Tassimo coffee maker

Tassimo coffee maker

For many people, getting to work in the morning is not complete without a strong cup of coffee. Lack of time sometimes forces you to sacrifice pleasure, stirring soluble powder in boiling water. Automatic coffee maker “Tassimo»From the company Bosch at the touch of a button, you can instantly prepare a serving of a delicious invigorating drink.

Advantages of a coffee maker

Aggregates Bosch “Tassimo”, relatively recently entered our life, today they occupy a leading position in the market of household equipment for making coffee. Models that embody the capsule system surpass similar samples from other manufacturers in several ways:

  • Intelligent cooking system with little or no human intervention. For brewing, special sealed capsules are used, also called T-discs, marked with unique barcodes. They carry technical information, allowing the machine to automatically determine which drink should be brewed, to what temperature the water should be heated, how much water is required for a cup of drink and the time required for brewing..
  • Extremely simple control system, allowing you to use one button by pressing it with the cup itself.
  • Large volume of water tank – from 0.8 to 2.0 l, allowing you to quickly prepare drinks for a large company.
  • Excellent quality and variety of drinks selection. Using the machine, you can brew not only classic coffee, but also aromatic milk coffee and chocolate drinks, tea. For the extraction process, a working pressure of 3.3 bar is sufficient, since the coffee in the capsule is not compressed and gives off useful and aromatic substances well.

Milk, enclosed in capsules, is not a powder, but a sterilized liquid substance that has retained all the nutritional properties of a natural product.

  • Convenient self-cleaning system in the design.
  • Highest quality body materials. Thoughtful design execution in several colors, compact dimensions, simplicity and ergonomics of control.
  • Height adjustable stand makes it possible to use dishes of any size – both a small espresso cup and a capacious glass for a latte. Pouring and splashing of the drink are excluded.
  • Saving energy. The device is equipped with an automatic shutdown sensor, a water dosing system, and has the ability to maintain the desired temperature of the finished drink.
  • Maximum reduced noise level.

How to manage?

Each Tassimo coffee maker is supplied with instructions in several languages, in which the algorithm for safe operation and care is spelled out and marked with colored symbols. Below are the key points recommended by the manufacturer:

  • The machine should only be put into operation after it has been checked. compliance of the electrical network parameters with the characteristics indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Pour clean water into the container at the back wall up to the maximum mark, turn on the device to the network and press the 0-I button located on the side wall.
  • At the first start, you need to run one cycle in order to clean the working chamber and other elements from possible microparticles and foreign odors.
  • After opening the top cover, inserting the capsule into the cooking chamber and closing the lid, the capsule is pierced, the barcode is scanned and the parameters of the suitable program are activated.
  • For correct work use capsules “Tassimo” or other recommended brands.

  • The progress of the device is easily tracked by means of three indicator lights: “Ready to serve”, “Topping up” and “Cleaning”.
  • Place a cup of suitable size on the drip tray, simultaneously pressing the side of the cup on the large start button.
  • After dispensing, automatic hot water dispensing stops and the container with the finished drink can be removed. Automatic ejection and collection of capsules is not provided.
  • Regular cleaning and descaling should be carried out at the signal of the corresponding sensor using the service T-disk included in the kit. To do this, put the detergent tablet in a tank of water, then the machine will do everything automatically..
  • In the event of a malfunction you need to contact the service center.

Models and prices

Classic 1600 W unit from the range “Amia T-20”, equipped with signal sensors indicating the stage of preparation of the drink, has a tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters. The device with the ability to vary the portion of water and control the strength will allow you to simply prepare your favorite drink with delicious taste characteristics. The red indicator will signal the need for urgent cleaning and descaling. The current price of the device is about 3800 rubles.

Compact size model from the range “Suny T-32” with a capacity of 0.8 l will save space in a small room. The design solution of the case, presented in a combination of red, white and blue colors with noble black, will decorate the kitchen table. The brewing technology inside the capsule prevents the mixing of tastes and aromas of different types of drinks, eliminates the need for frequent flushing of the system. The cost of the model is 3750-3800 rubles.

Automatic “Tassimo” from the lineup “Fidelia TAS 40” can be called a family one because of the two-liter water tank, since the brewed coffee is enough for everyone. The elegant 1300 W machine in black, red, white or orange plastic is equipped with a height-adjustable stand with stainless steel tray to accommodate glasses of different heights. The owner will have access to a wide range of coffee drinks from espresso with a stable foam to latte macchiato. The cost in retail chains varies from 3300 to 4000 rubles.

“Tassimo Joy Т-45” Ideal for effortless brewing of perfect coffee and tea beverages with the T-dial and one-touch operation. The model, made in laconic white or black colors, will delight all family members day after day. The price of the model in different stores is from 7700 to 7850 rubles.

Sleek line coffee makers absolutely easy to operate “Charmy T-55” 1300 W power and 1.4-1.6 l tank volumes, made in classic white, black and red colors will make every cup of drink perfect. The innovative water filtration system and the function of adjusting the concentration of taste will ensure maximum pleasure while drinking good coffee, aromatic tea and the best hot chocolate. The cost of models in the Bosch branded online store is presented in the range from 4300 to 6400 rubles.

Incredibly neat model “Tassimo Caddy Т-70” with a water tank volume of 1.2 liters, it comes with two special holders, each containing 16 capsules. Up to 8 holders can be installed in total and 128 T-discs can be stored in order, allowing you to enjoy different flavors during your morning coffee or evening tea. A 700 W machine with the possibility of automatic shutdown and decalcification costs about 9,750-10,300 rubles.


Due to the combination of relatively inexpensive cost and traditional European quality, a variety of tastes and types of drinks, ease of use and intelligence, capsule coffee makers from Bosch have extremely rave reviews from coffee lovers..

Consumers appreciated the possibility of preparing different types of aromatic coffee and cocoa, the possibility of brewing classic, as well as flavored fruit, berry and herbal teas.

A cup of magical tasting drink can be obtained in less than one minute.

With the help of a coffee maker, it is easy to take into account the taste preferences of all family members. During the preparation process, the flavors and aromas of drinks never mix, you just need to choose the right capsule. Happy owners consider the presence of this coffee maker in the house as a worthy alternative to an expensive coffee machine and trips to a coffee shop..

Many buyers note that the assortment and color variety allow you to purchase a coffee maker that perfectly matches the design of the kitchen set. The compact device does not take up much space in a confined space. Its body, if necessary, can be easily cleaned with an ordinary damp cloth. The Bosch Tassimo coffee maker can be chosen as a gift and is a pleasure to receive as a gift.

This video shows the use of a Tassimo Bosch coffee machine to prepare a Latte Macchiato drink.

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