The best kitchen scales

Scales are a must-have for every kitchen that will be appreciated by both a novice in the culinary arts and a professional. When buying, the question arises, how to choose the right quality model? Anyway, which scales are better? Let’s figure it out together.

Features and Benefits

Let’s start with the fact that scales are simply irreplaceable for any kitchen. They will help you to significantly optimize your workflow. The best kitchen scales have the following benefits:

  • Optimal dimensions. It all depends on your preferences, ideas and style. For someone, compact scales will be ideal, someone will need to hang them on the wall, and someone prefers classic models that stand firmly on the table surface..

  • Convenience and comfort in use. Another main criterion is comfort and ease of use. You should be comfortable using this modern food weight measuring device..

  • Durability and reliability. Every buyer strives to make a profitable purchase. I would like the product to serve for a long time. Accordingly, you need to choose a durable and reliable material of which the scales are composed. Metal is considered one of the best. At the same time, if, according to your idea, it fits into the kitchen, for example, only plastic, then you can pay attention to other models.

  • An organic combination of quality and price. The best models should combine unsurpassed quality and affordable price. Then the purchase will only be a joy..

  • Various models. The stores now sell a wide variety of models that will pleasantly surprise customers. You can choose a product to your liking.

Choosing a good scale is not so difficult. It is important to focus on your own preferences, capabilities and desired design.


Before deciding on the best kitchen scales for you, you need to consider what types exist. Basically, all scales are divided into two groups: mechanical and electronic. They have their own advantages and disadvantages..

The main advantages of mechanical scales include:

  • Simple mechanism. The basic principle of operation is quite simple. A spring is located at the base of the body, which is compressed under the weight of the products, while the arrow moves along the measuring scale.
  • Affordable price. These models can be purchased at an attractive price. You will be able to save your family budget and find a quality item you need.
  • Mechanical scales are capable of withstanding loads of up to 10 kilograms. This is a clear advantage over electronic options..
  • If the balance breaks, it can be easily repaired, as the mechanism is quite simple.

It is also worth considering the disadvantages:

  • Mechanical scales are generally quite massive. This should be taken into account when planning a kitchen design..
  • These options are not entirely accurate in terms of indicators, unlike electronic ones. This can make a big difference for those who are on a diet and special diet..
  • These scales do not have any additional functions. So, for example, mechanical options will not show you the calculation of calories, they do not have memory and other functions useful for life and stay in the kitchen..

What about electronic scales? They are more modern and interesting in design. Their main advantages:

  • Such models are generally compact and lighter than mechanics. You can conveniently arrange products in the right place in the kitchen. They will add convenience and ease to your work..
  • Electronic versions differ in better accuracy. You will be able to comply with the entire recipe, correctly calculate your diet.
  • Electronic variants can be creatively designed. You will definitely find a model to your liking. Everything will depend on your preferences and the chosen style..
  • Electronic models are always equipped with additional functions. Such scales will not only show the weight of the product, but will also be able to calculate calories. They have many useful options. For example, they can turn off themselves, choose a unit of measurement, have a built-in timer.

Of course, electronic scales also have disadvantages:

  • These models work with batteries or rechargeable batteries. Accordingly, periodically you will need to recharge the product..
  • High cost. The models, although modern, are much more expensive than their mechanical counterparts..
  • If the balance breaks down, you will not be able to repair it yourself due to the complex internal structure..

Thus, it is worth weighing the pros and cons and see which scales are the best for your kitchen. You can focus on your own feelings, advice from friends, articles on the Internet.

It is also worth paying attention to the design of the product. There are scales that have a bowl, and there are models with a platform. The first option will come in handy if you often weigh liquid products or loose products. It should be borne in mind that the volume of the container will be limited. If you choose products with a platform, then you can place any container or product on it and conveniently weigh.

Remember that the more powerful the scales you choose, the more error they can create. Each product has its own weighing limit. It can be from 2 kilograms to 15 kilograms.

Rating of the best

It is worth buying models, the manufacturers of which are well-known. Only such firms will be able to provide quality goods that will meet all your requirements. It will not be superfluous to look through the reviews. It is ordinary buyers who usually know best about all the properties of certain scales..

Let’s take a look at the top 10 models to look out for:

Stadler Form Scale One SFL.0011

This product has positive feedback from customers. They note the exact weight shown by the scale. Reliability and practicality are the basis of the product. The product operates with batteries. A single kit (AAA) will last for a whole year. Another advantage of these scales is stylish design, lightness and compactness. However, there are also disadvantages. For example, the model does not have batteries included. You will have to buy them yourself. These electronic scales are also not cheap. However, the quality and long service life are worth it..

Beurer KS 48

These scales are accurate, practical and laconic. They do not have any unique characteristics. At the same time, the scales are easy to use. Among the main disadvantages, users highlight the glass platform. It will require special care and careful use. These scales may not immediately show the result when weighing. Despite this, the scales are to the liking of most users. In this case, the price of the model is optimal.

Zelmer 34Z052

These scales have mostly positive user characteristics. Their weighing limit is five kilograms. They are not equipped with any unique features, so their price is reasonable. By the way, many housewives like this, based on the reviews. Accuracy and reliability is an excellent indicator that is inherent in this model. This electronic scale is guaranteed for two years.

Polaris PKS 0524DGN

The model has a weighing limit of five kilograms. The measurement accuracy is 1 gram. There is a special counter that can quickly count calories. Users note that it is difficult to introduce the value of the product themselves. Thus, those who are on a diet are forced to use an additional calculator. In addition, the product is very sensitive, it can turn on even from the fact that you put a cup of coffee next to it. For the rest, the scales work well and smoothly. Affordable price.

Scarlett SC-1213

The first thing that buyers note is the affordable cost of the product. These scales are inexpensive. They perfectly and accurately weigh products weighing no more than 5 kilograms at a time. Electronic scales also have their drawbacks. For example, touch buttons do not always work well. In general, if at the moment you do not have the financial opportunity to purchase a more expensive product, then you can opt for this particular model..

Tefal Easy Strainless Steel BC 5080

This model is notable for the maximum range of functions and ergonomic design. The base of the product is made of thin steel, which is quite durable. The weighing limit is five kilograms of products. Measurement accuracy is at the heart of this brand. Electronic control is quite simple and easy. The display shows the weight of the product at a glance. Automatic shutdown helps the battery use up its charge more economically. With the help of a special hook, you can hang the scales in a place convenient for you and store the product there. This modern model will perfectly complement any interior.

Momert 6843

This model is an excellent option for dietary scales. The product has a glass platform where you can place food no more than five kilograms at a time. In this case, you can use any container. The classic black color makes the surface versatile, suitable for any interior. The measurement accuracy is excellent. A special function will help to count calories, as well as the content of various elements in food. The model has a memory for 999 products. In this case, the balance will not be able to measure liquid. It is worth remembering this when choosing this model..

Redmond RS-M718

This model perfectly combines affordable cost, functionality and modern style. Electronic scales are equipped with a metal platform. They can measure up to 5 kilograms of various foods. Now any culinary recipes will be made with high precision. The measurement error is 1 gram. All parameters are shown on the external display. You can see the battery drain as well as if an overload has occurred. Thanks to the backlight, you can clearly see all the data even in the dark.

Atlanta ATH-801

This model is notable for its rather low price and high functionality. The maximum measurement weight is five kilograms. Accurate and reliable scales will never let you down in the kitchen. Your culinary masterpieces will be improved from time to time. Thanks to the special sequential weighing function, you do not need to remove the containers from the platform. A special monitor shows all the necessary indicators and values.

Buyers also appreciate the small size of the model. It can be conveniently placed anywhere in the kitchen. Batteries are included, which is another benefit. This model is able to determine the volume of liquid. The platform itself is made of impact-resistant glass. It is easy to clean and wash. As for the disadvantages, it is not always accurate touch control..

Mystery MES-1814

This kitchen scale has an interesting design. There is a clock in the middle. The weighing limit is three kilograms. The balance can be turned off automatically to save battery power. A robust and reliable platform is another advantage of the model. You can find out about possible overloads thanks to a special indicator. The case is quite resistant to drops and shocks. As for the shortcomings, it is a loud sound of the clock, some problems with the display of values. As for the price, it will also pleasantly surprise buyers. You will get a quality item at a reasonable price.

Thus, we have considered the main features of the kitchen scale, their advantages and disadvantages. Now you can choose the option that suits your kitchen yourself, based on the best models presented, including. It is worth being guided by the parameters of quality, price and style. Improve your culinary skills and let the kitchen scale actively help you with this..

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