White apron in the kitchen

A textured, high-quality white kitchen apron is exactly the element that will not turn your kitchen into a hospital room. Snow-white tonality always looks expensive, prestigious, noble. Your task is to choose the right material that you place over the countertop, stove, sink.

The Total White trend breaks all popularity records. When “decorating” the kitchen in a white shade, pay attention to the little things and decor that will look harmonious against its background. A universal palette is suitable for absolutely any type of interior.


In addition to the fact that light shades look fresh and original, the materials of the apron should serve as an excellent “barrier” against dirt, soot, temperature extremes and high humidity. The white finish has several advantages:

  • is a universal solution, especially suitable for hi-tech, classic, seaside, Scandinavian, Italian, Roman style kitchens;

  • visually can expand and increase modest square meters, will be the best solution for a tiny kitchen;

  • is not going to go out of fashion, being a “monochrome trend” of the upcoming season;

  • harmoniously combined with furniture sets of any “suit”, color, texture and shape;

  • can be easily updated with stylish photo printing, vinyl sticker, brick print, mosaic, etc .;

  • suitable as a main or additional shade for the kitchen;

  • any accessory will look delightful against the background of a snow-white wall (a vase of flowers, a service, dishes, etc.).

Several disadvantages of this finishing option do not in the least overlap the advantages. We’ll have to take more care of the kitchen apron, because stains, small dirt will catch your eye. But accuracy, sophistication and style cannot be diminished in white..


The time-tested tile perfectly copes with its “duties”. You can use any tile in shape, size and texture. Rest assured that it will demonstrate excellent resistance to moisture, temperature extremes, grease stains and any detergent.

Chic ceramic tiles look in the style of Provence, classic, rustic. You can use glossy brickwork in the form of brick-like rectangular elements. Thus, the illusion will be created that the wall is covered with fresh clean paint..

Add some floral ornament and you instantly transform the kitchen in eco, vintage, Scandinavian, loft or art deco style. The service life of the apron itself will depend on the quality of the finish. You can order a “hog” or a relief, textured plate, arrange it diagonally, offset or vertically. Against the background of a snow-white wall, a set of olive color, natural wood, light blue, beige, powdery pink, turquoise or black will look perfect.

You can safely use the technology of “incorrectly” laid tiles. Some of them run diagonally, others vertically. It turns out a kind of panel, laconic, strict. It is placed either above the hob or above the sink. A different type of stacking is applied in order to effectively highlight certain kitchen areas, top hanging cabinets from the countertop.

For fans of minimalism, Provence, pin-up, British and eco styles, laying square tiles will suit, and the herringbone will look exquisite in kitchens with a modern Art Deco and Art Nouveau motif. When decorating an apron in a rustic, fusion style, eclecticism, pop art, pay attention to the zigzag styling. She will perfectly “dilute” the atmosphere in the kitchen, cheer up households and guests.

For spacious kitchens, relief tiles, imitating a stucco pattern, stone or brick texture, will become especially relevant. Designers prefer to decorate such decoration with geometric patterns, floral themes (tulips, peonies, sunflowers, etc.). All of this hints at the luxury of the Renaissance, Greek, Gothic and Romanesque styles. Lovers of antique, baroque will also appreciate the naturalness and simplicity of volumetric tiles.


Ceramic tiles “hog” or ordinary tiles can be executed in white. They are laid interspersed with bricks of a contrasting color, which gives rise to the effect of the volume of the room. Any palette can be in harmony with white, but make sure that the glossy and matte tiles do not intersect. Snow-white mosaic is made mainly of smalt, ceramics or glass. Such a technique will ennoble the ethno style of the interior, correctly place accents in kitchens with an atmosphere of hi-tech, loft, minimal.


When creating a practical kitchen transparent apron made of tempered glass, give preference not to price, but to quality. Italian production is considered one of the most authoritative in matters of heat-resistant glass, which is “not afraid” of temperature changes. These skinal aprons look amazing in a classic, avant-garde, Scandinavian style. The white color will reflect the area of ​​the entire kitchen, making it visually more spacious. Their reflective effect immediately adds high cost, nobility, aristocracy to the room..

You can choose from glossy and matte, textured, sandblasted models, etc. Translucent glass sheets made in milk, cream or seashell colors are gaining more and more popularity. Such a composition will look perfect in the kitchen, where even the furniture set demonstrates smooth lines, modern technologies and a lot of glass decor elements..

Remember that the facades of cabinets and pencil cases must be closed. It is allowed to use plastic furniture, which, in combination with glass, looks no less interesting.

A natural stone

Although the Stone Age is long gone, the interiors of the houses are not devoid of this exquisite decor. A backsplash made of marble, composite tiles add 100 points of luxury to any space. Made in white, it will turn the kitchen into a real gallery, a museum, a place you don’t want to leave. Elegantly exquisite stone will look in the style of baroque, antique, rustic. For decoration, you can also use granite, limestone, giving the kitchen a British chic.

Plastic products

A fairly common option for decorating the wall above the sink and stove is practical plastic. It will be an excellent option for techno, hi-tech, pin-up, rustic kitchens. This finish will be combined with a set of metal, wood, plastic. The snow-white material requires more maintenance, but the final version is worth it.


The white color of natural wood is the pursuit of luxury. Firstly, such an apron will be combined with any wooden set in the kitchen. Secondly, it will support your pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle. The design is suitable for rustic, rustic, Provencal styling.

A little pearlescent color can be added to the overall ambiance of the kitchen, which will add originality and even greater luxury. Pearl color on ceramic, on tile looks really flawless. Decorate the area where you spend enough time so that even the walls will inspire you. A lilac kitchen with an apron and white daisies “scattered” in a chaotic manner will look fashionable. Before buying a specific finish, read the reviews, compare the pros and cons of each type of material.


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