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What should be the kitchen table in a small kitchen so that it does not "ate" not a single precious square centimeter of area and at the same time accommodated everyone who wants to eat deliciously? How to combine practicality and comfort, beauty and rationality? And what to do if no table fits in the kitchen at all?


To begin with, it is worth dealing with a variety of models and sizes of small tables that can arrange both the kitchen space with their ergonomics and the owners’ wallet with their economy..

An interesting micro-option is a one-legged hanging table, which is usually attached with a long or short side to the wall or integrated into a kitchen set – whichever suits the layout more. Only two or three family members can comfortably accommodate behind it, therefore breakfasts or light dinners are usually held there, and full lunches and festive feasts are transferred to the living room.

Using the same technology, a folding table is also arranged, similar to the one in passenger cars and when unfolded rests on one or two retractable struts, and when folded it looks more like a narrow panel. In a miniature kitchen, its base is often made in the form of a shelf for spice jars..

When there is very little space in the kitchen, the window sill can take over the role of a small and cozy breakfast place by the window.. If its length continues beyond the window further along the wall and increases with hanging shelves, an original and spacious sideboard will appear. And if the kitchen window sill is located quite high, then well-chosen bar stools or high stools will allow you to use it as a cute bar table for snacks or a cup of coffee for breakfast..

A bar counter instead of a dining table is also a good option. She also zones the kitchen space well, and with a competent layout, it allows the whole family to comfortably sit.

A pull-out table with a swivel top is usually erected either instead of some kind of kitchen cabinet shelf, or under the bar counter, or even under the hob of the kitchen stove, which allows you to significantly transform the kitchen space and invite more guests to dinner. In addition, this table can also be used as a work surface..

A book-table (or a butterfly table) is perhaps the best option for a functional solution of a small kitchen. A small narrow curbstone, modestly standing in a corner or by a window, quickly turns into a dining table with a slight movement of the hand – just raise one of the walls and lean on the extended base. And if you take out to the middle of the room and open both countertops, it will be possible to conveniently accommodate a large company. By the way, usually such transforming tables are made with drawers for kitchen textiles or shelves for storing dishes and kitchen utensils, and since they are very heavy, they are also equipped with wheels..

Very popular are small square tables, 50 cm wide, which fit well between kitchen cabinets and, if necessary, can be easily combined into a common work surface.

A small bistro table, similar to cafeteria tables, can be compactly located in the company of a pair of elegant chairs in the corner or by the window. Or, its place can be taken by a folding table in country style, which, if necessary, can be removed altogether behind a closet or in a closet along with chairs similar to it..

All varieties of transformable tables (even with a roll-out, even with a folding tabletop) are easier to integrate into a small kitchen space if they are custom-made, taking into account all the features of the room. So, a small kitchen table can also be a part of the long table top of floor cabinets that protrudes more than usual, which does not require additional support. Or it will be one of the segments of the working island, in one part of which a buffet will be built, and in the other a sink will be mounted..

Tip: so that the owners always have free access to the stove and guests sit comfortably at a small, but beautiful and comfortable table, the distance between it and the rest of the kitchen furniture should be at least a meter, and instead of chairs with backs, it is better to choose stools, which are also not create unnecessary interference in the kitchen.

No sharp corners

It is known that table models with sharp corners suggest the presence of significant free space so that the presence in the kitchen does not become traumatic..

Therefore, it is better to choose small round or oval tables in small kitchen areas, and the latter usually benefit from their elongation. In addition, the oval table can be additionally equipped with a removable or retractable table top, which is hidden under the main.

But round small tables are considered the most cozy and comfortable. Folding round tables-books with two folding tabletops or with additional removable surfaces are very popular, as well as those whose middle part can be removed and hidden inside under the sliding semicircular halves.

Tip: if you colorfully decorate the back of an oval or round folding table, then in the assembled position they can look like a decorative wall panel or even an unusual picture, becoming the central accent of the entire kitchen interior.

From glass

Real aesthetes buy glass tables even in small kitchens. But how functional they are?

Glass sliding tables can be increased by half or even doubled – as far as the length of their guide profile allows. The transformation is not difficult – the tabletop slides along the guides freely, just pull it a little, so only one person is needed for assembly and disassembly. However, such glass tables are often heavy, and if they are not equipped with wheels, then it is already difficult to carry them on your own. In addition, they are less durable than wood, and their countertops do not withstand shocks and severe mechanical stress. In addition, high-quality tempered glass sliding tables are usually very expensive, which is also hardly a plus..

But if you do decide to purchase, carefully examine the surface of the glass countertop.. If there are even small scratches or chips on it, refuse to buy – after all, such defects indicate poor quality and will quickly lead to breakage..

Right choice

If you have already decided where exactly a small, but still a real kitchen table may appear in your small-sized room, try to take into account not only rationality, but also aesthetics when choosing it. Otherwise, very quickly, this piece of furniture will begin to annoy you and interfere even with its completely oversized dimensions..

The well-known European brand IKEA offers excellent non-standard and time-tested classic ideas for a rational and at the same time pleasant design of the kitchen space..

But when going to the stores of this brand or to any other furniture showroom, do not forget to first carefully measure the free space of your kitchen set aside for the future dining table. And take a centimeter with you – it will also come in handy in the furniture showroom. Indeed, not only the great ergonomics of the kitchen area will depend on the correctly chosen small table, but also the daily mood of the one who will cook there, which means, in the end, the taste of all the prepared dishes..

In addition to the required dimensions and configuration of the kitchen table you need, pay attention to everything:

  • color and texture,

  • quality of material and fittings,

  • strength of the table top and base,

  • reliability of fastening of all parts,

  • edge processing on the edge of the table top,

  • cleanliness and smoothness of the back side,

  • ease of installation (including independent),

  • ease of assembly and disassembly,

  • combination with chairs in height and dimensions,

  • getting into the overall design of the kitchen.

And also be sure to consider the number of family members and guests who usually gather in your house..

A few more helpful tips for successfully fitting a small kitchen table into a miniature kitchen area:

  • those chairs that are completely hidden under the table save a lot of space,

  • light or glass top contributes to a visual increase in space,

  • instead of a rectangular or round table, choose one that moves closer to the wall or becomes more compact in a corner (square, oval or semicircular),

  • the more legs there are in the folding tables, the more often the fingers of those who fold them are pinched,

  • all the salt of the interior is in the details (stylish decorations, unusual panels, non-standard materials),

  • remember the importance of balancing durability and comfort,

  • and most importantly, extreme savings are not always justified, especially when choosing a kitchen table.

Interior designer and kitchen furniture manufacturers strive to take into account all the wishes of consumers and think over every detail of their models. Therefore, the assortment of large, standard and miniature tables is simply huge today. If you wish, you can successfully equip even the smallest kitchen, and pick up a table for it, both from expensive materials (glass, stone, solid wood) and from quite affordable (MDF and chipboard, wooden beams or aluminum pipes).

In a word, in order not to find a kitchen table that suits you in all respects, you still need to try!

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