Accessories for sliding gates: selection rules

Accessories for sliding gates: selection rules

Modern door modifications are equipped with various types of electric drives, which simplifies their movement. One of the most practical and common designs is the sliding system. The gate leaf moves along special guides, where rollers are installed to soften friction.

The work of such structures just depends on small mechanisms with the help of which the whole procedure of movement is carried out.

The correct selection of components will allow you to extend the service life of the door for the maximum possible time.

What is included?

Sliding gates are practical, since the sash moves parallel to the main fence, without taking up space in front of the entrance. Therefore, they are used to equip checkpoints at industrial or business enterprises..

Today there are several types of such structures, which differ in technical nuances.. But, regardless of this, such a system consists of several main components:

  • Mortgage. It is an ordinary metal channel, which is located in the soil. To give strength, reinforcing bars are welded to it. Outwardly, this whole structure resembles the letter “P”, which is concreted in a trench. The length of such a system is half the size of the opening. Cantilever and overhead doors are not equipped with such elements..

  • Carrying profile. The element is a kind of guide, since the rollers move inside it. Outwardly, the product resembles an ordinary channel, but differs in curved ends. This prevents the rollers from jumping out of the groove. Attach the profile to the bottom of the canvas. The material lends itself to high loads, so the element is made of high-quality and durable steel.

  • Roller carriage. The structure consists of several support rollers that are attached to the channel. These products allow you to move the canvas along a straight line. There are several types of carriages, as they are calculated for a specific web weight. The main material is metal, but some manufacturers use special plastic in their manufacture..

  • Support rollers. The main task of the rollers is to support the web in an upright position. They act as a kind of guides that are attached above the sash. Depending on the design, the system can be equipped with two or four support rollers. To reduce pressure and minimize frictional force, they are made of plastic.

  • Catchers. They are divided into upper and lower systems. The first type is intended to restrict the movement of the web perpendicular to its main plane. In a simple way, with the help of upper catchers, they protect the structure from strong winds in the closed position. The lower structures are used to support the canvas. When driving, it runs into the catcher from above, which partially absorbs the load.
  • Knurling roller. It is attached to the bottom corner of the web so that it falls on the bottom catcher. Products are made from various materials, but in most cases plastic is used for this..

  • Plugs. These elements are used to close the voids of the guide tube. This approach eliminates the ingress of water, debris or snow inside. In turn, such protection extends the service life of the system several times, and also prevents the formation of ice on the moving rollers..
  • Gate leaf. Sashes are almost always made of durable metal pipes that can withstand maximum loads and weight..

In theory, you can use almost any type of canvas, the main thing is to choose the right components..

Today sliding gates are often equipped with automatic movement systems. Automation is not a required attribute, but it is almost always present. This system consists of several main devices:

  • Electric motor. This mechanism is the main one, as it sets the canvas in motion. They are installed on a concrete base, and also supplemented with special protective covers that prevent moisture and debris from entering. Some models can be controlled remotely, which provides many advantages, allowing almost complete exclusion of human participation in the gate operation..

  • Limit switches. The main task of such mechanisms is to control the operation of the electric motor. Technically, these are kind of relays that turn off the current when the gate reaches the end point..
  • Protective block. The system consists of many electrical components that are interconnected by various connections. The main task is to control the operation of the electric motor, as well as to prevent its overload during operation..

Please note that not all kits necessarily include all devices and mechanisms. Today, many manufacturers produce modifications that consist of a certain set of elements..


The quality of the sliding gate operation depends on the set of fittings used. Today it is possible to install several types of systems on such structures, but not all of them will be able to ensure long-term and reliable operation.. When choosing fittings, several main factors should be considered:

  • Canvas weight. Sashes today can be made independently or at factory enterprises. This leads to the fact that the mass of the door can vary over a very wide range. This factor affects the operation of rollers and gears..

High-quality operation can be ensured only with the help of metal support rollers, which take the main load. The greater the weight of the canvas, the more it is desirable to use supports of this type..

  • Wind load. For areas with strong winds, it is advisable to use multiple overhead suspension rollers. They must take almost all the load on themselves, not allowing the gate to swing. Therefore, preference should be given to suspensions made of high-quality metal..

  • Guide quality. After installation, this element takes up the main load, so it must be strong. High-quality products should have a uniform cross-section, and also have no frame distortions. Chips or bumps can cause the rollers to block while driving. High-quality support beams are made only of structural steel, and their thickness is selected, depending on the weight of the canvas.

Experts recommend buying beams with a weight reserve, which should exceed the real weight of the gate by 1.5 times.


The choice of an electric drive depends on many factors, among which we can single out a few basic ones:

  • Engine power. This characteristic directly depends on the weight of the canvas. But here you should not be too zealous, since there is no need to purchase powerful devices capable of moving a canvas weighing 1 ton if the gate does not exceed 200 kg. The power reserve must be small so that the system can handle the load.

  • Sprocket material. Today, manufacturers produce automation made of metal or special plastic. It is impossible to say which option is better. The polymer is not demanding on temperatures and requires a minimum amount of lubrication. But metal, in turn, lasts much longer, as it is highly durable. But for a metal-based system to work well, it is important to install and tune it accurately..

  • Operation intensity. This indicator takes into account the frequency of opening the web for a certain period of time. For example, there are structures that can be moved no more than 18-20 times during an hour. If the gates are installed at some checkpoint, then they should be able to move almost every minute without interruption. You can find out this value in the instructions for a specific automation model.

  • Functional. High-quality automation should set the gate in motion at the beginning of the cycle with a slight deceleration, and also make it possible to open the door to half..

If you want even more comfort, then you should give preference to models that are equipped with an automatic closing function and multiple touch sensors..

  • Voltage level. Today there are modifications of motors operating from 220 V or 24 V. The second type of drives can operate from a conventional battery, but is not always able to provide the required power. Therefore, industrial models are complemented by motors that are connected to a conventional 220 V network..


The quality of sliding gates depends on the reliability of all the constituent elements. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to the rating of manufacturers of such systems..


Among all this variety, several popular brands of accessories should be distinguished:

  • Roltek. The company has long been engaged in the production of automation for sliding gates, as well as all their constituent elements. Among the advantages, one can single out the use of special lubricants that allow the rollers to operate comfortably, regardless of the ambient temperature. All guides are made of anti-corrosion steel, which is well tolerated by almost any sash weight. The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the system for 5 years.

  • Came. The company puts on the market both industrial and household models that are suitable for solving any modern problems. Among the positive features are the optimal price-quality ratio, as well as ease of installation. The quality of the material is one of the best in Europe, but the products are distinguished by a very low price..

  • Alutech. Products of the Belarusian company, which have an optimal price-quality ratio. The accessories can be supplemented with sashes, the weight of which does not exceed 800 kg. In the manufacture of fittings, specialists use high-quality galvanized steel.


There is no perfect product, since everything also depends on the operating conditions and correct installation. According to customer reviews, some models could not withstand constant loads. This is especially true for products made of polymer materials. Good reviews were received by Came products, which proved to be excellent in various climatic conditions..

Many argue that after improper installation, the sprockets quickly failed, as they simply wore off when moving.. The solution is high-quality adjustment and timely lubrication of all rubbing units..


To get a reliable and durable sliding gate, you should be guided by with a few simple rules:

  1. Buy mechanisms that are optimized for each other in all respects.
  2. Give preference only to products of well-known manufacturers, as this is the key to long-term work.
  3. Installation of gates and automatics should only be carried out by experienced specialists. It is advisable to trust this to the representatives of the store where you purchased the goods..

The selection of accessories for sliding gates is a complex operation and is best done in consultation with an experienced installer. He will be able to analyze all the shortcomings of the chosen model and choose the best option..

For an overview of fittings for sliding gates, see the following video.

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