Top freezer refrigerators

Top freezer refrigerators

Top freezer fridge can be found in all major kitchen appliance manufacturers.


This model has many advantages. You don’t have to constantly bend over to get a pack of dumplings or ice cubes for a cocktail. In such devices, the temperature regime on the shelves gradually changes depending on the level. Thus, optimal conditions are achieved in the lower vegetable drawer, and it is always clear on which shelf it is better to put a particular product..



Indesit suggests model MD 14. The refrigerator works almost silently. It can be attributed to the economy option, the price does not exceed 15 thousand rubles. This device is compact not only for the family budget, but also for the kitchen space. It fits easily in a small room and does not take up much space. Width is 60 cm, height – 145 cm, depth – 67 cm.

This is the perfect solution for a young family. The modern compressor will provide quiet operation with a noise level of 39 dB. This characteristic is especially relevant for small apartments with thin walls. As in most devices, a drip system for defrosting the refrigerating chamber is used here, which facilitates the work of the hostess, saves her time and effort. Temperature can be easily adjusted with a mechanical switch.

This model can freeze 2 kg of food per day. The volume of the freezer compartment is 51 liters, the refrigerator compartment – 194 liters. An incandescent lamp is built inside. There are 3 shelves on the door, and 4 glass shelves in the refrigerator itself. This device will consume 401 kWh per year..

Wide models

With a freezer at the top, you can find both narrow and wide models in stores. Fridge Hitachi R-VG542 PU3 GBK suitable for those who have no problems with square meters, but have to buy and store a lot of products. Above, the two-compartment model is equipped with a freezer with a useful volume of 117 liters. The refrigerator compartment can hold up to 333 liters. Both chambers are equipped with a convenient automatic defrosting system.

This model is not cheap and has a number of advantages and benefits compared to cheaper devices..

Four shelves in the refrigerator are made of glass. The lighting is fully LED. A container for storing vegetables and fruits is provided. Freezer capacity is 8 kilograms per day.

For fresh fish and meat, there is a freshness zone – a separate compartment with optimal temperature and humidity for long-term preservation of the quality of products. Also, the freshness zone is perfect for greens, vegetables and fruits..

The outside of the refrigerator is equipped with a display and is electronically controlled. The energy consumption class is high – A ++. Light consumption will not exceed 266 kW per year. Dimensions: height – 183.5 cm, width – 71.5 cm, depth – 77 cm.

Special functions:

  • ice generator;
  • super freezing;
  • supercooling;
  • a filter that prevents the appearance and spread of odors;
  • antibacterial coating;
  • cooling system with multidirectional air flows.

Buyers recommend

Fridge Pozis MIR-244-1 Ruby has a fairly affordable price. At the same time, buyers note its undoubted advantages. For relatively little money, you can get high-quality and reliable equipment. The reviews for this model especially emphasize the quiet operation of the device. The appearance of the product is neat and presentable, pleasing to the eye and looks laconic in the interior of the kitchen.

This refrigerator is able to live up to the expectations placed on it. The undoubted advantage is domestic production, and the freezer is located as usual at the top. A high-quality seal is used on the doors.

Despite its small size, it has a large capacity and freezes with high quality. And because of its small size, it takes up little space in the kitchen, on top of it you can safely place a microwave for greater convenience.

The two-chamber device has a drip system for defrosting the refrigerating part. The freezer will have to be freed from the ice manually. The control in this technique is electromechanical. By human standards, this refrigerator is of medium height, its height is 168.4 centimeters, width is 60.2 cm, depth is 61.5 cm.The total volume is 290 liters, of which the refrigerating chamber occupies 230 liters.

Inside there is an incandescent lamp and three glass shelves, an oiler and an egg holder; there is a freezer tray. You can freeze up to 3 kilograms of food per day. In terms of light consumption, this model is not very economical, the energy consumption class is B, that is, it is 416 kW per year.

One of the features is the reversible door. Autonomous cold storage is 9 hours.

Effective cooling

To keep food fresh and healthy for longer, it is necessary to uniformly cool the entire interior of the refrigerator, including the door shelves. In the model MR-FR62G-HS-R from Mitsubishi a special system allows you to achieve the desired result. The circulating cold air penetrates into the most difficult to reach areas and effectively keeps the temperature at the desired level. The door shelves can be adjusted according to the height and size of the products, this saves space inside. The refrigerated shelves are made of tempered glass and can withstand 100 kilograms; they can also be moved and simply washed.

Two-door device from Mitsubishi has a volume of 560 liters and can easily accommodate everything you need for a large family. This model does not require defrosting, the system will do everything by itself. Economy energy class – A. Refrigerator height – 177.7 cm, width – 75.2 cm, depth – 75.6 cm.

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