Washable wallpaper for the kitchen

The kitchen is the place in the house where the hostess spends a lot of time preparing delicious and healthy food for the whole family. Naturally, splashes from boiling pots, tiny droplets of oil and other products fall on the walls. In order to effectively maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, washable wallpaper was invented..

Features and Benefits

  • The main advantage of washable wallpaper is its moisture resistance and the ability to clean it with water, a sponge and detergent. Some types of wallpaper are even brush-resistant;
  • Washable kitchen wallpapers are durable enough and, with proper care, will serve you for many years;
  • Thanks to a huge selection of colors and textures of washable wallpaper, you can easily pick up those that perfectly fit into your interior and will not hit your wallet.


  • Paper. Since paper is not a moisture resistant coating, such wallpapers are rarely used for kitchen decoration. The only acceptable option may be wallpaper made of several layers of paper “for painting” – in this case, you need to choose a special paint that can withstand wet processing;

  • Acrylic. Wallpaper on a paper basis, with a polymer coating applied to the surface. The canvas is quite dense, with a velvety top layer, which has sufficient wear and moisture resistance. It is only recommended not to use detergents and brushes with synthetic bristles when cleaning them;

  • Vinyl. They are based on paper or fabric, with a layer of polyvinyl chloride applied on top. These wallpapers are highly durable and moisture resistant; some of their types are even used in bathroom decoration. They are not susceptible to fading due to frequent washing or exposure to direct sunlight. It is these wallpapers that are called super-washable, because when cleaning them, you can use almost any detergent and even hard sponges and brushes;

  • Non-woven. They are a kind of vinyl wallpaper. For their manufacture, a non-woven fabric made from a mixture of cellulose and mineral fiber, called interlining, is used. Such wallpapers do not deform when glued, improve sound insulation, and also withstand up to 15 colors. It is recommended to paint with water-based, acrylic or latex paint;

  • Glass fiber or the so-called “matting”. Very beautiful, highly durable washable wallpaper. The components used in their manufacture: dolomite, soda, quartz sand, lime are environmentally friendly. These wallpapers are famous for their moisture and heat resistance, scratches and holes do not appear on them; they are very easy to glue. Highly resistant to acid and alkali detergents. Preserve texture when painting;

  • Metallized. Modern, very unusual washable wallpaper. They consist of a paper or fabric base and a thin aluminum foil with an embossed pattern applied to its surface. Such wallpapers look very aristocratic and expensive, they tolerate washing well with any detergents. However, it should be remembered that they are airtight, therefore, the room covered with such wallpaper must be frequently and thoroughly ventilated;

  • Liquid. These wallpapers differ from the others in that they are made in the form of a dry mixture, which must be diluted with water and then covered with it on the walls. So that after drying they can be washed, a layer of acrylic varnish is applied to protect the coating;

  • Cork. They are made from pressed cork. The walls are pasted over with sheets, after which they are varnished. Such wallpapers retain their original appearance for a long time, are easy to clean and serve for a long time;

  • Self-adhesive plastic wallpaper. Their feature is the presence of a sticky base (fabric or paper), on which a layer of polymer coating is applied. For the kitchen, plastic wallpaper with an embossed pattern for painting is most often used..

Decor and colors in the interior

In modern hardware stores, the choice of types and colors of washable wallpaper scatters your eyes! Whatever your interior is – simple or designer-sophisticated – you can always choose the required pattern and texture of washable wallpaper for it..

When choosing wallpaper colors for your kitchen, consider the following guidelines:

  • You should not overload the interior with various textures and variegated colors – place accents. If you want to focus on interesting wallpapers, then choose furniture that is neutral in color and without unnecessary decorations; if your kitchen set is designed to attract all the attention to yourself, use plain wallpaper to create a neutral background;
  • You should not mix shades of warm and cold colors in the interior. When choosing a harmonious color combination, you should pay attention to where the windows of your kitchen face. If they are directed to the north or west, warm shades are preferred – cream, beige, yellow, orange. If to the south or east – choose shades of the cold spectrum: silver, blue, green;
  • There are many special “kitchen” designs for washable wallpaper – there are wallpaper with food, drinks, fruits and vegetables, as well as teapots, mugs, spoons and forks. You can choose such a color for wallpaper if your kitchen is not decorated in some special style, but is just a place for cooking and decorations for it are potholders hanging on the walls, sets of pans or bright mugs and plates;
  • To change the visual space of the kitchen, choose striped wallpaper. The vertical one will lengthen the walls, the horizontal one will expand them. A small strip is preferred;
  • If you have decorated your kitchen in a rustic style – you have installed solid wood furniture, you use clay knick-knacks and dishes for decoration – then you can glue wallpaper with a pattern “like a brick” or “like a natural stone”. This combination will be very successful, the effect of rough masonry of the walls and a certain raid of rustic chic will be created..


How to choose

When choosing washable wallpaper for the kitchen, follow these guidelines:

  • Look at the roll label. It should contain information about the technical and operational features of the selected model. It is best to choose wallpaper with increased moisture and light resistance, vapor-proof and with a high coating density;
  • It is advisable not to buy wallpaper with a convex pattern – dirt will accumulate in the relief and it will be quite difficult to remove it from there;
  • Distinguish between waterproof and washable wallpapers – the first ones cannot be washed! For kitchen walls, choose only those types of wallpaper that can be washed with water and cleaning agents;
  • Wallpaper must be resistant to absorbing a variety of odors.


How to glue

  • Be sure to prepare the walls with a primer – the smoother they are, the easier it will be to glue the wallpaper beautifully and efficiently;
  • Wallpapering starts from the window;
  • Thick wallpaper is glued only end-to-end; ideally, the seam should be practically invisible;
  • It is very important to choose the right glue – for washable wallpaper, only a reliable high-quality composition designed for heavy webs is suitable.


From time to time, kitchen walls must be cleaned from accumulated fatty deposits, soot, dust, food stains. Here are some tricks for maintaining your washable wallpaper:

  • Before you completely wash the walls of the kitchen, you need to check the effect of the selected detergent on the wallpaper. To do this, apply the product to a small inconspicuous area of ​​the wall and wait until it dries completely. If the wallpaper has not changed color and texture – proceed to cleaning the entire surface;
  • You can wash different types of wallpaper in different ways: thinner paper-based wallpaper is recommended only to be wiped with a soft cloth and a little water; while thicker wallpaper can be treated with various detergents using a sponge, and in some cases, a brush. Take a good look at the peculiarities of caring for your wallpaper so that it lasts a long time and does not deteriorate;
  • If you have wallpaper with a three-dimensional pattern in your kitchen, you must thoroughly wash all the dirt and dust that has settled in the relief. Use a small sponge and detergent to do this. After – rinse the drawing thoroughly with clean water;
  • Even heavy-duty wallpaper should not be washed too often – do it as it gets dirty. Remember that any mechanical impact in one way or another reduces the life of your wallpaper..

How much are

The cost of washable wallpaper for the kitchen depends on many factors, from the materials of manufacture to the manufacturer. The cheapest washable wallpaper is water-repellent impregnated paper wallpaper. Their price is very low – about 90 rubles per roll, but it must be remembered that their service life is also short (about 3 years). Next on the list are paper wallpapers with vinyl content – their cost varies from 120 to 500 rubles per roll. Thick vinyl and non-woven wallpapers are more expensive – from 400 rubles per roll, however, they will last longer. The price of beautiful metallized wallpapers goes up to several thousand per roll..

The manufacturer is also important. Domestic and made in Ukraine “Slavyanskie” wallpapers are an order of magnitude lower than European-made wallpapers.


Reading the reviews of people who have chosen washable wallpaper for the kitchen, we can draw the following conclusion: all of them, as one, note ease of use, ease of gluing, a huge selection of textures and colors, the possibility of repeated repainting. People are happy with their choice.

Interesting interior solutions

Well-chosen washable wallpaper can be a great addition to the interior of your kitchen, make it bright and distinctive. Earlier we examined several types of wallpaper and the rules for selecting colors depending on the design of the kitchen. There is another very interesting type of washable wallpaper for the kitchen, which will definitely add a twist to any interior – photo wallpaper.

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen is better to take vinyl or non-woven, as there will be a need to wash them from various contaminants. It is best to place them on a wall away from the cooking area.. The theme of the image on the photo wallpaper should be in harmony with the general style solution for the design of the kitchen:

  • When decorating a kitchen in a classic and country style, choose wallpaper with rustic motifs, still lifes, and landscapes. At the same time, the “apron” of the kitchen can be decorated with photo wallpaper imitating a coating made of natural materials: brick or masonry, wood, cork, bamboo;

  • An extraordinary and very interesting high-tech style assumes unusual volumetric images on photo wallpapers – abstract figures, paintings in the style of “surrealism”, space and urban elements.

Wall murals often become the main focus in the interior, so it is best to place them where the whole picture will be visible in its entirety, and not cluttered with furniture or household appliances.

A small kitchen will be decorated with wallpaper that occupies the entire wall – this technique will visually expand the boundaries of the room, give it volume. But in a large kitchen, you can experiment with the arrangement of canvases in a single color scheme and theme symmetrically to each other – one of them will be in the cooking area, the other in the eating area. You can also glue over with photo wallpaper parts of kitchen furniture or a door. In general, do not be afraid to fantasize, experiment and equip the kitchen in accordance with your taste and wishes..

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