Choosing garden figures for giving

To make the site more interesting and beautiful, it is not at all necessary to carry out any global actions. You can give the cottage uniqueness, originality with the help of garden figures. After reading this article, you will learn how to choose such decor elements, what nuances you should pay special attention to..


Even if the best building materials were used to create your home, beautiful plants are planted on the site, this will not be enough to make the site unique. Using unusual garden figurines will give it a zest. They will be a kind of finishing touch.. These products have other functions as well:

  • Distracting attention from poorly designed areas of the territory. You can, for example, hide little people or insects among the flowers next to the recreation area. Your guests will try to view them and are unlikely to pay attention to less attractive places..
  • Disguise of unaesthetic places. This can be, for example, dark thickets that can be hidden with a beautiful well..

If you want to purchase not only beautiful, but also useful decorative elements, pay attention to the luminous figures, gnomes with lanterns. They can be placed along the garden paths.



Today there are a variety of figurines for giving. Sometimes it is difficult to immediately understand which option is best for a particular case. To choose garden figures that are ideal for a site, you need to take into account various factors and listen to your inner creativity. Park topiary figures that are created by cutting trees and shrubs look beautiful.

Such works of art require regular care, you need to constantly maintain the shape of the bush, otherwise the appearance of the figurine loses its aesthetics. To obtain complex structures, a special frame is used. It allows you to create certain silhouettes. Wireframe shapes do not look different from ordinary ones, but they are created much faster..


You can choose a model with a motion sensor. Such products are not only beautiful, but also useful: they notify site owners about intruders entering the territory. Glowing garden figurines are installed next to gazebos, paths, flower beds, at the porch. Such models provide lighting in the evening hours and look aesthetically pleasing, fabulous.

Garden figures can vary in materials, sizes, shades, shapes. To navigate the variety of such products and choose the best option, you should understand in detail all types.


Decide on the material requirements that are most important to you. Today, garden figurines are most often made from the following materials.


It is very popular with consumers. It is a material that imitates natural stone. Polystone is durable, resistant to various external influences, UV radiation, liquid. Moreover, such figures are always aesthetic, graceful..

Natural stone

Many people prefer natural materials, because they fit well into almost any design. The stone can be painted, then the figurine will come to life with your brush.


Such material is characterized by increased strength, but it is difficult to create an elegant figure from it, so the owners of summer cottages usually choose other options. Those who ventured into such figurines can decorate their garden with original products..

From plaster

It is quite easy to create products from such material, you just need to pour the mixture into the mold and let it dry. One of the main advantages of such figures is their low price. However, the products turn out to be quite fragile, due to various external influences, paint is quickly chipped off them..

Artificial grass

This option is suitable for people for whom an ordinary lawn is not enough, and they want to complement the garden with an interesting accent, making the design as harmonious as possible. Artificial grass does not need to be watered or cut, which is convenient for site owners. Products made from such material are lightweight: they can be moved without using special equipment and someone else’s help..

Made of metal

One of the main advantages of this material is its increased strength. Intricate metal figures (for example, made of wire, forged) make the areas especially interesting, give them a zest, but such products are not suitable for all styles. As a rule, they are distinguished by a high price, so not everyone can afford such purchases..

From ceramics

The main advantages of such products are a wide assortment and reasonable prices. Ceramic figures are distinguished by their aesthetic appearance, they are quite durable.

Made of wood

Since wood is a natural material, it is suitable for a wide variety of landscaping designs. Often wooden figurines are original, such products are distinguished by a high price..

Made of plastic

Such products are also used to decorate summer cottages, usually they are not accent, but simply complement the overall picture. Plastic figures are light, they can be blown away by the wind. To avoid this, it is worth attaching products to the surface..

Materials at hand

It is also possible to use improvised materials – for example, old tights. Of course, such products look simple. They are certainly not suitable for the palace style, but they will cheer you up and become a wonderful highlight of your site. Many people choose ordinary plastic bottles to create garden figures. Products can be any, the main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of paints and varnishes. For such surfaces, it is better to choose oil or acrylic paints..

An interesting option is to use car tires. Since such material is readily available, it can be found in many areas. Rubber is resistant to temperature extremes, so tire products serve for a long time. The only negative is that they need to be regularly painted..

Some people prefer to create figures from plywood, cutting out the desired silhouette and drawing what they want. Such decor elements are well suited for playgrounds, verandas. Polyurethane foam products look interesting on garden plots, but creating them is very difficult. This requires certain skills and artistic flair. Such materials are lightweight, so you will need to take care of a sufficiently heavy and rigid frame to create them.

Dimensions (edit)

Consider the size of the plot. There should not be too many figures (especially if the area is small). With a significant number of such products, you will not get beauty, but the clutter of the garden plot. With enough space, there are more decoration options: you can combine large and small figures, equip interesting corners. In a small area, you can install an accent figure and complement it with small products.

Do not install them in tall grass: only large products are suitable for such places..


When choosing suitable color schemes for figures, you need to focus on the shades of plants, buildings that are located on the territory. You should not install bright products everywhere: the abundance of such shades can be annoying (especially in the area intended for relaxation). Remember that shades should be combined with each other, try to achieve maximum harmony in the design of the site. There should not be many tones in the composition.

Bright colors can be used in children’s areas. Such products will create an atmosphere of fun (this is a good option for play areas). Next to bright flower beds, you can place gray or white figurines..

For bridges made of wood and paths made of stone, quite catchy products are suitable..

The form

The shapes of the garden figurines are varied and follow the main design idea. They can be classic, reminiscent of small figurines, or geometric or non-standard. It all depends on the taste preferences of the owners of the house. For example, an angel symbolizes grace, peace. Such a figurine will complement the flower arch well. With her you will feel as if you are in the Garden of Eden.

For a suburban area, animal figurines are well suited (some even choose life-size products). Popular options are dog, cow, donkey, horse. Many people prefer wild animals and birds. A graceful deer in the garden will make you feel like you are in a fairy forest, a beautiful swan by the pond will create a poetic mood. An interesting design option is the hinged head of a bear or other animal among the trees in the garden or right at the entrance to the house..

Popular garden figurines include gnomes. They look pretty cute, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that many owners of summer cottages choose them. You can feel yourself in a fairy tale with the help of other heroes. For example, Baba Yaga can decorate the garden. This character is famous for his negative actions, while for a long time it was believed that the grandmother lives on the border of two worlds and does not allow negative-minded entities to harm people.

To complement large shapes, you can use small elements (like mushrooms). They will look natural in the natural environment. A suitable option is fly agarics with bright hats. This is exactly the case when harmful mushrooms can be beneficial. The mushroom may even have eyes: in this case, it can be safely called the main guardian of your site. On modern sites, you can see a variety of figurines: fairy-tale characters, pets.

It all depends solely on the owner’s imagination. With the help of beautiful figures in the garden, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of magic and make the site delight your guests. At the same time, the space will be homely cozy..

Style and design

Thinking about the style in which to decorate your site, decide what kind of emotions you are tuned in. Someone likes the rustic simplicity, and someone wants to feel like a special royal blood, walking through the garden. The classics are characterized by stone and concrete sculptures, topiary figures. It should be noted that you will have to spend a lot of time on such a design, but the results will not disappoint you. You will get a garden worthy of a real king.

For sites of fans of the English style, figures of representatives of the fauna, gnomes are suitable. The oriental style is characterized by harmony and minimalism. For the decoration of such areas, it is recommended to choose natural materials (for example, wood, stone).

Bright ceramic and metal products should not be used. If you want to decorate the area in a Mediterranean style, you can choose a stone.

Adherents of the romantic style can use fountains, flower arches. Such areas will be decorated with swans, angels. Choosing a folk style, you can fully express your creativity. You can create figures yourself by painting them. Ceramics work well for these areas..

European fairy-tale characters and gnomes will be combined with country-style decoration. If you want to decorate your site in a Scandinavian style, you can opt for wicker products. Graceful bronze figures are well suited for Art Nouveau. Any product should be aesthetically pleasing.

How to choose?

Of course, you can just go to the store and buy the finished product there. This way you can save time making the figurine, but at the same time deprive yourself of the joy associated with creating something new. Decide exactly where the product will be, what it will become: just an additional element or the centerpiece of the composition. Choosing the right option, you need to take into account the overall design, the features of the environment. If, for example, the site is decorated in an antique style, you should choose figurines of mythological characters.

If your dacha can be compared to an ordinary rural house, opt for fairy-tale characters, funny little people, cute animals, mushrooms. However, you should not be too zealous. Of course, you will have to take into account your financial capabilities. If they are limited, decide for yourself whether you are willing to give money for expensive sculptures. After all, beautiful garden figurines may well be inexpensive: you can make them yourself.

Think about how durable the product should be. If you are ready to periodically purchase new figures in order to replace them with products that have lost their aesthetics, you can opt for, for example, plaster. High-strength materials (stone) will last much longer. Do not forget about the sense of proportion. With the help of figures in a summer cottage, you can subtly emphasize natural details (various reservoirs, tree roots, hemp). A small number of products will be enough for this..

Standard shapes, which are available in many stores, will not be able to become unique highlights of the site. You can fully show your imagination, creating your own figurine, or just try to find more interesting options.

If possible, you can buy unusual author’s products, one of a kind. Today, many craftsmen offer similar services..

Tips & Tricks

The correct design of the suburban area allows you to get a design that is distinguished by maximum harmony. Each element has its place, all the details add up to one big picture. Remember that there must be a certain style.. It should be borne in mind that quality is important, not quantity. Find suitable places for the figures, think over the composition. If the place is not suitable, the product will get lost, the gaze will slide past it..

Having installed a garden figure, you do not need to think that this is the end of the work: the product will have to be regularly looked after. Of course, each material has its own characteristics of care. However, in any case, the surfaces will need to be regularly washed, cleaned of dust and plaque. To care for ceramics, clay, plywood, it is better to use a rag, for wooden, concrete surfaces you need a hose, for foam and plastic bottles you cannot do without a sprayer. Surface paint will need to be renewed periodically..

When deciding how to paint products, give preference to materials that are resistant to various external influences, precipitation.

Successful examples and options

You can make original wooden men with your own hands. Give them flowers: they will look touching and cute.

Funny and mischievous gnomes located around the site will cheer you up and your guests..

Mushrooms, made in the form of houses of little people, will give the feeling of a fairy tale.

Products woven from branches and sticks look original.

A guardian angel may appear at the site. Admiring such a figure, you will feel the flow of peace and tranquility..

Whole compositions can be made from decorative garden figures.

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