Wallpaper for black and white kitchen

The perfect color combination is black and white. This is a classic that will never go out of style. Black and white in the interior will emphasize the severity of forms and clarity of lines. The duo of these colors is perfect for any style. The harmony of this combination will emphasize the excellent taste of the owner of the apartment..


Expression in the classics

A black and white design takes a lot of effort. It is not easy enough to ensure that these colors are balanced in the interior. A kitchen in black and white will look very fashionable, fresh and elegant. Such a choice will tell about the restraint of the owner of the apartment, the tendency to order..

Expression, emotionality and sensuality are hidden in the seeming calmness of these two colors. It is worth remembering the old silent films with Charlie Chaplin. A room in such a contrasting color scheme will suit lovers of hi-tech, art deco or minimalism.

Having decided to make the kitchen in two colors, decide on the main color. White will help to visually expand the room, fill it with light and air. Black will make the interior thoughtful, unusual and mysterious. A black and white kitchen will require a lot of lighting. If the room is small and there are no large windows, then stock up on lamps and lamps.

Bright accent

The unusual effect of such an interior is achieved due to the contrast of colors that complement each other at the same time. Wallpaper for a black and white kitchen will help focus on a specific color and increase the space. Bright colored textiles, red or orange dishes, a purple vase or a blue teapot will successfully fit into such an interior. The gold detail will add luxury. Metallic color will make black and white kitchens more modern.

You can use any colors to create an original and unusual design. But they should be only as details. Black and white dominate. If priority is given to white, then the kitchen will be bright and spacious. This is ideal for a small kitchen. If you want to make the dominant color black, but the footage does not allow, choose black glossy surfaces and add more lighting.

Style solutions

Country style and Provence will not tolerate black and white decoration. Otherwise, you can afford freedom. Style directions for unusual cuisine:

  • Art Deco;

  • modern;

  • vintage;

  • minimalism;

  • classic;

  • rococo;

  • avant-garde;

  • high tech;

  • Oriental.

The kitchen in black and white allows you to experiment with wall decoration. You can use stucco, wallpaper with prints and patterns. An original solution will be plain wallpaper. Make one corner and two walls white, the rest black.


Interior in detail

Black or white wallpaper looks harmonious with a small pattern, small print. It can be geometric shapes, various inscriptions. In such a kitchen, you can safely use color accents. With a headset, with a tabletop, you can experiment. Black wallpaper with a white carved pattern will look very modern and stylish with red cabinets; the tabletop in this case should be in black.

For a kitchen set, you can make a clear distinction between black and white. Hang white cabinets and a hood on the wall, put black ones on the floor; the countertop with the stove will also be in a dark color. The walls can be accentuated. Structured wallpapers made to look like tiles or bricks will do. Delicate green color of the lawn will add freshness to the interior.

For lovers of a calm interior, white wallpaper with a gray pattern is suitable. For the walls in a black and white kitchen, you can pick up large gray flowers. They will look quite original and stylish. To diversify the interior a little, but not overload it with color, put a red kettle or toaster in the kitchen, several bright glasses or a multi-colored bouquet will do..

Types of wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, you need to deal with their varieties, because not every material is suitable.

  • It is better not to glue paper wallpaper in the kitchen. Over time, they will fade, stain and smell of food..

  • Non-woven can be washed if necessary, they are resistant to damage, so they are well suited for the kitchen.

  • Acrylic, liquid and fabric wallpapers are completely unsuitable for the kitchen. They cannot be cleaned, so they will quickly lose their attractive and fresh appearance..

  • If you chose vinyl wallpaper, cover the walls with an antifungal agent before gluing, as vinyl does not allow air to pass through..

  • Glass fiber is perfect for the kitchen due to its durability. They are breathable and washable. Usually, such wallpapers are painted on their own, since there are not so many color schemes.

  • Silk-screen printing is not afraid of water, so it is suitable for the kitchen. Opt for Smooth Textured Models.

  • Foil-coated wallpaper is called metallic. If you choose them, then the walls will also have to be covered with a special anti-fungus agent. Metallic wallpapers look very rich, catchy and unusual.


Interesting solutions

In the choice of wallpaper, you can give preference to dense models, then an interesting pattern or an original pattern can be applied to them using a stencil. So you will emphasize the individuality of your kitchen, show creativity and taste. In this case, you need to remember that a very large print can make the interior heavy. Such a pattern can be used, but only on a part of the wall..

In a bright kitchen, colored wallpapers with an interesting texture or an unusual print in the form of bright large flowers will look good. Wallpaper can be selected in black and white with a floral print. A bright yellow accent is suitable for such a pattern. It can be realized with a kitchen set and colored lamps..

Another interesting design solution for a black and white kitchen is wall murals. For them, it is best to highlight the wall near which the dining table is located. But the furniture should be at a distance so as not to disturb the panoramic view. It can be a bird’s eye view of skyscrapers, various sketches of city life, futuristic views.

Wallpaper does not have to be black and white. They can bring liveliness to the interior, color and flavor. Bright green juicy limes immersed in clear water will look original on a white background. In this case, the dominant color in the kitchen should be white. Black can be applied to countertops, chairs.

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