Beautiful ideas for decor and landscape design of a site with an area of ​​4 ares

The owners of suburban areas always want to arrange them in such a way that the garden combines a beautiful appearance and comfort, and at the same time does not require much effort in order to put it in order. The situation can become more complicated if your site has a small area of ​​5 or 4 ares. After all, the smaller the territory, the easier it is to identify all the characteristic features of your site for any person passing by. Therefore, the owner should thoroughly approach the layout of his territory in order to create an organic, pleasant-looking and truly cozy plot..

But at the same time, such a site has a number of advantages.. A small area requires less attention. It is much easier to refine it.. It is also worth noting the financial aspect, because a small area will significantly save your budget when purchasing seedlings.

But at the very beginning, one of the main questions has to be solved, namely, in what style to equip the site and choose its future landscape design.

Design guidelines

For a beautiful and harmonious formation of the entire composition of the site, you need to correctly divide it into zones. Between themselves, it is best to divide them with a hedge, place trellises with wriggling plants, lay paths or a brick curb. Before further planning your garden, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • it is highly undesirable to place massive buildings on a small plot. An extension to the house is quite suitable for gardening tools. And if there is a desire to place a gazebo, then it can be decorated with a hedge or curled with plants;
  • landscape designers give a recommendation to owners of plots with an area of ​​3-4 acres not to use large fences when fencing a courtyard. This can add a feeling of deafness and dullness, from which the site will seem even smaller. The best solution is to put a small fence with a wicket through which it is possible to view the entire landscape of the territory. Such a solution will visually enlarge the site, bring a feeling of spaciousness and add picturesqueness;

  • an important aspect of the design is the correct selection of planted trees. Tall trees will not fit well into the overall picture, since over time they will grow and block the light with a voluminous crown, which will cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, it will be much better if the choice stops on seedlings of undersized types, and during planting maintain a small distance between them. If desired, it is quite possible to select various seedlings and then combine them with each other;
  • inside the courtyard, you can place decorations, for example: jugs, garden figurines, clay pots. But it is important not to get carried away at the same time, since unnecessary objects will overload the site and create a feeling of clutter.

Style selection

If the landscape design is made in a single style concept, it looks like a holistic picture and brings a sense of comfort to the general atmosphere. To create a single, stylish-looking composition, you have to think over all the details and combine them into one whole picture. Landscaping small areas can be done in many different ways, below are just a few of them..

Vividness of the East

Small areas are perfectly combined with the Japanese atmosphere, so choosing this style will help your space sparkle with new, unusual colors. It was Japan that became the inspiration and example for us, offering interesting solutions for the smallest areas. For its inhabitants, any space is valuable, which is why all unnecessary details are minimized or eliminated altogether.

To decorate your site in this style, it is enough to have an area of ​​only 3 acres. Distinctive features that distinguish this kind of garden from a number of similar ones:

  • low trees, fully consistent with their appearance to prototypes grown in nature;
  • small dimensions of reservoirs, waterfalls;
  • stone garden;
  • hedges are used so that all corners of the garden open up gradually;
  • it is necessary that the soil is covered with mosses, small evergreens.

In order to emphasize the chosen style, in one of the corners you can build a miniature model of a pagoda or a Japanese lantern made of stones..

Palace style

Some site owners believe that the palace style fits more into large areas and is not entirely appropriate for ordinary country houses. But despite this, the characteristic features of this style are successfully combined for small spaces, making it possible to feel harmony and clear order..

It is worth looking at a certain number of attributes characteristic of the given style and evenly distributing it throughout the entire territory..

For a beautiful garden design, this solution will help:

  • uniformly trimmed and leveled bushes;
  • flower beds made in the form of geometric shapes;
  • neat lawn;
  • plants planted in tubs;
  • lined paths in the garden;
  • wrought iron arches, tamed by twisting climbing roses.

A neat water tank and a well-placed pair of benches complement the overall picture. If it is not possible to accommodate exquisitely crafted benches, they can be replaced with well-chosen plastic furniture. Clean lines and the absence of everything unnecessary are the most characteristic components of this style. In order to immerse the site as much as possible in a palace setting, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • pay special attention to the use of decoration items – sculptures, fountains;
  • beware of an overly bright play of shades – two or three colors are enough;
  • do not plant fast-growing bushes and large flowers.

Landscape in the garden

At times, the desire to be in real nature intensifies, without moving anywhere. A one hundred percent solution that any owner can bring to life is a landscape garden. It is quite possible to make a real natural oasis in your yard.

To do this, you should:

  • Install a reservoir in the middle of the site using a waterproofing material or a plastic bowl. If its walls are made in the form of steps, the visual space will increase. A small waterfall will add a natural natural atmosphere.
  • If you want to decorate a pond with stones, you should choose smaller ones, because large stones reduce the visual space..
  • Near the pond, you will need to plant a certain amount of ground cover, as well as flowering plants that easily tolerate high humidity.
  • Place a miniature slide made of large stones near the water to imitate a natural cliff.

How to make your garden cozy?

A small garden can appear more spacious if certain conditions are met in its design. Using certain techniques, it becomes possible to increase the visual space and divert attention from a small area..

The key point is the competent selection of accessories and the correct division of the territory. If you take into account all the recommendations given, a person with any level of training will be able to equip a beautiful garden..

Vertical planning

To date, various options for arranging space vertically next to private houses have been invented and implemented everywhere. Compositions like rose gardens, multi-level flower beds, rock gardens look acceptable in the corner of a small garden. And you can see the whole picture from a distance.. To add more space for landings on the site, you can use:

  • car tires as flower beds;
  • create a flower garden from an old chest of drawers or a curbstone – there is a separate flower bed in each box;
  • multi-level flower beds, made with bricks with a crushed stone base;
  • various tanks with earth attached to the wall.

You can think of many other ways to exploit vertical space. You just need to look at the possible options from any sources, give free rein to your imagination and find your unique solution.

Active movement of greenery depending on the season

Those who have a small plot should think about the possibility of mobile design of the territory. To improve it, you will need pots with plants that will successfully fit both at home and outside. It is worth at the very beginning to take into account the dimensions of the pots, adjusted for the further growth of plants. In addition, for such a site, it is preferable to resort to the use of massive clay pots that do not lend themselves to strong wind gusts.. The mobile garden stands out for a number of positive aspects:

  • you can place plants in a variety of ways, giving free rein to the imagination, each time changing the perception of the site;
  • depending on the mood, install only those plants in the garden that correspond to it. At any time, one type of plant can be replaced by another;
  • it becomes possible to place plants regardless of the season, since heat-loving plants move into the house during the cold season.

If the garden in a country house is small, this gives it many advantages. Ease of grooming and the ability to beautifully equip it with modest means are the main ones. But besides them, it is easier to experiment in a small area and at the same time observe the result of your efforts. With a little effort and colorful illustrations, bring your comfortable green island to life.

For even more tips and tricks on how to arrange a small plot, see the next video..

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