Steamer Moulinex

Steamer Moulinex

The Moulinex steamer is a unique kitchen appliance that allows you to process food, while retaining all the nutrients and trace elements in the composition. Steam cooking is considered the safest and healthiest cooking method. In this case, a huge amount of not only rapidly disintegrating vitamins is preserved, but also trace elements that are necessary for the human body. With this method, you do not need to use either oil components or fat..

An interesting fact: using even simple cooking of products, it is impossible to preserve the vitamin composition – most of it goes into water, and the vegetables become watery.

Why is it important to use a double boiler:

  • useful substances are saved – when steaming, the entire spectrum of vitamins remains inside the dishes;
  • assimilation of food products improves – steaming helps to gently process vegetables and fruits, due to which some components (for example, lycopene, which is found in tomatoes) are absorbed faster and better. It is also known that the gentle steaming of foods promotes their easy breakdown within the body. For example, beta-carotene is able to process faster when stewing carrots;
  • mineral compounds and vitamins, heat treated with steam are absorbed ten times faster. Due to this indicator, steam products are recommended to be consumed to support a healthy diet, diabetes, as well as gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases. Moulinex steamers can also be used for the elderly.


Moulinex has been on the market for over half a century, and at the end of 1996 it was recognized as the number one brand all over the world in terms of the quality of manufactured devices. That is why the release of new kitchen appliances is controlled in two directions: at the initial stage, and also at the end – in this case, testing is performed according to several indicators. Several values ​​are monitored: how the technique processes the products, how much their composition changes and how long its service life is.

Main advantages:

  • food processing is much faster than other kitchen appliances;
  • patented food processing technologies are used;
  • in steamers from Moulinex you can cook almost any dish – from rice, meat, fish, to pasta and mushrooms;
  • automatic operation of the mechanism – just set the required mode and the steamer will automatically adjust the cooking time.


AMA 143

In another way, it is called Moulinex Crystalia. It has great functionality and is practical to use. Presented in the segment of inexpensive kitchen appliances. Power indicators – 850 W, which is an excellent definition for a double boiler. This is enough for the complete processing of products in two baskets at the same time – each has a volume of three liters.

The model has the following advantages:

  • grates between baskets – contributes to the separation of compartments. So you can cook rice and meat dishes in one bowl at the same time;
  • correct steam distribution – the moisture content of the products is preserved, as well as the ability to cook, stew and reheat products improves;
  • snug fit of the lid to the basket – steam does not come out during cooking;
  • structural stability – the model is equipped with special silicone legs;
  • small size – takes up little space in the kitchen. If desired, you can take it with you to the dacha;
  • activation of work from the first second – the model is equipped with a special turbo ring. It promotes the production of steam from the first seconds of activation;
  • top up water possible right during the operation of the device;
  • the panel is equipped special tips in the form of dishes – cooking is much easier, in one click.


  • mechanical way of regulation;
  • no dimensional designations;
  • too short cord;
  • small volume of water container.

The steamer is suitable for daily cooking and does not require any special maintenance.

MV 1000 Principio

This steamer has unique performance. With a power of 600 W, a fast cooking result is achieved. Also, due to a special timer, you can set the cooking time yourself. Built-in automatic shutdown function when there is a lack of water or when the product is completely processed.

The MV 1000 steamer is equipped with a special egg compartment and a convenient ring for turbo activation of the mechanism. Advantages:

  • you can add water while cooking;
  • two compartments for 2 and 3 liters;
  • the presence of the “fast steam” mode;
  • there are removable grilles.


  • mechanical control;
  • plastic case;
  • missing rice bowls.

MV 1401

Presented in a stylish design – a black plastic body of heat-resistant compound frames the entire structure. The steamer has two spacious bowls with a volume of six liters. Power – 900 W, due to which the mechanism copes with the preparation of any product.


  • high power;
  • attractive design – there is a control panel on the body that tells you the cooking time;
  • timer – 60 minutes;
  • automatic shutdown in case of insufficient water level;
  • attractive cost.


  • heavy weight;
  • inconvenient dimensions;
  • mechanical control method;
  • no automatic cooking functions.

Pressure cooker Moulinex CE 503132

The main differences of this design are that it prepares food for any steamer faster, has an electronic version of the system control and is multifunctional..


  • power 1000 W;
  • bowl with a volume of 5 liters;
  • 25 advanced modes, which include languor and delayed start;
  • multi-brew parameter.


  • high price;
  • there is no timer;
  • no auto heating.


According to the majority, Moulinex steamers meet many requirements: long service life, low price and the ability to cook a lot and quickly. Also, many mothers advise buying exactly the MV 1000 Principio steamer – it is indispensable for preparing all kinds of cereals and mixtures for a child..

According to reviews, steamers are easy to use, but some, nevertheless, notice slight disadvantages. For example, the lack of a shutdown notification is a problem for many. And the short cord of the Moulinex Crystalia model allows you to place it only near the outlet.

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