The best citrus juicers from famous brands

The best citrus juicers from famous brands

A juicer is an indispensable thing in a home where they strive for a healthy, fulfilling life, because it starts with proper nutrition and vitamins. Only fresh, natural juices can saturate a person with health and vigor, and for their production, of course, a high-quality juicer is needed..


In order not to get into a mess when choosing this household product for citrus, it is worth familiarizing yourself with customer reviews, because their experience will save you from purchasing a low-quality product.




The only drawback of Bork juicers, buyers call its high cost. According to the vast majority of customers of this brand, it is fully justified.

Bork citrus juicers offer the following benefits:

  1. The cone is suitable for any kind of citrus;
  2. Excellent quality of body and knives;
  3. Long term of warranty service;
  4. Original modern design.


The Philips brand has a very good reputation in the home appliance market. It is not surprising that the majority of buyers trust this manufacturer and make their choice in favor of products of this brand. Philips juicers have a lot of positive feedback from customers. So, for example, consumers note the convenience of the design and the quality of materials. Very often in the reviews, the mechanism for adjusting the amount of pulp in the juice and the carefully thought-out spin mechanism are highly appreciated..


According to buyers, juicers from Moulinex are distinguished by a very laconic and attractive appearance. Its compact size is highly appreciated, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the kitchen. In addition, reviews often note the convenience of the storage compartment for the product cord. Deep and comfortable bowl allows you to pour juice into a glass without spilling and dripping.


Bosch products are trusted by the majority of Russian consumers. However, among the mass of positive reviews, several negative points are regularly encountered:

  1. Slow operation of the mechanism of some models;
  2. Lack of choice of modes for regulating the amount of pulp in juice.

Among the positive reviews, unanimous approval is evoked by the clear and simple design of the mechanism, which is easy in everyday use..


Fans of the Redmond brand highly appreciate the brand’s juicers. Among consumer reviews, the most common are positive assessments of ease of use. Consumers note that Redmond juicers select and process all citrus pulp very well, regardless of ripeness or size. Such a device is perfect for constant home use, since it is as safe as possible..


Braun juicers are robust and durable. Very often there are reviews from owners of Braun juicers with an experience of five to ten years or more. Many people note the high power of these products, as well as their efficiency: very low power consumption.


Juicers from Zinger are the choice of young, active and athletic people who prioritize fast, affordable, light, healthy nutrition. Buyers of this product note the special convenience in that orange juice can be made in almost any situation and can be drunk directly from the bowl. The shape of such juicers is very convenient for transportation, and high-quality materials allow it to be very durable and wear-resistant with a low weight..


Due to their high power and affordable price, Vema juicers are in high demand not only among housewives, but also among owners of small bars and cafes. They appreciate the high quality of the grinding mechanism and their bodies. Materials do not corrode with constant contact with acid and staining with juices. Due to the high power of the mechanism, the juicing process takes a few seconds and does not require much effort, and the pulp in the finished product is well processed and does not create unpleasant sensations during the juice consumption.


Customers of the Tefal trademark highly appreciate the ease of use of the juicers of this brand: they are very easy to clean, they can be easily assembled and disassembled, they quickly and efficiently grind the pulp of citrus fruits into juice. In addition, the compact, comfortable and attractive design of the products of this brand is highly appreciated. Juicers from Tefal are easy to use and easy to store.


Santos manufactures appliances for large, professional kitchens, so reviews about them are usually left by chefs or owners of large restaurants. Among the mass of positive aspects, they note a convenient, functional design of products, thanks to which a large amount of juice can be produced without much human effort. The only drawback of this product is its high cost..


Juicers from Vitek are easy to use: they are quite simple to assemble and disassemble, and are also very convenient in household maintenance. Thanks to the high power of the mechanism, the juice is easily and quickly squeezed out of the fruit. However, buyers note one drawback characteristic of this brand: after processing citrus fruits, a lot of juicy cake remains, which can become a source of a significant amount of juice and pulp. This unpleasant factor makes Vitek juicers not economical enough..


Another manufacturer of professional kitchen appliances for the catering industry, Fimar manufactures large, heavy-duty bar machines. Professional bartenders, who regularly use the juicers of this brand in their work, note its special, unique design and ease of use. With such a device, you can quickly and easily squeeze out a large amount of fresh juice..


Buyers of juicers from the Maxwell trademark are satisfied with its low cost, excellent quality and simplicity of design. Most often, in customer reviews, these products are compact and easy to use. It is especially good at home use, and, thanks to the high level of safety of all its elements, it can be used not only by adults, but also by children of a conscious age..


Juicers from Kenwood are made of high quality plastic, which makes them very lightweight and durable, as well as easy to use.. In customer reviews, you can find a description of several minor flaws:

  1. The depth of the juicing cone is not sufficient for large citrus fruits such as grapefruit;
  2. Sometimes, in the process of juicing, the cone can jump off the fastener and turn around its axis, so you need to be careful.


Juicers from the Gastrorag trademark are distinguished by their laconic and very modern design. In the reviews, quite often there are positive assessments of the clamping mechanism of the juicers of this company: it is made in such a way that when making a large amount of juice, the hand does not get tired at all. In addition, the efficiency of the products of this brand is highly appreciated: they consume very little electricity and process all the pulp from citrus fruits very efficiently..

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