Landscaping: the subtleties of creating a harmonious design with your own hands

In order to create a unique landscape design of a summer cottage with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account some features of the terrain and soil, as well as the relief of the territory. In this case, you must follow a number of rules..

It’s no secret that hiring a landscape designer is a very expensive service, but you can do it yourself..


You can ennoble a summer cottage by creating a whole artistic composition on it. It is only important to decide on the style direction of the design of the territory, and also take into account what is the main thing for you at the summer cottage. So, if you prefer to use the cottage for relaxation, then landscape design should consist mainly of perennial plants and large lawns.

If in the country you plan to grow vegetables and other gifts of nature, then you it is necessary to provide a place for the beds. If the site should only please your gas, then, first of all, it should contain different types of flowers and decorative elements..

A feature of independent landscape design is that there should be enough space on the site for both beds, flower beds, trees with shrubs, and reservoirs, and even larger decorative elements, for example, gazebos, benches. You need to choose one direction, and then create in this vein..

It is necessary to start with the planning, then you can proceed to the direct design of the suburban area with your own hands. You need to think about how you will equip and improve the garden.

Another feature is the need to create a single and logical composition on the site. So, it should combine architecture and plants, as well as textures, shapes and colors. The combination should be bright, but at the same time harmonious.

In landscape design, both volumetric and plane figures should be present at once. Otherwise, it will look monotonous. Linear tracks are also an important element..

The volume of the site is given with the help of lush shrubs and tree crowns, and the planar elements, as a rule, are flower beds and lawns. You should also correctly correlate the shape and size of all design elements of the estate..

If you have chosen an abundance of round shapes in the form of flower beds, trimmed shrubs, tree crowns, then you should not use acute-angled types of decorative elements.

Another feature of the right landscape design is that you need to choose one central element from which you will start. He must focus attention on himself: it can be a gazebo, a fountain or an artificial reservoir. But also the largest and most colorful flower bed can take on this role, for example.

When creating landscaping, pay more attention to color combinations. So, all flowers and other plants, as well as decorative elements must be in harmony with each other, otherwise the site will look too colorful and tasteless. It is important to choose several primary colors, and only dilute them with an appropriate color mix..

When creating your homestead design, do not forget that many plants fade quickly, and therefore the color scheme can change. Here it is important to consider the flowering time of plants.

Try to select the decor elements to match the texture of the fence. So, if it is made of wood, then try to avoid using metal elements..

Some features differ in the design of a suburban area with an inclined relief. This complexity implies additional thinking about landscape design. But from this you can make an interesting advantage, for example, geoplastics will do..

If you have a slope on the site, then you can divide it into zones using different plants, and support the lower part with low walls. If you have a hilly area, then you can arrange alpine slides. In areas with a slight slope, stone terraces or lawns can be made.


To make a beautiful landscape design of any, even the smallest, plot with an area of ​​4 acres, it is necessary to draw up a project or a model of a summer cottage in advance, in which it is necessary to depict the entire territory near the house. The whole space must be visualized on paper..

First of all, the simplest plan is drawn up with a pencil, where you can depict objects that you already have on the site, and then add new ones. In addition, for the development of landscape design, you can use special computer programs that allow you to look at the planned design from all angles..

Do not assume that what is depicted on paper can be immediately realized. It will take more than a year or even two years for all flowers and other plantings to grow. When creating a plan, keep in mind that the plants will grow to the sides, so a place for them must be allocated with a margin.

First of all, on the plan, it is necessary to reflect all buildings, gazebos and fences. After that, it is necessary to depict existing or planned reservoirs, and then you can divide the site into other zones.

You need to think about where they will be located paths and paths. You need to arrange them so that you have access to all parts of the estate. In addition, they will help to divide the site into zones. After that, you need to provide a place for the lawn. It is important to allocate a large area for it, since, as a rule, this element takes up a lot of space..

Next, you can think about where the main flower beds will be located. Then you need to dotted small flower beds and decorative elements. At the end of the layout, the following elements should be reflected on paper:

  • green spaces;
  • flower beds;
  • hedges (live or artificial);
  • recreation area (including gazebos);
  • artificial reservoirs;
  • paths;
  • stairs.

When planning, it is important to calculate in advance how many seeds and seedlings will be required, as well as think about how much you plan to spend on them..

Having drawn up a good and high-quality site plan, you can make a competent landscape design that will please the eye.


You can improve the area near the house by dividing it into zones. Moreover, the allocation of zones depends on the landscape and the functional purpose of your site. It is important to immediately separate the courtyard and the village well, as well as other industrial buildings, and only then divide the site into zones and equip them.

Try to create not too many small functional areas. Everything should be natural, transitions between zones should be smooth and logical.

Improvement needs to begin with work on zoning areas that are located between large buildings or other obstacles. You can select a separate secluded area, for example, near the courtyard. Zoning should be carried out taking into account the illumination of the site. Partitions that are too high can interfere with some plants by creating shade..

It is possible to distinguish a play area, an area with flower beds, an area with a fountain, a recreation area and an area for beds..

When zoning, it is important to observe the correct forms.. Better to highlight rectangular or square functional areas. However, zoning by sectors looks more impressive..

Square zoning is chosen if the site has regular equilateral shapes. But the elongated sections need to be divided into rectangles. Moreover, the size of these zones does not have to be the same..

For zoning, fences and fences are used. These can be small discontinuous partitions. It is these zoning options that do not interfere with plants and do not affect their growth. This refers to small decorative fences that will become the highlight of your design..

An excellent solution for zoning is the arrangement of garden paths. For large summer cottages, it is better to use geometric paths – correct and straight. A simpler option is to use arbitrary tracks, which can be either narrow or wide and winding. In addition, they look more interesting and unusual..

First, you need to select the main path, and only then remove narrower, secondary ones from it, which will divide the site into small zones.

Another way of zoning is the use of artificial structures. It can be alpine slides, artificial reservoirs, bridges. Mini-rivers and streams do an excellent job with this task. Large stones can also be used for zoning..

Zoning of a summer cottage can be carried out using color, seating all flowers and other plants, based on their color scheme. But it’s rather complicated and monotonous.

Another interesting zoning option is in shape and size. So, in different zones there may be too tall or, on the contrary, dwarf plants.

Another great option is to use artificial hedges.. To divide the site into zones, artificial nets are used, which are decorated with loaches.. Such a hedge can be high or low, it all depends on the specific type of functional zone and on what plants will be located there..


Landscaping in landscape design is one of the most interesting and difficult stages. This is important both for the garden and for the village plot. It is necessary to decorate it first of all with flowers. Before planting plants, select them according to their characteristics. You need to seat them in groups, a little at a distance from each other.. So, gardening includes:

  • fruit and ornamental trees;
  • fruit and ornamental shrubs;
  • herbaceous plantings;
  • flowers;
  • flower beds;
  • lawns.

When choosing flowers, it is important to consider how long their flowering and seasonality will last. So, in the spring, daffodils, snowdrops, forget-me-nots, primroses bloom. These are lush and beautiful flowers. In addition, they do not require special care. Based on this, they can be planted together.

Summer flowers are dicentra, astrantia, armeria and many others. Summer flowers are usually the most. Fall flowers include crocuses and asters..

Trees should be planted away from flowers as they can shade them. From the shade, your beautiful flowers will quickly dry out and turn yellow.. Trees should be planted at a distance of about one and a half meters from each other.. Moreover, it is better to place them on the north or west side of the site, so that the most illuminated parts of the garden go to plants that love light..

It is important to consider the movement of the sun during the day..

When planting plants, it is necessary to observe symmetry, as well as the rule of repetition. Thus, landscaping will help emphasize your taste and become more harmonious..

A separate element of landscaping is a hedge. These can be evergreens or conifers. The hedge can remain not only in summer, but also in the cold season. But it is important to maintain its shape and size, in the summer you will have to regularly trim and care for it.

Pay more attention to the lawn when landscaping. It should combine various functional areas of the site and dilute bright flowers..

The lawn is the connecting element between the individual parts of the landscape design. You can purchase lawn grass in the form of seeds or rolls. It is very important to maintain the neat appearance of such plantings..

The lawn should only be planted in clean, dug ground.. After that, it is necessary to level and tamp it, and only then sow the seeds. You need to scatter dry earth on top so that birds do not peck them.

It is better to choose versatile types of lawns, since they do not require special care, and you can use them for any purpose. Versatile lawns survive the winter well. In addition, they can be dry for a long time. This is true for those who rarely visit their summer cottage.

The lawn must be monitored by removing weeds, otherwise the harmonious picture will be disturbed. It is important to maintain the correct level of grass height, constantly mow the lawn.

Another element of landscaping is flower beds. You can pick up options that are original in shape, height and content.

In the recreation area near the gazebo, it is better to arrange graceful flowerpots and pots in which bright flowers are planted. It can also be decorated with vines and loaches..

Landscape designers distinguish several main types of flower bed design:

  • Mixborder. It is a combination of seemingly incompatible flowers and plants. They are planted, grouped according to some criterion. A wide variety of plants are combined within one flower bed. In this case, both annual and perennial plants are used. But it’s important to remember seasonality. You can create a full-fledged flower bed only in the second year. That’s when you have the perfect mixborder..

  • Border. This version of the flower bed is the planting of flowers along the paths. In this case, it is better to use perennial plants, since this flower bed will be constantly present on the site. It is quite difficult to remove paths and ladders, so more durable plants should be chosen to decorate them..

It is best to give preference to low plantings that grow very densely and spread. You can choose from three to five shades of flowers, they are seated alternately or according to an extended pattern.

So, the edges of the border can be decorated with flowers alone, and a little further from it, but close to the first row of plants, you need to plant flowers of other shades and shapes. Thus, you can make a spectacular design and emphasize the beautiful paths on the site..

  • Rabatka. This version of the flower bed is a long strip that frames the lawn. As a rule, this option is possible only if you have a large summer cottage area. Flowers can be of different heights. In some cases, they are even planted in ascending steps. Bright colors are used to make the lawn more colorful.


The simplest decor option can be beautiful and graceful paths, paths. These can be areas lined with ceramic tiles, beautiful pebbles and even shells..

Both natural and artificial stones are used to cover the paths. You can put gravel, crushed stone on it. It is also simple, but at the same time functional, since it does not allow water to collect along the edges of the walkway..

The next decorative element is reservoirs. It can be small ponds, streams, fountains, waterfalls. The pond looks very nice, near the shore of which there is a water mill. This decorative detail adds elegance. Of all the reservoirs that you can create with your own hands, a pond is more suitable for beginners. It is the easiest to set up and requires little maintenance. In addition, you can put fish there and plant lilies and other aquatic plants..

The pond can be decorated with pebbles along the edges, and its banks can be connected with a small bridge.

On the territory you can also make beautiful alpine slides. They are an independent decorative element that can include stones, flowers, grass, lanterns and artificial waterfalls. Such a grouping will be an elegant decorative element..

Another design option is the use of large cobblestones. Plants and small stones can be located near them..

You can also decorate the site with tire elements. Such crafts can be easily built from available tools. So, it can be colored multi-tiered flower beds or flowerpots for plants. They can be arranged in any order. In addition, beautiful figures can be made from tires..

Another important decorative element is proper lighting. Although it is quite difficult to carry out lighting in the garden, it is worth it.. Any illuminated paths, gazebos and artificial reservoirs look just great., filling your garden and vegetable garden with magic and dipping you into a fairy tale. These can be street lamps, as well as mini-lamps..

For the garden, it is better to secure and choose models with protective visors.

Beautiful garlands with lanterns can be hung on the trees, graceful street lights can be installed along the paths.

Another decor option is the installation of small architectural structures. These can be mini-gazebos, swings, stoves and outdoor kitchens, as well as other elegant buildings. They can combine style and functionality at the same time. Firewood can be beautifully laid out near the stove.

Beautiful examples

Landscaping in the English style is fashionable. It features a design with flowing lines and soft contours. It should not have sharp transitions and corners. All lawns must be neatly trimmed and level.

For such a landscape design, it is better to use perennial plants; for garden decoration, select fences and buildings only from natural materials.

Another popular trend is the design of the garden in the French style. In this case, the site should be supplemented with paved areas, natural fences, red or white brick paths. A graceful fountain surrounded by a lawn and narrow paths can take the central place.

Small plots can be decorated in Japanese style. Such an example of landscape design is a combination of water bodies, stone paths and plants. It is better to supplement the water body with a bridge..

This style is characterized by symmetry and a large number of water features. Popular use of flowering trees.

For even more tips and tricks on how to decorate the landscape design of the site, see the next video.

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