Thermoelectric refrigerators

A thermoelectric refrigerator is a small-sized (the size of a large women’s bag) device used for its intended purpose, that is, for storing food. If at home we are used to seeing huge refrigerators all over the wall, then it is convenient to take thermo-refrigerators with us to the dacha, to nature or on some long trip with the family by car.

Principle of operation

First of all, in order to understand how this simple device works, you need to know what the Peltier effect is.. This is a phenomenon during which heat release and absorption occurs. With regard to the models of refrigerators under consideration, this happens as follows: the current passes through the thermopile, heat is absorbed and released at the junction of the two conductors, thus, one half of the battery heats up, the other cools. In order for the effect to work, the cold part is placed in the environment that needs to be cooled, and the hot part in the surrounding.

What does it consist of?

  • A power supply used to change alternating voltage to direct voltage.
  • The heatsink is a ribbed aluminum piece that is used to dissipate heat.
  • Fan – a device opposite to a radiator in order to dissipate heat.
  • The distancer is responsible for bringing cold into the refrigerator.
  • Regulator of the power supply, which has two modes: from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius and from 8 to 12 degrees.
  • Detachable cover and shockproof housing.

Inside a large refrigerator, an aluminum plate equilibrates heat that is absorbed, and thermoelectric modules transfer this heat to a stabilizing device that will dissipate it. It is usually located under the control panel of the refrigerator. And then, already a mini-fan dissipates heat into the open air from the refrigerator. There are only two types of thermo-refrigerators on the modern market so far: for cars and refrigerated bags. It is worth noting that thermo-refrigerators can also heat any food, you just need to switch the mode from cooling to heating.

Car option

It is comfortable to go on a long journey when you know that there will be no problems with cold drinks and fresh food. It is for such purposes that you should buy a refrigerator in your car.. There are three types of thermoelectric models for cars:

  • Fridge in miniature, where only a couple of cans of drink can fit.
  • Small wardrobe or cabinet. The dimensions allow them to be installed in any free place of the machine.
  • Box. It fits into a special niche.

Such products operate from the network at 12 and 14 B, but if a charger and rectifier is used, it is possible to connect a refrigerator for 220 and 127V. The material of the outer part of the case is black artificial leather, underneath is a sheet of steel. Inside – food grade aluminum, and heat insulation is due to molded polystyrene foam.

Portable cooler bag

The most convenient device for outdoor trips. The handle and body follow the shape of the familiar bag. Tip: it is better to put food already chilled in the home refrigerator, then they will remain fresh. Also, you can put cold accumulators or specialized ice bags. If you want to keep the food prepared in advance warm, the thermoelectric bag can work in the thermos mode. The set with the refrigerator always has two lids, one of which has a handle, thanks to which it is easy to carry the refrigerator anywhere, and the second with all kinds of wires and switches. For a convenient location of the thermo-refrigerator in the trunk, an extended wire is provided.


The first and one of the most important distinguishing qualities of this type of refrigerator is noiseless operation.. It does not move or shake, like a stationary refrigerator in the house of each of us. Therefore, thermo-refrigerators are used in hospital wards for patients. You can also install them in the rooms of the apartment if there is not enough space in the kitchen. Operational budget is no less important criterion for choosing a refrigerator. In comparison with absorption and compressor units, this model consumes much less electricity per liter of refrigerated volume..

Reliability and long service are guaranteed by the manufacturers. Such refrigerators almost never require repair. Such dignity as small size has already been mentioned above. It is necessary to understand that jars with twists for the winter clearly will not fit into such a refrigerator. Another reason why thermocoldiers are bought for cars is the fact that they perfectly tolerate shaking, vibration, can roll over and work in this state..

The internal structure of the refrigerator is not crammed with complex connecting pipes, which prevents some parts of the structure from rubbing and moving, which, as a result, may fail. Well-developed temperature modes make it possible to regulate it with an accuracy of a degree. No gas or liquid coolers required.

The issue of price is currently quite difficult to figure out., because a few years ago thermoelectric refrigerators cost a lot of money, comparable to home full-fledged refrigerators, now the cost varies depending on the manufacturer, brand, materials used, equipment and many other factors.

What to choose?

Since the efficiency of thermoelectric refrigerators is extremely low (approximately, only 16%), its main task is to keep food cold, therefore it is better, when taking food from home for a picnic, to keep it in the home refrigerator for some time. If you take the refrigerator for cooling, and not for heating, it is worth letting the empty inner chamber cool before use.. In the car, thanks to a long cord, you can install a refrigerator behind the driver’s seat. On sale, along with cooling devices, special so-called cold accumulators are also sold. They will help the refrigerator cool food..

Based on customer reviews

The main mistake of everyone who wants to buy a portable refrigerator is that they do not know the principles of its operation, and therefore, after the purchase, they are disappointed. A thermo-refrigerator is not a substitute for a home refrigerator. Its purpose is slightly different. Remember that warm food is unlikely to be made cold by the device. As practice shows, cooling occurs at 15 degrees from the ambient temperature. This process will take about 20 minutes..

Among the advantages highlighted by users, there are such as good capacity (although this depends on the chosen model and the dimensions of the products you want to put); the ability to work both from a cigarette lighter in a car and from a household outlet; heating function; compactness; the ability to keep food chilled for a long time. There are few disadvantages: high weight, high price (which, again, depends on the chosen model, but in general, the assortment presented by modern manufacturers is diverse).

In general, thermoelectric refrigerator it is an indispensable assistant in conducting independent leisure activities at the sea, lake, in the country. Cool water or juices on the beach during the day with convenient car connectivity, frozen meat that has been stored for about 3 days in the refrigerator and will not melt when plugged into an outlet in the house. Freshly prepared food from home to the road can be heated if necessary or, in order to preserve its freshness for a long time, at a comfortable temperature, it will lie in a thermoelectric refrigerator.

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