Small kitchen corners

Not every apartment owner with a modern layout can boast of a large room area, and more and more small kitchen corners are becoming one of the best-selling items in furniture stores. Anyone can now buy a modest set in a mini format for the kitchen, ideally integrated into the overall design idea, good, the variety of models, colors and styles now cannot but rejoice.

The advantages of a small corner:

  • Takes up little space, but at the same time has a large capacity;
  • Allows you to create an extra bed;
  • Has good functionality thanks to storage boxes;
  • Helps furnish kitchens with bay windows and niches;
  • Ideal for a studio apartment.


Monolithic corner

The most popular, affordable and most practical option. It is usually chosen for houses where furniture rearrangement is a deviation from the norm. There are two types – left-sided and right-sided sofa, respectively, bought in the desired design. It is with them that the storage area is under the lid in the shape of a triangle..

More expensive small options can be semicircular for Provencal styles, or, conversely, only with clearly defined right angles, armrests and shelf areas on the backs. Shelves are optionally complemented with carved wood or metal elements.

Modular corner

The main difference from the previous type is the absence of a left or right direction, because such corners consist of three modules that are assembled into a single whole already for a specific kitchen in order to meet the room. The area with drawers can be located under any of the seats, and not just in the center, like in the “monolith”.

The difference is also felt in the wider possibilities for styles – here both high-tech and a futuristic combination of rounded shapes and perfectly flat metal fittings. The only negative is the wear of the connecting elements, for which it is difficult to find spare parts, and you have to go for expensive repairs.

High-quality modular sofas always have additional connectors for wall mounting. If they are not there, you should always ask the seller about such an opportunity for the selected model..

Folding corner

It is also a transforming sofa, which can have a mechanism in the form of a “book”, “dolphin” or a classic roll-out bottom, where the storage system is hiding. This option is suitable for sleeping, because even in a small space, a full-fledged bed is formed, and, depending on the upholstery and softness, it is very comfortable.

Models with one pull-out seat allow you to make the corner even more spacious – without compromising the kitchen space. Such a sofa can seat twice as many guests, and if necessary, it is also easy to turn it into a single place..

A little about upholstery

It is chosen for kitchens on two principles – strength and resistance to grease and cleaning agents. Budget options always come with leatherette, the most expensive – with genuine leather. Other popular materials used for seat upholstery are:

  • Cotton;
  • Tapestry;
  • Jacquard;
  • Scotchguard;
  • Forest;
  • Velours;
  • Suede leather;
  • Chenille.

When buying a small corner with fabric upholstery, do not forget that modern technologies oblige the manufacturer to pre-treat materials with water-repellent and fire-resistant compounds. This gives the product a specific and sometimes not the most pleasant smell, but over time, the practicality of such a technique pays off..


There are no differences from other sofas, fillers are divided into three large groups:

  • Foam rubber – the most accessible in terms of assembly and relatively inexpensive material. The softness category depends on the thickness, but at the same time the classic rule works – the softer the material, the faster it wears out from daily use..
  • Polyurethane foam – modern and reliable material, but the price for it is twice as high as foam rubber. Does not need any additional processing, so there are practically no extra odors, even for a new product.
  • Spring block – reliable and time-tested system. The individually selected scheme will allow you to adjust the stiffness, while remaining strong and durable.

As for the frames, today most of the corners are assembled on a chipboard basis. Inexpensive material has the necessary strength characteristics, and allows you to “hide” inside one or more drawers, so necessary in the kitchen.

Natural wood is not a practical raw material. Not to mention the price, it is more susceptible to temperatures and fat, and also does not always allow you to equip the sofa with a storage system..

Buying Tips

  • For very small rooms, you can choose a small corner without a back – there are also such, and the quality of their assembly is often even better than that of the “classics”.
  • Always check the direction of the sofa – left and right warehouse employees at the store can easily be confused already at the time of delivery.
  • Armrests are always convenient for the one who is sitting, but they visually increase the size of any furniture, which is not always good for a small kitchen.
  • Do not hesitate to look into every drawer in the store – they should be assembled without protruding nails, screws and wood defects.
  • Polyurethane foam filling is guaranteed to retain its shape for several years.
  • A padded back is a comfortable, but not always necessary element. Most often, it only affects the price, not for the better for you..
  • A transforming table can be the perfect addition to any corner.

With enough free time to choose from, you can always find a nice little kitchenette for yourself. Prices for modern models allow you to equip your kitchen in an interesting style, and at the same time save free space. The issue of practicality also remains one of the most important criteria, and each manufacturer attracts the buyer in its own way – by the volume, number and originality of boxes for storing kitchen utensils and other necessary little things..

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