Hormann gates: advantages and control features

Hormann gate: advantages and control features

An important component of a solid garage is the gate. Their great variety on the Russian market sometimes makes it difficult to choose products. An inexperienced user hardly understands how domestic manufacturers differ from foreign ones. It is important to understand whether it is better to choose automatic or manual products, what color, material and quality they should be..

A win-win – garage door from Hormann.


Like any Western company, the Hormann brand was formed in the late fifties of the last century as a family business for the production of up-and-over doors. Today, the Hormann concern is widely known and has its branches and factories all over the world: in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, China and India..

German doors and gates are not just in demand, they are among the best sellers. And all thanks to the innovative approach to production and the numerous positive qualities of its products.

Among the advantages of the gate, their main features should be highlighted:

  • Sectional division of the canvas. Each new slab located on top of the previous one allows them to be folded as conveniently as possible when opening, while saving space both indoors and outdoors.
  • The doors have increased sound and heat insulation, are very convenient and easy to install and operate..
  • The products have good fire and moisture resistance properties..
  • A variety of operator types for any model makes it easy to choose the door that suits your garage.

Even more advantages are shown by the important components of the products of the German concern.


All Hormann door components are made from high quality materials using the latest research in technology and technology. All products are certified and comply with European quality standards.

Among the advantages that Hormann gates have are their main components:

  • BiSecur two-way radio system, which drives a garage door operator, created by the company’s specialists in conjunction with experts in cryptology at the Ruhr University in Bochum. This unique system is only used in Hormann products and is their patented invention..
  • Automatic garage door operator will also delight new owners with its versatility. This technical marvel has three options: SupraMatic, ProMatic and ProMatic Akku. Each of them has its own characteristics, which include: opening speed, the ability to switch to a manual drive, an intermediate stage of opening for airing the room.
  • All Hormann doors use tension springs and torsion springs. The first device is designed to avoid injury to people. It is based on the “spring in spring” system: if one breaks, another will immediately take its place.

  • Thermal separation of the joint – additional know-how of the Hormann concern, which consists in providing thermal and acoustic insulation inside the premises. Special dock shelters installed along the entire perimeter of the door act as additional energy saving means. They consist of a black plastic profile to which the ThermoFrame sealing rubber is attached. It is installed together with the door rails and is offered as an additional option to the purchased model..
  • Unique protection against burglary. The canvases are installed in such a way that they are tightly fixed to the frame. Therefore, opening the gate during burglary is impossible. There is also an additional option that allows you to close them also from above..

Each model differs in its technical and mechanical characteristics. Let’s dwell on the three main types of garage doors from Hormann.


Among the narrow variety of products produced by the famous German brand, three main types of Hormann garage door designs stand out, confirming the true quality and innovation of the product..

Sectional garage doors do more than just save space in the room and in the surrounding area.

This unique system has a number of excellent features:

  • open vertically, are under the ceiling;
  • installed in any openings;
  • have a large width for the passage of the car;
  • increased tightness around the entire perimeter;
  • have two production options: single-walled and double-walled;
  • move smoothly.

Such gates will easily fit into any exterior. Thanks to the development of German specialists from the Hormann company, the concern acquired a whole system for decorating its canvases – Decograin. This is an artificial film that is resistant to direct sunlight, which reproduces the natural structure of the material as realistically as possible.. There are 6 types of textures.

  • Berry up-and-over doors. This is the first industrial-scale Hormann product line. The uniqueness of this design lies in the presence of additional protection against pinching in the form of flexible plastic strips, as well as in the form of a system of safety springs. They are also located under the ceiling when opened, but they do not have such smooth movements as the previous ones..

  • Rollmatic garage door equipped with a unique drive. It looks like a standard roller shutter door with a classic lifting mechanism. But the canvas is made of high quality aluminum. This material does not corrode, therefore the service life of such products is doubled..

These rolling shutters are good because their drive is located outside the winding mechanism. There is always constant access to it, and the design is easy to maintain. An internal switch and a garage lighting system are already integrated in the control unit housing. Customers are very pleased with the silent opening and closing of such gates..

  • Hormann sliding sectional doors are a special solution for unusual situations. If the overhead, roll-up and sectional doors go up, the sliding doors open to the side. This is a great option for garages with ceiling defects or the need to leave this space empty. It is this design that has the maximum performance of noise insulation, has the best stability and smooth silent movement..

Hormann products are not limited to garage models. In the arsenal of this German concern there are interior and street doors, entrance gates of various designs: swing, folding, sliding. For all this abundance, such an indicator as “German quality” is firmly fixed..

Dimensions (edit)

One of the most notable advantages that Hormann doors have is the variety of sizes. The German concern is pleased to offer its customers a range of canvases with a height from 1875 mm to 3000 mm and a width from 2250 mm to 6000 mm.. The maximum size that the company can offer under the order is 5000 mm by 7000 mm.

All models have an upgrade option that allows you to reduce the height of the guides, as well as increase any indicator of width or height in various variations, excluding doors with a cassette design and products made of solid wood.


Hormann steel doors are available in over 200 different colors and 6 Decograin decorative options. Solid wood gates can be assembled from two types of wood, and for their processing you can choose one of the 8 recommended types of varnish.

The Decograin finish on the Hormann garage door models offers six individual paint options:

  • golden oak – light chestnut or golden yellow color;
  • dark oak – rich nut color;
  • wenge oak – oak texture with a rich dark shade;

  • Red tree;
  • winchester oak – the color of natural knotty oak;
  • titanium metallic – anthracite with a metallic sheen.

Garage doors from a German manufacturer please not only with the quality of the fabric, guides and other components. Hormann has a product for even the most capricious customer..

How to choose?

When choosing one or another garage door, you should focus on your own needs.. High-speed models are perfect for modern life, which will not keep you waiting long..

Panoramic garage doors have an attractive appearance.

Fire protection structures can save not only the life of their owner and his family, but also the garage itself. They prevent the spread of the fire source into the house if it happened on the street..


Installation and installation of garage doors can be ordered from specialists, or you can do it yourself. You will have to pay extra for the first option. The second method may be less costly in material terms, but more difficult. But do not be upset in advance.

In order to install a Hormann garage door with your own hands, you should first pay attention to some important details:

  • The opening in which the gate will be installed must be perfectly flat.
  • Markup. You can’t just take and insert the finished gate into the opening. You need to make a simple markup that will help you set everything up correctly..
  • The assembly of the guides should be done in a horizontal position. This is necessary to avoid distortion and deformation of the frame..

A step-by-step instruction on how to properly install a garage door is provided with the product and allows you to easily complete all the necessary installation procedures.

The web sections are installed from bottom to top – the manufacturer focuses on this in the instructions. Ropes are attached to the lowest part. Rollers are attached to each section. The tensioner cables must be passed behind the rollers. Only after attaching the roller and cable, you can add a section.

It is very important to adjust the top rollers. They should be placed evenly, without distortion or jamming. At the end, cables and springs are connected.


Hormann automatic garage door operators allow you to program the required door speed, and adjusting the opening level will allow you to adapt products for different types of use. Without leaving the garage, you can adjust the ventilation of the room or check if the gate is closed or not..

Programming garage door operators is easy as it is done by entering a two-digit code. It is also very easy and simple to adjust the clamping force of the gate using the remote control..

How to manage?

Hormann garage doors are operated using a remote control. The BiSecur system patented by the concern is used in all control elements. This system not only allows you to easily open or close the gate, but also helps to clarify in what position they are..

It is also possible to open the structure without electricity.. According to the peculiarities of using various functions (there are from 1 to 4 of them in total on different consoles), in the first place are compact remote control key fobs that can be carried with the keys and not worry that they will be lost.


Russian car owners speak very positively about the products of the German concern. There are many good reviews for the perfect drive and protection system. Among the negative factors often arise the cost of structures and the need to wait for your order for a long time..

In general, Hormann products are popular with various buyers..

For more information on the Hormann gate, see the video below..

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