirt, moisture, temperature changes and aggressive substances. Therefore, caring for lacobel is identical to caring for glass..

To clean the facade of a cabinet with lacobel, it is enough to arm yourself with a washcloth, detergent and a few minutes of free time. At the end of the wet wipe, wipe the surface with a dry rag or paper towel to remove stains, if any. You can also use folk remedies – wipe the facade with a solution of water and vinegar. Like any coating, Lacobel does not tolerate abrasives.

How to choose

Today it is difficult to surprise modern people with something. In an era when many technologies have reached their apogee, and the range of goods is so large that it is sometimes difficult to decide on the choice of one particular product, the usual forms ceased to impress. This point also applies to wardrobes. Customers often get lost when they see an insane amount of different facades. Unusual shapes are very attractive and emphasize the interior of the rooms..

It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment without a wardrobe. These products have won their place of honor long ago. But before buying them, you need to think in advance where the cabinet will stand, because it is he who can visually increase the modest size of the room, make a dark room bright, and “stretch” low ceilings.

To successfully complete the purchase of a wardrobe, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • from time to time, the number of things in the closet is replenished, so it is better to immediately buy a roomy model, and not limit yourself to only the most necessary drawers and shelves at the time of purchase;
  • the role of the cover, side and rear panels of the cabinet can be played by the walls of the room, with the exception of plasterboard surfaces. This material does not differ in increased endurance, therefore, it may not withstand constant load;
  • an important function is played by the structure of opening and closing the door. There are two options: the first is a metal frame, inside which the door travels with the help of special rollers. Such a device is not very practical, as even the smallest object in the groove can impede movement. Therefore, the grooves will have to be constantly inspected and all unnecessary ones removed from them. Moreover, with a sharp opening, the door can slip and fall out, which is quite dangerous for a person. The second version of the door is represented by rollers moving along the rail. The cost of a cabinet with this device is higher, but the reliability of this design is beyond doubt. The roller is equipped with a special element that does not allow the door to fall out, while it makes it difficult for foreign objects to get inside the rail; it is worth considering the profiles on which the doors travel. They are made from aluminum and steel. The first models are more expensive, but they are not durable, steel ones last much longer;
  • the material from which the wheels of the chassis are made is an important detail when choosing a wardrobe. Experts recommend buying either Teflon-coated plastic wheels or metal ones. It is better to refuse pure plastic, as practice shows, such wheels break quickly;
  • one meter for the width of the sliding doors – advice from furniture makers. Why exactly a meter? Moving a large door to a greater distance can lead to breakage of the hardware;
  • a wardrobe with lacobels will perfectly highlight any style. Due to the rapid development of technologies in the field of furniture production, such structures are originally decorated with various drawings and patterns. If you have artistic skills and wild imagination, you can try to depict something yourself on the surface of the cabinet.


Real reviews from users of sliding wardrobes differ in unity. Buyers believe that lacobel-coated cabinets perform better in use than cabinets with mirrors. They have a fashionable look, decorate any room, the facades are not heavy.

Many people talk about ease of care. No sophisticated techniques or special detergents are required to clean lacobel coated glass.

Customer reviews are the most positive, there are practically no negative statements about Lacobel wardrobes.

Stylish solutions in interior design

Lakobel glass is used to make components of many different pieces of furniture. The coating has proven itself well in kitchen aprons, it is used to decorate walls, and make ceilings. Cabinet doors or painted glass partitions in the bathroom look spectacular. This design decision will never go unnoticed..

Lacobel coated glass is suitable for creating decorative stained glass windows, hanging decorations.

A sliding wardrobe in modern or high-tech style, as a rule, combines several different materials, so the same lacobel with leather or chipboard inserts will decorate the room and easily complement the interior. Modern wardrobes of the coupe type often combine two, and sometimes more styles, while they do not lose their leadership positions in the design of the room.

A wardrobe with a pattern on a lacobel will add a special touch of charm. With such a product, you can successfully emphasize the features of the chosen style, the character of the owner of the room.


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