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A stationary mixer can make life easier for every housewife and reduce her hassle in the kitchen. This versatile device is capable of whipping, mixing or chopping foods of any consistency. Modern devices have many useful and important functions. When choosing a stationary mixer, you need to know about all its capabilities and qualities..

Advantages and disadvantages

Each stationary mixer has a body with mixing elements as well as a bowl and stand. The last element is designed to secure the mixer itself and the mixing container. Moreover, other design details are removable..

The main advantage of such a device is that it is able to independently work in the mode you choose, and at the same time you do not have to make a single effort..

This way you can free your hands and start preparing other ingredients for cooking or just distract yourself. Every stand mixer is more powerful than handheld models. In addition, its design is more reliable and stable..

A very unusual and useful type of device with a stand is the planetary mixer. This stationary device has several rotating elements at once. Such models, with the help of a special mechanism, simultaneously twist the attachments, and the bowl and even the stand. This technology allows you to achieve more intensive mixing and bringing the products to a uniform consistency..

The planetary stationary kitchen mixer is perfect for the manufacture of confectionery products of any complexity, and especially for kneading dough, and different elements of this device rotate along separate trajectories. These are very high quality and useful devices, but they have one drawback – a rather high price..

Some models of stationary mixers are equipped with two attachments at once.

They have higher productivity, but they need more power to operate. But with the help of such a device, you can get any cream, as well as make a very fluffy dough. The disadvantage of a stand mixer with two nozzles is that its size is quite significant. More compact are the models of such products that have only one removable nozzle, in such devices the dressing elements for mixing are much larger than in a mixer with two nozzles.

All mixers that have several rotating elements, be it a bowl, stand or attachments, have a rather high cost. But this price is due to the high quality of their work. Such devices are usually professional. That is why these models are so popular among chefs.

An important advantage of a stationary mixer is that it has a high power. It performs a much larger number of functions than manual models, and it is more suitable for their implementation. Also, the stationary design is more robust, even the replaceable nozzles included with this device are made of more durable materials.

The big advantage of stationary mixers, compared to manual ones, is that such a model can be easily disassembled and washed. She is not afraid of water ingress or other influences.

Manual models, on the other hand, are very afraid of moisture..

They can only be wiped from the outside, while acting very carefully. The only drawback of a stationary mixer, due to which some housewives prefer manual models, is that it has rather large dimensions. For its storage, it is necessary to provide a special cabinet or other place.

Criterias of choice

Choosing the right stand mixer is very important, because the right model can greatly simplify the cooking process and not bring unnecessary inconvenience. That is why you should choose devices with high performance. They will greatly save your time and effort..

Mixer operating time and performance directly depend on its power.

Models with a higher power rating do a much better job of mixing food, as well as whipping thick dough. A device with a power of 500 W allows you to make dough of any complexity in a short period of time, usually any professional mixer has such an indicator. It’s quite powerful and is great for home use if you bake a lot..

An important role in the entire design of a stationary mixer is played by nozzles, with the help of which the components are whipped or mixed. Depending on the shape, a distinction is made between beaters, cream hooks and conventional mixing attachments. Most importantly, keep in mind that the attachments are in direct contact with food. That is why it is important to purchase devices whose elements are made of high quality and reliable materials..

It is best to purchase stationary mixers with stainless steel attachments.

When choosing a stationary mixer, you must pay great attention to the removable bowl. This element is an integral part of the structure, so it can only be replaced with a similar one. That is, it will not be possible to purchase a separate container of a different size, since it may not fit. The size of the entire structure will depend on the size of the bowl..

When choosing a mixer, try to choose a model with a bowl volume that is 1–1.5 liters larger than your desired one. This difference is due to the fact that you cannot use the entire volume, since when mixed, the ingredients inside will crumble or splash. Do not forget that you will not be able to fill the bowl of a stationary mixer to the brim..

A professional mixer has a removable vessel – a bowl with a capacity of more than 3 liters, usually such models are characterized by increased power. With their help, you can cook a larger amount of food. When purchasing a mixer, pay attention to the material from which the bowl is made. As a rule, manufacturers offer devices with metal or plastic elements..

A mixer with a metal bowl is more reliable and safe, but such a device will cost more than models with plastic elements. Bowls made of plastic also have a number of advantages. Very often they are made of transparent materials, so it will be easier for you to measure the amount of ingredients, while you will see to what extent the products are mixed or whipped..

Additional functions

Almost every kitchen mixer has at least one additional function, especially when it comes to professional stationary models. The most popular function is to switch the speed of the device. Different models of mixers have a different number of operating speeds, which ranges from two to five, but professional devices can even have more than ten speed modes. Such mixers have a separate button for each speed with the image of products that are recommended to be whipped or mixed at this speed..

There are also some very interesting models that have an additional turbo function..

It is capable of increasing the rotation speed of the nozzles in a short time, but this effect will be short-lived. The peculiarity of this additional function is that after a few seconds the speed of the device will return to normal mode..

The turbo mode requires very high power, experts do not recommend using it often, since such an application can lead to an early fire in the engine of the device. It is better to use it one-time, for example, in order to get rid of lumps when preparing dough..

A very interesting additional function is the presence of a pulse mode.

It allows you to adjust the speed and power of the mixer by pressing a button. This is a very convenient mode, during which you can personally adjust the intensity of whipping or mixing of the components. The most necessary additional function of any mixer is the ability to change attachments. With their help, the device becomes multifunctional and more versatile..

Many stationary devices come with several different attachments. These may include individual elements necessary for making airy puree, for example, from potatoes, which allow you to get a product of a uniform consistency..

There are also attachments that can easily replace any blender..

With their help, you can easily prepare liquid fruit or vegetable puree or other healthy foods suitable for baby food, these are indispensable elements for new parents. Nozzles for whipping creams are suitable for confectioners, and special nozzles for making various delicious cocktails for housewives with families with children.

Some attachments allow mixers to replace even a meat grinder. These elements of the device have removable stainless steel blades. With their help, you can easily finely chop meat, carrots, onions or other products. Due to the fact that such blades are very sharp, the efficiency and quality of the cut are at their best..

The voltage monitoring function is very important, which protects the device from voltage surges and overvoltage. Regular operation of the mixer at high speed leads to overheating of the device, and then to its breakdown. But the ability to protect against overvoltage can prevent such consequences, this function simply turns off the device at the right time..

Try to find a mixer with the additional equipment you need. It is better if this device includes its own set of spatulas for transferring mixtures, as well as cleaning brushes that facilitate the maintenance of this device. An important part of the constituent elements of the device is a measuring cup. It allows you to measure the required amount of ingredients for mixing, and also greatly simplifies the cooking process..

Model overview

The rating of the best brands producing stationary mixers includes Gemlux, Moulinex, Kenwood, Kitfort, Tefal, Vitek, Bork, Philips, Zelmer and others. The Bork and Zelmer brands are manufactured in Germany and are considered to be very reliable and therefore popular. These manufacturers rely on the high quality and durability of these devices..

Mixers brands Moulinex, Tefal, Philips have a low price. These manufacturers offer a wide range of stationary mixers with different functions and attachments. These appliances are standard models suitable for home use.. Kenwood, Kitfort brands represent a wide range of more professional mixers. These include models of the planetary type..


Almost all housewives leave rave reviews about stationary mixers.

They write that this device saves them a lot of time. It used to be a lot of work for them to whisk or mix foods. They also write that this type of device allows you to free your hands. While the mixer breaks, women can go about their business..

Baking lovers mark the professional planetary type devices separately..

They write that it can be used to make dough of any complexity. The only thing that confuses buyers is the high price for these devices. Many women point out that the simplest stationary model with one nozzle will suffice for normal home use. They write that it does an excellent job with its functions, and at the same time takes up very little space..

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