What are the best kitchen electronic scales: reviews

Every housewife needs to weigh the food from time to time, so every kitchen must have a scale. What is the best electronic kitchen scale? Customer reviews will help answer this question. Read the article and you will learn how to choose a good scale, and the rating will tell you which models are the best..

How to choose

If you cook a lot or plan to go on a diet or are carried away by proper nutrition, then you urgently need to purchase an electronic kitchen scale.

What to choose and how to do it correctly? You can trust your instinct, but it is best to follow the advice of a large number of people and purchase a device for your kitchen based on the reviews. A large number of positive and negative characteristics regarding a particular model are posted on manufacturers’ websites and various forums. You just have to carefully study a dozen others and choose the model that for the majority has become a good helper..

It is also worth learning a few rules regarding the purchase. Therefore, when buying a device for weighing products with an electronic basis, you should pay attention to several nuances:

  • The weighing limit is one of the most important parameters, since the list of weighed products directly depends on it..
  • Error – usually it is no more than 1 gram. In most models, the error is reduced or increased depending on the weight..
  • Construction – bowl or platform.
  • Manufacturing material – high-quality and safe material is important for kitchen scales (glass, food grade plastic, metal).
  • Additional functions – clock, thermometer, calorie calculation, etc..
  • Control panel – usually made in the form of several buttons. The ideal option is a touch screen – so moisture does not get inside the mechanism.
  • An interesting point is the presence of rubber feet, with the help of which the scales are easily fixed on the table and do not slip during operation. Also, do not forget about the cost, because a lot depends on this parameter..

Choose for yourself not only a convenient, but also a stylish model, which will be very practical and at the same time will not particularly reduce the volume of your wallet..

Platform, bowl, mug or measuring spoon?

All electronic scales can be divided into 4 types according to the weighing method:

  1. Platform. Most of the models have a flat platform without sides. You can put a variety of products on it in packages or without, and loose or liquid will have to be placed in the bowl first. In this case, the tarot compensation function is very convenient..
  2. Cup. Scales with such a built-in design are loved by many housewives. It is especially convenient that in most cases the weighing container is removable and very easy to clean. With this design, weighing a wide variety of liquid and bulk products is easier than ever..
  3. Measuring cup – Perhaps the most practical model of kitchen scales, since having a sufficiently large volume, it allows you to weigh a wide variety of types of products with high accuracy. The main feature of this type is that, along with the weight, you can immediately measure the volume of the product, since there are special marks on the container. In terms of convenience, this scale is very good as it is easy to operate and easy to clean..
  4. Measuring spoon. This model is designed for more accurate weighing of relatively light products. Manufacturers assure that such scales will be very useful to those housewives who often and in large quantities cook confectionery..


Price up to 1000

For a fairly low price, you can purchase high-quality and practical scale models.

Rolsen KS-2907

In the first place in the ranking of inexpensive platform and best kitchen scales is the Rolsen KS-2907 model, which has two colors: gray and black..

Design features:

  • The maximum product weight is 5 kg. The most optimal weight, as most products do not exceed this limit.
  • The minimum error not exceeding 1 gram, which does not depend on the weight of the product;
  • Convenient control.
  • This model is made of tempered glass, which resists not only impacts, but also dirt. The device has a long-life battery of a standard type for power supply..


  • The lack of a shutdown button, but you should not worry about the safety of charging, since the device itself turns off after a while, after they stop using it.
  • Poor design of the legs (often the scales cannot be set evenly or they move out of place from time to time).
  • Due to the low price, two minor flaws will not cause much trouble.

Mystery MES-1814

The second place is occupied by a very functional model Mystery MES-1814. Its main feature is the clock located right in the center of the scales. Thanks to this, the device acquires another important function. In addition, a watch is an excellent decoration for ordinary scales..


  • Automatic device shutdown system;
  • Small size;
  • Measurement in grams and pounds.


  • Small limit of weighing (3 kg);
  • The constant ticking of the clock.
  • Highly functional model made of durable plastic in gray and black.

Atlanta ATH-801

A very good model with the most affordable price, which does not exceed 6 hundred rubles; made in black (fig. 3), red and gray colors from plastic and impact-resistant plastic.

The positive parameters of the model include:

Maximum product weight – 5 kg;

Error -1 gr.;

Sequential weighing function;

The ability to measure the volume of liquid.

As for the shortcomings, here, based on customer reviews, we can distinguish a weak sensor sensor and spontaneous jumps in the measured values..

Price from 1500 thousand

This category includes multifunctional and expensive platform models that have proven themselves very well.

Beurer KS 48

A very popular and relatively inexpensive model made of glass and plastic in a stylish design


  • The optimal weighing limit, which is 5 kg;
  • The minimum error is -1 g.;
  • Tarot compensation function;
  • Small size;
  • High-quality display4
  • Negative value function.

Buyers consider uncomfortable legs and a touch screen to be the only drawback..


Soehnle 67080 Page Profi

The second place was assigned to this very powerful model, which is capable of weighing up to 15 kg. Moreover, the error remains unchanged – 1 gram.

The main advantages are several parameters:

  • Automatic shutdown;
  • 2 batteries;
  • LCD backlight;
  • Easy to clean and toughened glass panel;
  • Sequential weighing.

In addition, buyers appreciated the very convenient touch panel and a wide choice of designs: gray, black and brown. The downside of this model is only one and that is insignificant – unstable legs

REDMOND SkyScales 741S

In third place is a very functional and relatively inexpensive model, which can be purchased for 2 thousand rubles.. A very comfortable and stylish design has a maximum of positive features:

  • Measurement limit equal to 5 kilograms;
  • High accuracy, not exceeding 1 gram;
  • The presence of a calorie counter for weighed foods (the device has a large database of foods with precise nutritional values).
  • Connecting to a phone using Bluetooth or a dedicated app.

There are few disadvantages of this type of scale. Buyers believe they are a lack of consistent weighing and a narrow weighing platform.

The best models with a bowl

Maxwell MW-1451

The first place in this category is held by the Maxwell MW-1451 scales. Very convenient and inexpensive model (about 800 rubles).

The main advantages of this design:

  • Removable bowl;
  • Affordable price;
  • Maximum product weight – 5 kg;
  • Tarot compensation;
  • Simultaneous weighing of several products at once;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Liquid weighing function (up to 0.8 liters).
  • Also, customers note high accuracy when weighing.

Many housewives consider the disadvantages of this design to be a difficult replacement of batteries and an inconvenient shape of capacity..


In second place are the scales with a container for weighing SUPRA BSS-4095.

This model has a lot of advantages (it’s even a little strange why it is less popular):

  • Stylish appearance (body and bowl are made of metal and plastic with a glossy surface). There are three colors: black, steel, brown.
  • Weighs up to 5 kg, while the bowl holds 2.5 liters of liquid.
  • The container is easy to remove and just as easy to put back.
  • Built-in timer;
  • Battery charge indicator.

As for the shortcomings, here buyers note only two points. These include too large dimensions and insufficient display quality..

Measuring spoon

A very interesting and unusual model of scales, made in the form of an ordinary spoon. With its help, you can easily weigh any liquid and bulk products, which require the smallest amount for cooking..

Buyers consider the ENDEVER KS-513 model the best in this category., which is made of plastic.

Advantages of mini scales:

  1. High accuracy – up to 0.1 g;
  2. The possibility of tarot compensation (which in this design may even be superfluous, since it is more convenient to weigh products with low weight without packaging);
  3. Durable, beautiful and easy to clean metal body with plastic parts;
  4. Convenient digital display;
  5. Small size;
  6. The presence of a charge indicator;
  7. Wall mountable.

The disadvantages of the customer’s design include a low maximum weight of the measured products, which is equal to 300 grams, as well as too much energy consumption (for the operation of an electronic measuring spoon, two batteries are required, which very quickly lose their charge).


A kitchen scale is a very useful thing not only for cooking. The electronic design will become a faithful assistant for anyone who cares about their health. With the help of the scales, you can easily control not only the weight, but also the nutritional value of products..

It is very important that the electronic assistant is not only accurate, but also compact and easy to use. Choose the model with the best design in your opinion and do not forget about the appearance. Despite its small size, scales that are too bright in color will be an unnecessary “spot” in a bright and calm kitchen..


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