How to create a beautiful design for a garden plot of 6 acres?

Many people dream of spending their free time away from the bustle of the city in their own country house, around which a beautiful garden is laid out, where you can relax both body and soul. Even if this garden is small, with an area of ​​6 acres. Despite the small area, such a site has great prospects and opportunities..


If in the past many summer residents tried to plant the area of ​​the garden plot with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, nowadays the owners of small and neat gardens spend a lot of effort in order to ennoble it and make it a unique place of relaxation and harmony.

The design of such a site must meet the requirements of beauty and practicality. An important factor is the shape of your 6 hectare plot.

It is safe to say that a garden with an area of ​​6 acres today is more relevant not as an opportunity to grow healthy and tasty vegetables, but as an option for a place for a cozy rest.

Of course, given the size of the site, you will have to deny yourself a lot – it will be possible to build a small house, even a two-story one. A detached guest house cannot fit into your cozy garden. For meeting guests, it will be possible to allocate a room in the main building.

If you decide to definitely build a bathhouse on the site with your own hands, place it right next to the veranda or gazebo to save space. You can try to arrange on your site and a place for the car.

A zealous hostess, even in a small area, will find a couple of square meters for a “vegetable garden”. Indeed, sometimes fresh herbs or cucumbers are so necessary for the table. But a fence or fence in your garden can be made “alive”, using the advice of experienced designers.

And, of course, don’t forget about the fire safety rules.. This is very important for small garden plots where the premises are located in a certain proximity to each other:

  • Residential premises should be located at least 3 meters from the border of neighbors and at least 5 meters from the street.
  • Any utility rooms should also be located a meter from the garden border..

The design of your garden can be equipped with your own hands, and the result can be a wonderful relaxation area, where you can not only relax in comfort, but also spend time effectively..


Starting to plan the arrangement of your summer cottage, you need to take into account all the nuances, for this it is good to first depict your future summer cottage project on paper, which will allow you to avoid surprises and mistakes, as well as calculate the budget.

Your project can consist of the following items:

  • plan of the entire site;
  • area of ​​the site;
  • garden design;
  • breakdown of electrical networks;
  • watering and drainage.

At the very beginning, in planning your entire home, you will have to take into account the landscape horizon around the future house, that is, the lowlands or, conversely, the elevation of the site. Next, you will need to choose the most successful place for the foundation of the house, and also figure out the location of outbuildings, a veranda or a terrace.

An important factor is the shape of your 6 hectare site. Most often, it is rectangular and square, however, given the small size of the area, it can also be L-shaped. Therefore, the location of a small pool or alpine slide will have to be moved to the far corner of your garden. And it’s not scary if they are located next to the garden beds., the main thing is that everything is calculated and thought out.


Correctly dividing your garden plot into certain zones is a guarantee that in the future you can quite comfortably enjoy well-groomed garden beds, beautiful flower beds, and a small and cozy bathhouse.

If you got a plot without buildings, then you can plan everything “from scratch”, and not deal with the transfer and restructuring on it.

Consider what exactly you need to have in a suburban area, how many people plan to live with you, how often friends or relatives will visit you. Many owners are trying to place on their 6 acres all the delights of suburban life, including a swimming pool, smokehouse, bathhouse, guest house, paths-alleys.

However, everything together will look too cumbersome in a small area, so let’s focus on the most basic:

  • Residential building. The house itself is one-story or two-story, with an attic, with a terrace, always with a guest room.
  • Parking for a car – it can be located closer to the exit.
  • Bath – albeit not very large, but be sure to attach a gazebo to it – it will be useful for relaxation not only after the “steam room”.

  • Toilet area – not all houses have a bathroom, therefore, if necessary, the toilet can be built separately. Such a structure does not take up a lot of space, there should be no problems with it.
  • Rest area – there you can put a barbecue and a table. Nowadays, a brazier with a roof, metal or brick, is very popular. This model fits perfectly into any garden design..

Most importantly, do not place it in the sun itself..

  • Playground for children – for this you can allocate several square meters, fill them with ecological sand, install swings or slides, sometimes an inflatable pool. An obligatory requirement is that such a playground must be visible from the window of the house, then your children can always be supervised..
  • A small plot can also be defined as a vegetable garden for zealous owners. Beds planted with strawberries or cucumbers can delight you in summertime.

  • Alpine slide or dug pool – with skillful zoning, even in a small area, you can find a place for such a decoration of the summer cottage area. For alpine slides, the natural elevations of your garden are the best fit..

No matter how you “zoned” your site, remember the advice of the designers: you do not need to place the house in the center of the site, all other zones in this case will hardly “fit” into your project.


Many owners of small plots believe that a blank hedge separating the boundaries of their own plot from those of their neighbors creates a dull mood..

Therefore, the choice of a “hedge” instead of a classic fence is increasingly in demand in our time. Ornamental shrubs, coniferous trees will create an indescribable comfort to the perimeter of your site. Popular in this case is the western thuja, the height of which reaches 150 cm, or the tree, which can grow up to 3 meters.

If you want even higher, then choose an evergreen tree – Canadian hemlock, it is very unpretentious and reaches a height of more than 3 meters.

For a clearer division of boundaries, you can pull a chain-link behind a coniferous hedge, and in some cases plant legumes or grapes along it – both useful and beautiful.

A living fence will visually increase the space of your site by 6 acres, and advice from experienced designers will help to support the illusion of spaciousness:

  • When planting green spaces, avoid strict geometric lines. Let the paths be winding, the flower beds round.
  • The jungle on your small plot will be superfluous – no need to plant trees without thoughtful options. Shrubs can intertwine, and instead of a well-tended garden, you will get an impassable thicket.
  • Use arched structures that will wrap around liana-like plants.
  • Consider the lighting of the garden – decorative lighting that gives diffused light will look good in the evening.

How to plant correctly?

Correct planting of plants is an important fact. Each flower or tree reacts differently to the sun’s rays, many of them only survive under the sun. Therefore, it is important to realistically assess the humidity and sun exposure in your area..

Any garden will benefit from a variety of small flower beds or flower arrangements – both annuals and perennials.

For example, if you only get to the dacha on weekends, you need plants that do not require special care, such as marigolds. They can become a bright spot in your flower gallery and can easily do without watering for a week. But if you are a fan of roses, then you will have to visit the garden plot much more often, since roses are capricious creatures.

Conifers also require competent planting:

  • Ate loves dark places, so they need to be planted where the sun’s rays do not fall directly, from the north side.
  • Pines are more unpretentious, they can be planted wherever you decide when designing your garden.
  • In order to still protect the coniferous beauties from the bright sun, if we are talking about the southern regions, then protect them from the southern side with a linden or birch tree. The foliage of these trees will become a kind of shield for conifers..

Fruit trees should not be planted too close together. In this case, they will not bear fruit. Experienced summer residents advise planting trees of the same type next to each other: pears with pears, plums with plums, and so on. True, it will look rather unpleasant, and therefore many trees are “combined” with each other, for example, an apple tree can be planted with a pear and a quince, but with an apricot it is better to be at a certain distance.

If your site is on a slope or on a hill, plant trees across the hills. Distance between trees 5-6 meters.

Choosing plants

Heat-loving plants, for example, grapes, are planted only on the southern side of the garden area. There you can also plant spices that will add zest to your garden. The sun’s rays are good for raspberry bushes..

Shade-tolerant plants can be planted in the corners of your garden. Neat flower beds of asters, petunias, tricolor violets will look colorful. Less often, the owners plant Siberian iris, lily of the valley or astilba, although they are also worthy of the attention of summer residents.

Carnations, calendula and many bulbous perennials will brighten up the sunny sides of the garden. They can be planted both in front of the house and behind the playground. Daffodils, tulips, peonies, delphiniums will greet you with bright buds from early spring to hot summer.

A flower garden in the form of a flowering carpet will look great in your garden – you can sow lawns with simple wildflowers.

Consider chamomile, cornflowers, or poppies as an option..

Planting flowers along the neat paths of the garden or next to the veranda with your own hands will take a lot of time and reward you with an idyllic picture: chamomile, salvia or other low-growing annual plants will delight both the owners and guests.

Bright inflorescences of hydrangeas in a round flower bed can be located both in the center of the site and not far from the recreation area.

Multi-colored lupins will create the effect of a blossoming rainbow.

Ornamental shrubs that grow for a long time and absolutely do not clutter up the space are also relevant in summer cottages. For example, spring-flowering spirea, which will delight the eye from the beginning of May until the hottest summer. Spirea grows well and is a decoration of any border.

Chubushnik or garden jasmine captivates, first of all, with its aroma. He loves light, fertile soil and cannot stand stagnant water.

As for the arches, which can become a “feature” of your site, then use clematis or maiden grapes for them, however, climbing roses will look the most effective..


An individual and unique design of your site will be an original decor – from an alpine slide to thoughtful lighting. For example, if you are a lover of the English style, then wooden benches should be an obligatory element on your site, you can even handmade.

Forged lattices are a design option in the French style. An airy mini-garden will not hurt either. Growing vegetables vertically is a fashion trend in today’s horticulture. Hanging cucumbers and tomatoes instead of the usual bunches of grapes – this can be an unusual solution.

A tree growing directly from a flower bed can also become an original solution..

By the way, high flower beds and beds, broken by our own hands, diversify the usual picture of a garden plot and become an object of admiration not only for the owners, but also for the guests..

Garden beds can also become an unusual decor, the fences of which will serve as simple plastic bottles, laid out in a fancy geometric shape..

Lighting your site can also be an original solution: for example, spherical lamps are not only functional, but also decorate the landscape of your site. Mini spotlights installed on the ground, illuminating the plants from below, add a romantic touch to your garden. An amazing view will be created by lamps that illuminate your small pool or pond.

Beautiful examples

A good example of this is an unusual backyard flooring – a lawn of grass mixed with terraced paths and areas covered with gravel. In this case, a feeling of comfort and coziness is created – like you are in the country, in nature, but well-groomed paths will set you up for a romantic mood.

If you love minimalism and all kinds of flower bed decorations are not for you, then get ready: the seeming simplicity is worth the effort. The design materials should be textured; the design of the site should contain stairs and height differences. A small body of water should be framed within clear boundaries. Accessories and decoration must be consistent in natural colors – beige, white, silver. Furniture – aluminum or plastic.

Decorate your garden with geometric shapes like boulders or balls, or even hang mirrors. In this case, you will become the owner of a calm and wonderful rest corner..

For more information about the design of a garden plot with an area of ​​6 acres, see the next release of the program "Landscape tricks".

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