Which is the best blender to choose

There is a huge number of gadgets, appliances and mechanisms for the kitchen. Smart cars have surrounded our everyday life. Of all the kitchen gadgets, the blender is the most popular and essential. Thanks to it, you can easily cut and grind hard nuts and grains into crumbs, knead dough, roll meat, fruits, vegetables and even ice. It also prepares a wide variety of cocktails, liquids and creams..


Such an assistant is a simplified version of the food processor, it has greater mobility and compactness. As a rule, any blender can be used universally, and taking care of it takes almost no time..


Features and Benefits

A blender is a device that differs from a food processor or mixer. For example, the first one was created for daily use, it is a universal device that copes with all products, cuts, grinds, grinds, but does not whip or mix. This is the first difference between the blender. In addition, a food processor is a cumbersome mechanism and rather inconvenient: a large number of buttons, functions, half of which are not used in a regular kitchen. The blender is a portable mechanism: with a standard set of functions, it is much smaller and lighter. Its work has been simplified to a few buttons.

Using a blender is not limited to just blending or whipping. Modern models are versatile thanks to the attachments included in the set. The main difference between it and a mixer is the principle of operation. At the heart of a completely different mechanism. The mixer is used only for mixing liquids and whipping; whisk and forks work, which serve for better mixing. The blender is based on spinning blades.

The mixing of liquids occurs thanks to additions and attachments, but the principle by which products are whipped into a cream or thick foam is different. Therefore, do not confuse mixers and blenders – they are different devices..

Initially, the blender was created as a device for mixing liquids, therefore this is precisely its main purpose, which it copes with with a bang: cocktails, smoothies, vegetable puree – all this is done by the blender. Only a few decades after the invention, they began to equip it with additional functions and capabilities, and now the blender combines a food processor and a mixer, while performing its original work..

Blender Features:

  • portability – thanks to design solutions, one of its main advantages over other kitchen appliances is its small size. Hand-made models can be easily hung on the wall, hidden in a drawer or closet. And the standard ones are in the shape of a jug and look like a decoration of the kitchen;
  • versatility – modern models do almost everything: cut, grind, crumble, crush, mash, create foam and cream. In addition, the blender has a quick activation, which is called a pulse – you can grind the product in one second;
  • profitability – due to its design and functions, one device can replace several: grater, meat grinder, mixer and food processor;
  • ease of use – the models have a simplified design in order to make use as comfortable and fast as possible.



Blenders can vary in shape and use. Some are more suitable for a large home – to make cocktails in one click, others can be more professional and have increased functionality. Still others are used for quick shredding and require minimal maintenance.. Models are divided into the following types.


They represent the easiest model to use. The blender has an oblong shape and consists of several parts: a support handle, a removable nozzle and blades. There is a special rim around the blades that prevents food from splashing. All activation buttons are located on the panel, right at hand for maximum convenience, and a special rubber coating allows you to maximally fix the device in your hand.

This type of blender is versatile and has a low power: from 300 W to 1000 W. They can make sur-mashed potatoes, prepare baby food, whip cream and mix cocktails. It handles semi-solid foods better than others. Some hand models are also capable of chopping herbs. The disadvantages of the design include its use by weight, sometimes you also have to keep your finger on the switch so that the device does not stop working;



Classic blenders, with a bowl at the base. This design is firmly fixed. A container is installed on the stand in which the engine is located – food is placed in it. It is closed with a lid so that when mixing, all the products remain inside, and the cocktails are not splashed. The device is completely ready for use and does not require additional manipulations: you just need to plug it in and press the button.

Shredding blades are installed inside the cup, which spin at high speed. The mechanism is mainly used for mixing cocktails and making smoothies. Has increased power: from 700 W to 140 W. Thanks to which it can quickly crush ice, process solid and semi-solid food.

The main advantages of a stationary blender are: easy to use, quick to clean, capable of handling large quantities of food at a time. The disadvantages include its large size, limited functions and the inability to process a small number of products..


Devices that represent the union of the first two fixtures. In their arsenal, they have a large number of attachments, a chopping thicket and a handle with blades like a submersible mechanism. Sometimes the kits are presented with a glass bulb with a measuring scale. Combined devices are designated 3 in 1, as they can combine a meat grinder, mixer and shaker;


As a rule, these are hand blenders that have an internal power supply. Such mechanisms are easily used for preparing drinks, cocktails, smoothies, as well as for kneading batter. Thanks to this mechanism, you can also beat the meringue. Disadvantages include low power and the need for frequent recharging..


They are portable devices that can be taken outdoors, in a car or on a trip. They recharge quickly and are compact. Suitable for making baby food, cocktails and smoothies. They have limited functionality and low power.


Such models have large dimensions, increased power. The design is made in such a way that the blender can be used for a long time without stopping, which is important for professionals, cooks and bartenders. A multifunctional device can do everything: cut, crush, grind. Transform soups into mashed potatoes, and cope with cocktails in a few seconds. In addition, thanks to its high power, the device quickly crumbles ice and frozen food..

Which is better: blender or chopper, meat grinder or soup cooker

To choose the best appliances for your kitchen, you should conduct an analysis and find out what exactly will best meet the requirements. What is a chopper or a soup cooker – you should understand before making a choice.

Chopper is a shredding device, the function of which is quite simple: chop, cut and mix. Grinding products can be cubes, sticks, slices, wedges and other forms – it all depends on the attachment itself. The device does not have a large number of characteristics and has low power.

If there is a need only for quick cutting and processing of products for salads, soups and twists, then it is better to purchase a chopper: it is convenient to use, compact and does not have a lot of power. A blender must be taken if its use is justified by another application: whipping and mixing (often attachments are included with models that allow you to finely chop vegetables).

Soup cooker Is a new gadget, which can be conditionally called a combination of a thermos and a blender. The shape of the device resembles a vacuum thermos, but with a blade on the bottom and a panel on the top. Thanks to it, you can make a soup in 30 minutes, and then turn it into a puree. The soup cooker also has another function that allows you to shred vegetables right in the cup itself. Models fit in the hand and can be operated wirelessly.

Since such a device, at its core, is already a combination of a hot mug and a blender, there is no need for a choice. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the very purpose of the device. For example, a soup cooker is more suitable for hiking, traveling, and camping – this is a hiking option. The blender is not intended for cooking hot dishes, therefore, with a great love for soups, it is necessary to buy a soup cooker.

Meat grinder Is a simplified mechanism for processing any meat products into minced meat: with bones, sinewy or rough. But modern models are able to grind much more: frozen semi-finished products, fruits, vegetables, cereals. Also, the device is used for spins for the winter. Its advantages are high power and duration of work, but limited functionality is one of the disadvantages. For example, a meat grinder cannot mix and whisk food..

To understand which of the mechanisms is required: a meat grinder or a blender, answer the question: why the equipment is being bought. If for cutting, shredding and processing solid products, then it is better to buy a meat grinder for the kitchen. If for mixing, whipping products and making healthy cocktails, then a blender.

How to choose

To choose a blender, you need to clearly understand for what purpose it is needed. With its infrequent use, you will need one model, with constant use – another, and in order to quickly cook all dishes and drinks at the same time – a third. When choosing, you should pay attention to:

  • power – motors that consume 300-500 watts are great for infrequent use, mix liquids easily, turn soups into purees and whip cream for ice cream and cocktails. More modern blends, with a large number of speeds and modes, have a power of 700-1000 W – they are designed for frequent use and crush solid products. Devices with an indicator of 1000-1300 watts are the most reliable: they are already professional and have advanced functionality. These are real food processors, easy to use;
  • functional. According to this criterion, models are selected when the parameters of the blender themselves are important. For example, the simplest ones are presented with two or three speeds and with several attachments – they only allow basic functions. If you only need to use a blender to grind food, then this is a great option. For chefs and fans of culinary experiments, mechanisms with 10-15 modes are suitable – these are the same simple models, but they can be used universally;
  • type of charge – happens from the electrical network and the internal power supply. Networked models are more powerful and functional, while wireless ones are more mobile;
  • material. The most economical models can be made of plastic. In this case, in terms of reliability, they will be inferior to stainless steel material, however, they will be much lighter and more convenient to use. In standard blenders, the body as well as the internal parts (motor) are made of stainless steel – this material lasts much longer;
  • sound – each of the mechanisms has its own volume level. Classic models have an indicator of about 70 dB. However, some designs have a built-in noise reduction system, due to which the device is silent in operation. The cost of such blenders is much higher..


Which one is better to choose

It is difficult to choose a specific model: the variety of features and functions is daunting. But you can cheat a little and look for the desired device through the designation of functions.

If you need a blender for cocktails and thick mixtures, then the device can have a power of 300 W, be wireless or submersible. Smoothie is a thick consistency of their fruits, vegetables and solid foods – it is as nutritious as possible and saturated with a large number of minerals and vitamins.

To get a homogeneous mass of their fruits and mix cocktails, a medium power blender (500-700 W) is enough. The wireless ones are. They do not take up much space and you can take them with you to a picnic. The mixing bowl should be at least 1.5 liters, and additional attachments will allow you to crush even nuts and ice. The best models for cocktails and whipping liquids: Braun MR 740 CC, Philips HR 2096 and ROLSEN RB-400P. The same blenders are also suitable for the raw foodist..

A blender with several speeds and modes is suitable for preparing baby food, mashed potatoes and dicing vegetables. Its power can be 800-1000 W, and it is better to purchase the design manually – they have more capabilities and are universal. When choosing, pay attention to the presence of additional attachments – due to them, you can grind and cut products. Top models with slicing function: Philips HR 1659, Zelmer 491.20 and Vitek VT-1480 GY.

For meat, you need to take a stationary type universal blender. As a rule, such a device has only a few functions, but it performs them efficiently. It is also suitable for crushing ice, nuts and cheeses. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the function of chopping meat, converting products into mashed potatoes and chopping. The best models are designed to: Bork B800 (landline), Element EW06PG, and Braun 535 Sauce.

Top 10 best models

Kitchen appliances are very diverse, to make the choice when buying easier, you need to make your own ratings based on preferences. And the characteristics of the models and customer reviews will help with the final decision.. According to reviews and tests, the models are recognized as the best:

Philips HR 2095

This brand was created specifically for smoothies and cocktails. It is a model of a stationary type with a power of 700 W, it is easily installed on any surface, thanks to rubber suction cups. The advantages include convenience and ease of use, high operating speed, low cost, additional attachments. By cons: heavy weight and noise at work.

Avent-Philips SCF 870/22

For baby food, this is ideal. Thanks to double more often, you can cook several portions at once. The manufacturers have equipped the model with a steamer function. The blender is suitable for making cocktails and purees, has great performance and is easy to clean. Disadvantages: Expensive, noisy, and does not have an auto-off button.

Bosch MFQ 3555

This device will be needed in the kitchen, if you have to cook often and a lot, it is especially useful for baking, since the company has equipped it with the function of a mixer – the mechanism kneads any kind of dough. Despite the fact that the manufacturing company does not belong to the budget class, the model is a variant of the “economy” class. Has an impulsive mode, 5 working speeds, several corollas and is silent.

Bosch MSM 87140

Like Braun, Bosch models are considered the best for every task in the kitchen. The submersible MSM 87140 prepares cocktails in one click, has 12 speeds, an additional chopper and a glass with a measuring scale. The disadvantages include its severity..

Philips HR 1669

One of the best versatile models. Cuts food into cubes, has a huge number of speeds, many attachments, a measuring cup. The panel itself has a pleasant design and is smoothly adjustable. The disadvantages include the high cost and plastic parts..

Braun 535 Sauce

It is one of the best low-cost devices. Its power is 600 watts, and thanks to its two speeds (also turbo mode), it can be used almost universally. The set also includes ice picking tools, a chopper and a whisk for kneading dough. Works well with raw meats and solid foods.

Redmond RHB2908

The blender is of high quality and low cost. With a power of 750 W, it has 12 speeds and several modes of operation. Has built-in noise cancellation. Chops and cuts in seconds.

Braun MQ 775

The universal assistant in the kitchen. The set includes knives, graters, attachments. It has several additional bowls, a chopper, and the bowl itself is made of glass. Low cost.

Polaris PHB 0831L

Powerful and inexpensive machine that can handle chopping and crushing in a matter of seconds.

Bosch MSM 88190

One of the most expensive models, but it has a huge number of attachments, knives and whisks. Can easily replace the food processor. Modern design – metal body and internal noise suppression device will make the use of the blender as comfortable and fast as possible.

Reviews of professionals

According to experts, when choosing a blender, you should not pay attention to the brand: you can find a good device from each manufacturer. However, you should rely on your own buying preferences. Knowing exactly how the appliance will be used and how often, you can easily find the best blender. Professionals advise buying submersible models for cocktails, smoothies and green mixtures – they have advanced features, are suitable for a large family and frequent use.


To have a crushing and cutting mechanism on hand, according to chefs, it is better to purchase hand blenders. And for constant experimentation, universal models are great..


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