The layout of the kitchen is 9 sq. m with refrigerator

The layout of the kitchen is 9 sq. m with refrigerator

Nothing unites all family members like a kitchen space. The beautiful, stylish and functional design of the kitchen makes your stay in it comfortable. For this, the space must be carefully planned and tastefully decorated..

Before starting the repair, you need to make a draft of the kitchen room. It can be ordered from professional designers who, during the development process, will take into account the planned budget for repairs, the customer’s wishes for the style and organization of the space, the features of the room and existing communications. Based on this data, they will create a visualization and technical justification of the optimal layout and design of the future kitchen. If the kitchen space does not need a radical change, you can do the layout yourself.

Pay attention to the basic rules when working on kitchen design.

Features of the area

Kitchen with an area of ​​9 sq.m. considered small by modern standards. But when compared with kitchens of 5-6 sq. m, then we can say that it has where to turn around. Here, there are options for placing the necessary furniture for the kitchen and appliances, for design and choice of style. This makes it possible to fully use a small kitchen space, make it cozy and comfortable.. The main thing in the layout of the kitchen area is the correct ergonomics of the space.. There is a concept * working triangle *. The tops of this triangle are the places where the stove, refrigerator and sink should be located, and the distance between them should be 1.2-1.5 m. place for a stove with a refrigerator.

According to the configuration of the kitchen set, design options can be divided into three groups:

  • Linear arrangement. This is when the kitchen unit is located along one or two parallel walls. Typically used in elongated rooms. A kitchen set is installed along one wall, a dining area is located on the other.
  • Corner location. Very convenient layout in terms of ergonomics of the workspace. The most popular option for kitchens with a small area. This arrangement frees up space for a full-fledged dining area..
  • U-shaped arrangement. Usually works well when the dining area is planned outside the kitchen space. This option has a large work area and additional storage space appears..

The biggest item in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It enters the * working triangle * of the kitchen space. When planning, one rule is mandatory – a kitchen set must begin or end with a refrigerator. This is necessary so that there is no visual overlap or clipping of part of the space. It is inconvenient and simply inappropriate to design the place of the refrigerator in the middle of the working area of ​​the kitchen set. When combining a kitchen with an adjoining room, an adjoining balcony or loggia, you can embody the design of a working area with an island. The set is located along the wall in one of three options with a working island in the center. Thus, we get an additional work surface and storage space..


Style selection

The style solution of the kitchen area should correspond to the basic style of the living space. Any style is suitable for her – from classic to modern. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • An elegant classic for lovers of warmth, cozy and aristocratic style. Soft, pastel shades in decoration, texture and warm colors of wooden furniture, beautiful stained-glass windows, exquisite dishes. It is laconic, accurate, symmetrical and discreet enough, but impeccable in its execution. This style is timeless..
  • Delicate provence. Even on an area of ​​9 sq.m. you can create a piece of Provence. Delicate, whitewashed shades of beige, lavender and sage, characteristic of this place, will make the kitchen cozy. Light wooden furniture with the effect of aging, natural fabrics with picturesque floral motifs, lace and mirrors will only add rustic charm and simple luxury to the interior..
  • Romantic Shabby-Chic literally translated “shabby chic” or aged luxury. Great for lovers of white in the interior. There are many antique wooden furniture of different configuration in white tones with a “touch of antiquity” in combination with a white or milky interior of the room. Diluted with pastel shades of decor.
  • Industrial high-tech – for those who love glass and metal. This style is characterized by simplicity and conciseness in the interior, strict, correct geometry pieces of furniture, advanced technical filling. Nothing superfluous, everything is aimed at practicality and functionality.
  • Authentic Scandinavian style. Wood surfaces and white finishes are used here. Instead of hanging cabinets, open shelves are characteristic of the kitchen area, which gives a feeling of lightness and unloaded space.


Since the area of ​​the kitchen is only nine squares and has a standard ceiling height, the rule must be followed – do not overload the space. Regardless of the style chosen, it is better to follow the principle of minimalism..


In small rooms, it is optimal to use light and monochromatic materials for decoration. If wallpaper is provided, then it is better to choose monochromatic, with a small pattern or in a vertical strip. It is not necessary to use wallpaper with a large picture size in a small space, a background that is too bright or dark, as all this makes the space visually smaller. It is better to use white color for the ceiling. There is no need to make level drops. Ceilings of complex shapes of different levels are suitable for rooms with a height of at least three meters. The ideal option would be to use a stretch ceiling. They are glossy, matte and with different effects. The glossy stretch ceiling option visually increases the height of the room. The advantages of this ceiling are that it is easy to maintain, fireproof and waterproof..

For flooring, the most environmentally friendly material is wood.. Has a beautiful texture, long service life, great for any style. But this is a material that requires constant attention and care. A practical option is ceramic tiles. Today there is a huge selection of ceramic tiles in different colors, textures and sizes. The rule of thumb for flooring is that the smaller the room, the smaller the size of the floor tiles should be. You can make a combined floor covering if you put tiles in the working area of ​​the kitchen, and in the dining area there is a laminate or parquet board.

Filling the space

Following the principle of minimalism, the kitchen should not have too much furniture and decor items..

The function of the premises initially implies the obligatory presence of a work surface, household appliances and the organization of warehousing and storage. These tasks can be easily solved by the correct filling of the kitchen space..

Kitchen furniture should correspond to the general style of the room. The choice of light or white furniture will be correct both from a practical point of view and from an aesthetic point of view. Furniture of light shades, oddly enough, is more practical, since fingerprints, splashes, dust and minor scratches are not visible on it. The space seems light and clean. But if you want a contrast between a light room and dark or bright furniture, you can make the lower bases in this color, and the upper tier light. In this case, the integrity of the space will be preserved..

A few tips:

  • Drawers always more convenient than cabinets with doors and a shelf. If they are equipped with a door closer system, then the closing will occur with one light push. There will be no need to bend over and look for the right thing, all the contents of the box are in front of your eyes.
  • Base for washing should be at least 60 cm. Too small size will be inconvenient.
  • Large items, such as pencil cases, refrigerator or showcase in a small kitchen should be at the beginning or end of the headset.
  • If the headset ends at a distance from the corner, it is better to make the extreme base and the wall cabinet rounded. Doors with stained-glass windows will add grace.
  • With a linear arrangement of the kitchen set it is not necessary to choose an artificial stone for the work surface. There are tabletops on the market with a high-strength plastic coating that can withstand high temperatures, it does not leave stains and scratches, and it is much cheaper at a price..
  • The table should be small, rectangular or round. Folding chairs can be used if needed.

Choice of technique

It is better to choose built-in appliances for the kitchen from reliable manufacturers..

  • Hob – glass ceramics 60 cm for 4 burners.
  • Hood located above the hob, its width can be 60 or 90 cm.
  • Oven 60 cm wide. The most convenient location of the built-in oven is at chest level. If a case for the oven is not provided, then the classic arrangement is under the hob.
  • Dishwasher for such a kitchen, a 45 cm wide is suitable, but it is possible to install 60 cm.It should be located at the water pipe after the base with a sink.
  • The refrigerator can be built-in or free-standing. Built-in width – no more than 60 cm.


Lighting – an important component when filling the space. The light further emphasizes the zoning of the room. Much attention should be paid to lighting the working area and provide additional light in the dining area. A decorative decoration of the room will be the lighting inside the wall cabinets with stained-glass windows. You can add sconces to the walls to the overall style of the space..


The main thing in the decor, so that all items fit harmoniously into the interior and blend perfectly with each other.

  • Textile it is better to choose from natural fibers, beautiful pastel shades. But if you want to play with color, then add it to the textiles of curtains, chair covers, towels and napkins.
  • A winning technique for visual expansion of space – wall murals and frescoes with images in perspective.
  • Wall clock, paintings, interesting decorative dishes, wicker baskets, houseplants work to create a cozy atmosphere.

Following these simple rules, it is possible to organize on an area of ​​9 sq.m. stylish, functional and harmonious kitchen space, where all members of your family will comfortably spend time.


How to properly organize a kitchen in 9 sq. meter? Watch in the video.

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