Small tables for a small kitchen

If the kitchen is small, you should not try to squeeze a standard dining table into it, because even if you succeed in doing this, you won’t have to talk about any convenience for the hostess – there will be practically no room for maneuvers. In a small room there is a place where design ideas can unfold – the approach to solving the issue must be original so that the kitchen turns out to be beautifully equipped and functional.

Features and Benefits

The peculiarities of small tables for the kitchen lie in their high mobility and in the lightness of the materials that are used for their manufacture (as a rule, they are made of plastic or light wood species – ash and pine). To avoid chipping, the table top is framed with special veneer inserts.

As a rule, in a small kitchen, they try to make all the furniture as functional as possible, so it is natural that many table models are also equipped with additional shelves on which you can place cutlery or any kitchen utensils (most often these are bar counters). One or two drawers is already a serious advantage for any table, and in this case any housewife will be more comfortable during the cooking process, because she does not have to constantly move around the kitchen, either at a cutting board, or at a knife, or at any other. subject.

Types and models

The kitchen table can have a different design:

  • solid;
  • folding;
  • modified;
  • retractable.

A solid table is a structure with a solid top that has been in the same place for many years. These are comfortable tables, but not suitable for a small kitchen. For such a room, you can choose, for example, a corner with a table. The table top can be square, rectangular or round.

Round tabletop – this type of tabletop is considered to be the most harmonious and comfortable for the whole family to eat and for family communication. Such a table has no sharp corners, which means that kids and elderly family members will not be injured by them. The round table in the kitchen looks very attractive, but it is desirable that it be more spacious, and in the case of a small-sized kitchen, this option can hardly be called rational.

There are some models that can be called a compromise – these are rectangular tables with rounded edges. This is a convenient and practical model, also safe due to the absence of sharp corners, and it looks quite harmonious.

A rectangular table is considered the most practical in terms of functionality. It is possible to push it tightly against the wall, or you can push it back to accommodate more guests at the table – such a table looks equally good. It is also important that rectangular tables are available in a large selection of sizes, different in design – each customer will be able to choose these models to their liking..

Designers consider square models to be the classics of the kitchen table, because it is in this room, and not in the living room or in the dining room, that the lack of free space is most often felt. And the square shape of the table, for all its compactness, looks quite solid.

Often, a square-shaped dining table has the ability to transform into a rectangular one, and this can be very useful to hospitable owners, especially if the table is complete with a cozy corner and stools – everyone will be comfortable.

Another version of the compact table has the form of a folding table top (sometimes square, but more often semicircular), which is hinged on the wall. When necessary, the tabletop is raised and fixed on one leg-strut, and then everything is removed and again there are no problems with moving around the kitchen.

Modified models are tables made according to the principle of window sills, as well as a bar table. It is also a great savings in kitchen space and a modern look..

The elongated bar counter, which has an approach from both sides and built-in functional shelves, can accommodate five people. Another plus is that it can also serve as a work surface while cooking..

The corner table can replace the window sill. Craftsmen of many firms can provide such a service – they will make a corner table instead of a window sill, which will significantly save space.

Such table models are now considered very fashionable. In the cramped space of a small kitchen, such a decision will be very correct, because at the expense of a corner table you will free up valuable free space..

Another option is to make the table fully using the length of the wall on one side of the kitchen. As a rule, such a table is divided into zones – a place for a dining table and a place for storing kitchen attributes..

Additional table. There is a small table with a couple of chairs in the center of the kitchen, and a corner table on both adjacent walls. This can be a storage place, a decorative area and even a study, if necessary..

The compact book-table has large and wide swinging surfaces and retractable supports. The object seems to be small, but heavy, usually done with wheels, so as not to drag it, but to roll it. In the folded position, it has a maximum dimensions of 60×80 cm and can stand compactly in the corner of the kitchen, and if necessary, one or a shelf rises and the table becomes quite roomy.

Side tables. Such models are attached to something on one side (necessarily even), and on the other side they have two legs. The free side can be of any shape, but the most common option is a semicircle. They can serve as a comfortable work surface in the kitchen, you can put a vase of flowers on the table.

Wall mounted. The table is attached to the wall like a shelf. Can be foldable, also saves space in the kitchen when not in use.

Wall-mounted folding models. They look like a book with a tabletop split in two and folded one on top of the other. Convenient for quickly organizing additional seats for guests – just fold the other half. In order for such a model to fit into your kitchen as well as possible, it is better not to buy a ready-made model, but to invite a master to make all the necessary measurements and order a table individually.

All wall structures must have a reliable mechanism that holds the tabletop when it is opened and folded, as well as during operation. The same applies to a design such as a pedestal table..

Any of the varieties of sliding, pull-out, roll-out tables with storage boxes is an excellent solution for a cramped kitchen.

Owners of cramped kitchens, who will be able to intelligently organize the kitchen space and think well how to use every square centimeter of area, will be able to successfully solve all their problems.

Rationally using a small kitchen space, remember about the aesthetic component of the interior. The panels must be beautiful, the details must be original, the materials must be stylish – and your kitchen will be the best.!

The form

The kitchen table can be round, oval, triangular, square, rectangular, or even irregular. And it is very important what kind of geometry you have chosen for your small kitchen. In this case, it depends on the geometry how the kitchen will change visually, how comfortable and safe it will be to move around it..

The round kitchen table looks light and compact, it creates a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, it smells like homely warmth, and such a table will fit into any interior. But if the room is made in strict geometric proportions, you cannot attach such a model there..

Oval tables take up too much space, and in a regular kitchen they are rarely installed, only if space permits. But if you really want to see the kitchen in smooth lines, then opt for a semicircular table – this is both the smoothness of the line, and you can move the flat side close to the wall.

Square or triangular models. Both options are certainly convenient, but they are less safe in terms of injury from sharp corners. An exception can only be models with such a tabletop, which, after using them, can be immediately removed, pushed in or folded down..

A rectangular table placed along the wall. A great option for a kitchen in a rectangular room. The only bad thing is that during lunch you have to look at the wall, it’s not interesting. Alternatively, such a table can be placed along the window, then the view will be more interesting.

Oddly enough, there are dining tables and irregular shapes – this happens when arranging a kitchen with a non-standard layout. The table is made to order, repeating, when measuring its parameters, the entire geometry of the kitchen.

Materials (edit)

The best furniture has always been the one made from natural materials. This is due, first of all, to the environment, and for a kitchen room, where there is often a hot atmosphere, this is very important – no harmful substances will be released into the air. The dignity of the rest of the materials is their low cost, which means that they are available for most buyers..

The frame of furniture is usually made of metal. It is a durable material and also moisture resistant. Its downside is that metal looks good only in a modern kitchen. Strength cannot be taken away from him, but there is no heat. Imagine an all-metal table – you can’t call it comfortable. As a rule, metal models are complemented by glass elements.

Natural wood is generally preferred for luxury furniture. The products are environmentally friendly, reliable and very beautiful. The problem is in the consequences of interaction with water and in more thorough care.

Chipboard products are cheaper, and they are more resistant to moisture, therefore they are widely used today in the production of headsets and countertops for kitchens..

Plastic products do not differ in durability, although they are probably the brightest and most beautiful, thanks to the rich range of shades. Here are just the slightest scratches and cracks will quickly render the plastic product unusable. It will be more practical to make kitchen aprons from it..

Color solutions

In a dark shade, the dining table looks solid and solid, but not in a small kitchenette. Here, such a spectacle will turn out to be cumbersome and inappropriate. But white, beige or light wood is just what you need..

The use of light shades in the interior of a small room always expands it, therefore the lightness and airiness of a pastel table in the kitchen will be appropriate and will not create the impression of excessive clutter.

Today, Russians have access to tables of any shade. The color scheme is selected according to the design of a certain interior or even set using virtual design. The most popular among buyers remains white, beige and black, but everyone has the right to make their choice in accordance with their preferences or according to the recommendations of their designer.

Dimensions (edit)

When it comes to a table for a small kitchen, you need to keep in mind that no matter how cramped the space, a person should be comfortable at the table, and for this he needs a space 60 cm wide. So, when planning a dining area in your kitchen, you should be guided precisely by this number, then everyone sitting at the table will be comfortable.

Ready-made tables today are mainly made of laminated chipboard, for some, only the tabletop is made of plastic. In terms of size and configuration, tables for a small kitchen are on sale as follows: round, 75 cm in diameter and rectangular mini-tables – 50×70 cm.

Tables are the simplest ones, which do not transform in any way and do not increase the area of ​​the countertop, but this is not the best option for a cramped kitchen. A convenient and compact folding model with or without an additional drawer is more suitable here. Such, for example, a table, in which, when folded, the depth of the tabletop is 56 cm, and if it is unfolded, its width increases by another 56 cm – up to 112 cm.

How to choose and which one is better

There is no need to worry about the fact that if the kitchen is small, then getting a table there is an impossible task. A little theory, common sense and a huge selection of models from different manufacturers – and this will definitely help you choose a table that will suit your small kitchen in all respects..

It seems that everything is clear, since a small kitchen, then a small table is needed. And which one, not for children? How many people will sit at it, so many plates must fit, a glass for each, cutlery, a piece of bread. So it turns out that at least 60×40 cm the table should be.

Let there are five people in your family, but you can’t have a meal together, then okay – two will be accommodated at such a table. And if you are lovers of joint family gatherings, then it is better for you to arrange a dining table in the living room, and let the small one stay in the kitchen – it will not hurt.

Another option can be used even for a very small kitchen. It’s about a slab sliding out of the headset. It has no legs and cannot be completely removed, and two can sit behind it – no more.

Table transformer

This, one might say, is a godsend for a cramped space. The whole transformation is based on changing the area of ​​the countertop, behind which you can arrange a place for two people, and if necessary, for six, for example. When folded, it is a compact thing that takes up very little space, so it can be rearranged to any place. There are such original transformers that fold into a drawer, and if necessary – a minute of business and in front of you a dining table.

When buying such a model, keep in mind that they are laid out in different ways. There are models with an attached wing, there are models with a retractable surface, and there are models with a special tab. To choose the model that suits you the most, you need to try to unfold each one in the store and fold it back.

How to do it yourself

Do you live in an old building or in a private new building, where the window frames are solid, not letting in any dampness or rain streams, when a stormy weather is raging outside the window? Surely in such houses and a window sill made of wood is a real example of durability. There is no need to spoil such a thing and in no case need to break it out either. It is best to screw the tabletop to such a window sill with hinges so that it can fold down and rise as needed..

The downside will be that there is no integrity of the working surface – this is so, but there will be a minimum of labor costs. And if the reliability of the windowsill inspires suspicion, then dismantling cannot be avoided.

Feel free to break out the part you don’t need, measure the size of the recess under the former window sill and cut out the workpiece (plywood, chipboard or MDF). The easiest way to do this is from plywood using a regular jigsaw. You will need plywood that is waterproof, at least 12 mm thick. This is necessary so that no deflections occur..

Such work is necessary if it is decided to make a table in the kitchen from the window sill, because another opportunity to get a dining table in the kitchen is simply not foreseen due to its too small size. On the one hand, this is even for the better – you won’t have to spend money on a dining set, and the room will remain more or less spacious without a table, although you still can’t do without stools.

So, we solve this not very simple task. The prepared workpiece must be inserted into the place where a typical window sill was recently located. If necessary, lay the plywood on wooden blocks or boards to reach the required level. Then the structure should be fixed using steel corners – brackets.

Plywood or other selected material is screwed to the window opening, and its base is covered with a special ceramic glue using a notched trowel. We try to remove the joints to the maximum – they will be useless on the kitchen desktop. The ends are closed with a special ceramic plate or aluminum molding.

Interesting ideas in interior design

How to place a dining table in a small kitchen – place it near the wall or in the middle? What are the options?

Kitchen furniture looks great, including the table, if they are placed against adjacent walls.

Pay attention to the table top and table legs, if they are too thick, the product will look bulky – even so small.

If you have chosen an original glass table, this will give your kitchen a visual airiness and make it seem more spacious. And if the transparent design constantly inspires you with fear of its fragility, choose frosted glass better..

You can show the kitchen from its best side if you choose a light table – this is what you need in a small kitchen. By design, the kitchen set and the table should overlap.

The tablecloth will make a light small table something voluminous, and therefore it is better to refuse it, and as an alternative you can use an openwork napkin in the center of the table.

If the location of the table had to be opposite the cooking zone, the distance between them should not be less than 60 cm so that you can move comfortably.

Do not forget about such a piece of furniture as stools! Constantly carrying them back and forth from the kitchen and into the kitchen is not the case, and since they will be constantly in the kitchen, then the countertop should be sized so that the stools can fit freely under it and free up space.

The sofa of the kitchen corner can be decorated by putting pillows and ottomans on it, let an unusual napkin holder flaunt on the table, and the photo wallpaper at the table will help you and your friends enjoy friendly communication and a big tasty pizza that they brought with them, and you placed it on your folding table -transformer.

Even if the kitchenette is quite small, you can, if you try, arrange a beautiful, modern and practical dining table. Just be careful when choosing a model..

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