Small kitchen-living room

Modern renovation in an apartment or house involves various non-standard solutions. With the help of design tricks, a tiny apartment can be turned into a stylish apartment. Combining the kitchen with the living room is a rather bold decision. It is necessary to weigh in advance all the advantages and disadvantages of such a redevelopment..

In order for the room to be functional, practical, comfortable and cozy, meet the requirements of the present, look stylish and attractive, it is necessary to carefully consider how to properly combine the working area of ​​the kitchen and the recreation area in the living room. What type of lighting should you choose? Do you need a dining table? Or can it be replaced by a bar counter or an island table? How to select each zone correctly so that they do not merge into one whole, but complement each other? In what style to beat such planning?

You can deal with all these issues on your own by studying the recommendations of professional interior designers for residential buildings and apartments, who can offer different ideas regarding the design of any type of premises..


Features and benefits of combining rooms

Combining kitchen and living room is in high demand today. Such redevelopment allows you to visually significantly expand the space. A small and uncomfortable kitchen is transformed into an original and stylish space. A well-thought-out and correctly executed layout, as well as a well-chosen design style, will make such a room useful and functional, emphasize the decorative design of the interior.

The main advantages of combining a kitchen with a living room:

  • visual expansion of the dwelling, the area is visually larger;
  • increase in light space;
  • a large selection of original design solutions for interior decoration;
  • the possibility of saving on household devices (for example, TV in the living room can also be watched from the kitchen);
  • convenience in organizing and holding holidays at home (the hostess has the opportunity to be with the guests, and not be torn between the kitchen and the festive table);
  • practicality and comfort if there are small children in the family (the mother has the opportunity to cook food and look after the baby / kids at the same time);
  • if necessary, local repairs can be performed.



The kitchen-living room is an interesting solution in terms of interior design and functionality. Despite the many positive aspects, such a combination of two rooms also has a number of disadvantages that should be taken into account before starting redevelopment..

The living room is a room where household members can relax, spend time together, and receive guests. The kitchen has a completely different purpose. Various culinary delights and meals are prepared here. To correctly combine such two different rooms, you need the help of specialists. And not only a construction and repair team, but also a stylist for interior decoration of a house or apartment.

It is also important to take into account the fact that after redevelopment, these two rooms become a single whole, such premises are also called a kitchen studio. If the family has a small child, then it is important to think over the moment whether the baby will be comfortable and convenient in the place where there is noise from household appliances.

When choosing colors for furniture and textiles, you will have to abandon light shades. Since they will get dirty faster under the influence of temperature changes and fumes emitted from food during the preparation of any dishes. Of course, you should not completely abandon the light color, you just need to take into account that it will take more time to clean the kitchen-living room, made in this color version.

To prevent odors, grease, soot and fumes from spreading to the rest room, you will have to purchase a good and high-quality hood. A practical and functional hood should be powerful and high-speed, without making too much noise. This kind of household appliances cannot be called a cheap pleasure..


Interesting interior solutions

If earlier an apartment or house was an inconspicuous room with the same type of wallpaper and the same tiles, today everyone can afford to design their home, taking into account their own tastes and preferences. Various design styles are used in the interiors, among which the most popular are traditional or classic, European, Scandinavian, oriental, nautical, country, modern, hi-tech, minimalism, neoclassic, play of contrasts and others..

Neoclassical style

Neoclassicism is often referred to as a modern classic. Fans of this trend prefer furniture of the correct shape. In the design of the premises, everything should be thought out and performed strictly according to plan. The main characteristic feature of neoclassicism is calm light colors. Furniture, wall decoration, lamps, curtains, curtains, decorative elements – in everything you should adhere to the calmness of the color palette.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian trend in interior design is gaining more and more popularity. What is characteristic of this style? Naturalness, naturalness, naturalness. These features are present in everything: lighting, decoration of walls and windows, materials from which furniture is made, etc..

Sea style

This stylistic direction is more suitable for the southern regions, where there is a lot of sun, light and warmth. The proximity of the sea symbolically affects the decorative design of the living quarters. All shades of turquoise, blue and light blue, imitation of water space, flooring in the color of a sandy beach, lots of natural light, rattan furniture, marine decor – all this is inherent in fans of this style..


Black and white contrast

The combination of contrasting colors always looks advantageous in the interior. The most successful option, designers call a combination of black and white. Thanks to the play of contrasts, all zones in space can be clearly defined. Minimalism is inherent in the black and white combination, since the main emphasis is on the play of contrasting shades..

Symphony color style

Symphony of color implies arrangement and decoration of a room in a single color scheme, but different shades are acceptable. According to fashion trends, the lilac-violet range is gaining popularity. This trend is characterized by three main features: minimalism, maximum open space and functionality..

Space zoning rules

The combined kitchen and living room do not lose their purpose, therefore, when planning and design, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the issue of zoning.

The most common options for dividing the territory into zones:

  • Application of the multilevel flooring method. For example, the floor in the kitchen has a flooring several centimeters higher than in the recreation area. Also, designers often recommend using a different floor covering. For the kitchen, the best option would be tiled, ceramic or marble tiles, while for the living room laminate, parquet, linoleum or soft flooring are suitable..
  • Using different light. All food preparation processes take place in the work area, so the kitchen should have good lighting, but softer light can be installed for the living room, which will make the atmosphere as comfortable and calm as possible..
  • Zoning using functional interior objects: columns, beams, arches, transparent sliding doors, etc..
  • The use of versatile wall decoration. More practical and wear-resistant materials should be chosen for the working area..
  • Separating the living room from the kitchen with a dining table, bar counter or table in the form of an island.


Small kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Combining a kitchen with a living room is the only correct option for expanding living space, which is not so much in Khrushchev apartments. Modern housewives feel uncomfortable in a kitchen of about 5-6 sq.m. Yes, the phrase that everything is at hand will be relevant. However, such “convenience” is not always comfortable in real life. Therefore, quite often today, the owners of small apartments, popularly called Khrushchevs, make redevelopment and connect the kitchen with one of the rooms. Thus, you can get one large living room or bedroom called "Khrushchev".

The correct distribution of zones, competent decoration, a small kitchen set, a bar counter that is also used as a dining table, built-in household appliances are the key points that are important to consider when performing work. A small kitchen-living room in Khrushchev has a kind of cozy and warm atmosphere. Despite its small size, it is always comfortable and good here..

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