Steamer Polaris

Steamer Polaris

Cooking tasty and healthy food has recently become available to everyone.. It is enough to purchase a device such as a double boiler. This kitchen device is in the arsenal of various manufacturers of household appliances..


In order not to get confused in all this diversity, it is necessary to be guided by the reviews of users who purchased a certain device and managed to evaluate it in action..

Buyers note the functionality, as well as the democratic price of Polaris steamers. Positive reviews about this brand indicate the good quality of the device, as well as the long service life of this household appliance..


When deciding on a particular brand that produces steamers, you should take into account the advantages that it provides..

The main advantages of the device from the Polaris brand, which distinguish it from the background of other kitchen appliances:

  1. Allows you to prepare wholesome and healthy food without the use of oil or other fats. It will become an indispensable device for a person who is on a diet..
  2. Retains all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which are contained in food and are destroyed during the preparation of food in the usual way.
  3. Easy to clean – during the operation of this household appliance, the products do not burn, therefore it is quite easy to clean it without additional effort.
  4. Compactness – does not require a lot of space, and therefore there is always a place for a double boiler even in a small kitchen. The main thing is to make sure that during operation, this device is not under the hinged shelves. As steam generated during cooking will condense on the shelf and can drain back into the appliance, damaging both the food and the steamer.
  5. Possibility to add water while cooking without the need to disconnect the device from the mains.

Basic models

All steamers are electric and mains powered. They differ among themselves in the number of bowls, design, as well as the presence of additional functions and capabilities..

The main types of Polaris steamers:

1. PFS 0213 – stands out for its compactness and functionality. This model allows you to prepare lunch or dinner in one go. The main characteristics of this household device:

  • consists of two bowls, the total volume of which reaches 5.5 liters;
  • has a mechanical timer that can be manually set for 60 minutes of continuous operation;
  • thanks to the rapid steam function, food is cooked 2 times faster, since steam begins to form within 40 seconds after the model is plugged in;
  • transparent plastic containers allow you to follow the preparation of dishes.

2. PFS 0301 floris – has a nice design. Such a kitchen appliance will not only become a real assistant in the kitchen, but will also be a beautiful addition to the design of this room.. Distinctive features:

  • a rather powerful device, the power of which is 800 watts, will make it easy to cook a variety of dishes;
  • has 3 removable bowls, the total volume of which is 9 liters;
  • the presence of a mechanical timer allows you to set the time up to 60 minutes, after the maximum period, the steamer automatically turns off;
  • built-in indicator will indicate how much water needs to be added to the tank;
  • equipped with an additional container for cooking rice and other types of porridge or omelettes.

3. PFS 0305AD – this functional model stands out for its stylish design and fits perfectly into a modern kitchen. Distinctive characteristics of this device:

  • the body is metal, and the three bowls are made of transparent plastic;
  • electronic control allows you to easily program a household appliance for preparing tasty and healthy food, or select a specific program;
  • continuous operation takes 90 minutes, and the LCD screen helps to monitor the activity of the device, even if the lights are turned off in the kitchen;
  • equipped with special recesses so that you can boil eggs;
  • special sound signals will inform about the need to add water or about the end of the device;
  • additional function of keeping warm, allows you to keep the dish hot for a long time after the end of the cooking process.

How to use it correctly

Before using your Polaris steamer, be sure to read the instructions that come with your device. Studying the instructions will help you avoid mistakes and use kitchen appliances correctly..

A few general rules for the operation of all models of Polaris steamers:

  1. There should always be water in a special tank, without it this household appliance simply cannot work, and you will not be able to turn it on. Some models are equipped with an audible signal that indicates that the water in the container has run out. In the absence of such a function, the liquid level must be independently controlled, refilling it from time to time..
  2. You don’t have to put all the bowls on, if you are going to cook food, only in one of them.
  3. If several dishes are cooked at once, then it is better to put meat or fish on the lower level, and vegetables on the upper level.
  4. It is better to salt and add a variety of seasonings after the dish is completely cooked.. In no case should you put salt and spices into the water tank, as such actions can cause irreparable damage to the device, and you will have to carry out expensive repairs.
  5. After each use, the cooking bowls must be washed either by hand or using the dishwasher.. You need to collect the kitchen fixture only after it is thoroughly dry..
  6. You can store your Polaris steamer either assembled or disassembled. It all depends on the size of the kitchen and the frequency of use of this device..

The Polaris steamer will be a reliable assistant for every housewife to prepare delicious and healthy meals rich in vitamins and nutrients..

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