The best models of juicers: rating and reviews

Everyone knows that natural juice contains more vitamins than what is sold in stores. The manufacturer can write anything on the packaging, but whether it will be true is unknown. Therefore, it is better to purchase a juicer. Squeezed juice at home allows you to know for sure that it does not contain foreign components and is safe for consumption.

The juicer is also very convenient because you can make fruit or vegetable fresh juice in it. Families with small children will need it especially urgently. After all, many children do not eat some healthy vegetables, and they will not be visible in the fresh juice..

Features and Benefits

There are two main purposes of juicers, each of which has its own characteristics..


Designed for squeezing citrus fruits only. Such a juicer has a compact size, which allows it to be placed in a small kitchen. It consumes little electricity, and its cost is much less than a universal squeezer.

Consider the features and nuances of work:

  • mechanical – this is the simplest and cheapest juicer, juice from which is squeezed out by hand. But it requires tremendous physical strength in order to squeeze all the juice from the fruit.
  • press – the fruit is crushed using a press.
  • electric – very convenient and fast juicer. The whole process is automated, and therefore does not require additional force and does not take much time. You don’t have to use physical force to get a fruit or berry drink.


It squeezes out all types of fruits and vegetables equally well. It costs more than citrus, but it is possible for it to squeeze the juice from nuts, herbs and cereals..

Classification of universal lighters:

  • centrifugal is designed to obtain a large amount of juice. But it does not have the function of automatically discarding dry cake. You will need to clean the device yourself. Therefore, this type is not suitable for use in a large family, because you will have to disassemble the device very often to peel.
  • The conical separator allows for the separation and disposal of the cake into a separate container. This type of juicing device is ideal for frequent use. Leftover fruits and vegetables after use are simply thrown out of the container..
  • auger is a device that resembles a meat grinder in the way it works. The fruit is loaded into a tray, from where it falls onto the auger screw. This screw grinds the fruit and its juice emerges from one hole, and the peel and pulp are sent to another compartment..

The auger juicer consumes little energy and squeezes out almost all the juice from the fruit. It works quietly, which cannot be said about other types of juicers.

Which is better: a juicer, juicer, or food processor?

Juice cooker

This is a device with which you can brew juice. There are two types of juicers: electric and with an external heating source. Both types work equally well. With the help of steam, the device evaporates all the liquid from the fruit.

The juicer consists of several parts, which are located one above the other. Water is poured into the lower pan and placed on the stove. When the water boils, a container is placed on it with a special tube through which the juice will flow. A colander with fruit is placed on the very top and everything is fixed with a lid..

In stores you can buy a juicer of any size. It has two sections: one for water, the other for berries or fruits..

The advantage of the juicer is that freshly brewed juice can be preserved. Such a product will not deteriorate and, unlike freshly squeezed juice, will stand for a long time..

The juicer is easy to use and easy to clean. The only drawback is the long cooking process (more than an hour). In addition, it weighs a lot and takes up a certain amount of space..

Food processor

This is a multifunctional unit that includes a grater, a chopping device, a kneader, a whisk and, of course, a juicer. It can replace many kitchen appliances, and therefore has a rather large size. The device is powered by electricity and is turned on using a special button.

There are models equipped with two replaceable juicing attachments. This is a citrus and versatile bait.

For a large kitchen, a food processor can be a good helper in food preparation. It is designed for everything: kneading dough, making puree, chopping food, whipping cream and grinding cereals. It also has a shredding function..


This is a device that allows you to squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables and berries. It is intended for short-term storage of the resulting product and household use involves a small amount of squeezed liquid..

All three devices have their pros and cons, so when buying, you need to clearly understand why this device is being purchased.

A compact juicer is suitable for a small kitchen, but its functions are limited..

A juicer is suitable for long-term storage of food. Juice cans will last for a long time and will delight with their taste in winter. For giving, a juicer can be the ideal solution for canning.

For raw foodists and food lovers, a food processor is ideal. It can be used to chop raw vegetables for salad or prepare berry puree..


Top best models

  • Philips HR 1869 is a powerful device with an automatic cake ejection function. It is fast, easy to maintain and quiet. This juicer is mainly used for apples. The disadvantages include the fact that cleaning can get into the main compartment.
  • Bosch MES4010 is a 1200 W power unit. It has a large container for the disposal of the cleaners. You do not need to cut vegetables or fruits, because they fit completely into the wide neck. This is a quality juicer with three speed settings. Feedback from buyers is only positive. Bosch MES4010 can handle any food, including hard vegetables. In addition, it has an interesting design and feet with suction cups..
  • Polaris PEA 0818A is a small but very powerful home appliance made in a modern design. The device has two speed modes that are quick to operate. It is easy to clean and inexpensive. But the engine is prone to overheating and cannot always handle citrus fruits. According to users, Polaris PEA 0818A is suitable for small families to squeeze 3-4 servings of juice at a time. But his job justifies its money.
  • Philips HR 1871 is a long-term juicer with a power of 1000 watts. It includes 2 working modes and a 1.5 liter container. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher. But in a small kitchen, such a device will take up a lot of space and it is prone to overheating..
  • Panasonic MJ-DJ31 is a 800W device. It is equipped with an automatic cleaning ejection system. The set includes a blender and a chopper that allows you to make fresh juices and chop nuts. The Panasonic MJ-DJ31 has a capacious container for collecting the peel and a large opening for loading. Buyers are completely satisfied with the operation of this unit and no shortcomings were found..
  • Zelmer 476 – 800 W power, automated cleaning ejection, overload protection. The device is easy to clean, and the legs – suction cups allow it to stick steadily on the surface.

  • Braun MPZ9 is a very simple and cheap device for squeezing liquid from fruit. Its power is 20W and it is very easy to use. Its main drawback is its small size. Large vegetables or fruits will need to be chopped into small pieces. Numerous reviews suggest that the Braun MPZ9 is quite durable and very practical..
  • Kitfort KT-1101 is a 150 W machine with an automatic cake separation and filter cleaning system. Kitfort KT-1101 will handle even seeds with seeds such as grapes. The only thing he can’t handle is apples. Buyers note the simplicity and ease of use of this device. The cost corresponds to the quality.
  • Oursson JM8002 is a machine for pitted berries. It works almost silently and its power is 200 watts. You can cook berry puree, jam and ice cream in it. But regular cleaning and disassembly difficulties can ruin the overall experience. Users speak of Oursson JM8002 extremely positively and write that it makes the juice perfect. In order to make a drink from pomegranate, this juicer is better suited than others..
  • VES 3005 – high speed and great power allows you to squeeze vegetables effortlessly. This centrifugal juicer is inexpensive but very noisy. The general opinion of the VES 3005 is good. The appliance is best suited for small and small fruits. He just can’t handle big ones.

  • SUPRA JES-2010 – the juicer is made of stainless steel and has a power of 850 watts. She has a special spout from which the liquid enters a separate container. It is compact and does not take up much space..
  • Tefal ZE7001 Elea Duo is a 500 W device with two operating speeds. A special glass with a tight lid will prevent drops from scattering to the sides. Juice can be poured directly into the glass that comes with Tefal ZE7001 Elea Duo.
  • Braun MP80 is a stylish design and affordable price. Its power is 600 watts. But he has only one speed limit and a narrow neck, so vegetables or fruits will have to be cut beforehand. Buyers complain about the difficulties with cleaning the filter from cake.
  • Mystery MJE-1910 is the simplest and cheapest juicer. Its power is 25 watts. It consists of a measuring cup and a quiet motor. The tight lid prevents dripping, and the stable feet keep the equipment firmly on the table. But this technique is not suitable for large volumes..
  • The Gorenje JC800G is a safe and simple 850W device. It is very practical and easy to use. It has a wide neck and non-slip feet. If the Gorenje JC800G is incorrectly assembled, then it will not be possible to turn it on, which can be attributed to positive qualities. This juicer can make a drink from hard vegetables, such as beets..


Many brands are in great demand. Various firms and manufacturers are conscientious about the manufacture of small household appliances.

The manufacturer of kitchen appliances Bosch is considered very popular. The stores offer a wide range of juicers from this company. They are of high quality and long service life..

The devices comply with the prescribed specifications. They work for a long time and can withstand work without interruption. Almost all models have a wide neck, which allows the entire fruit to be placed. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble, and maintenance is easy. In general, the opinion about Bosch was positive, and therefore this company is in great demand in the household appliance market..

Domestic manufacturers are not so well known, but they all find their customers. But juicers “Neptune”, “Salyut” and “Rossoshanka” are in no way inferior to foreign technology. They are durable, simple and convenient to use, and you can even squeeze a drink with their help from beets..

Professional juicers are the least in demand, because they are more expensive than usual and are large in size. They are designed to produce a large amount of juice, so for home use it is better to choose a compact technique with a small volume..

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