Landscaping: zoning a plot of 20 acres

So, you have recently acquired or inherited a so-called hacienda. And you, like every new landowner, want to start building immediately.

20 acres is a piece of land where you will be given the opportunity to fully realize your design dreams. Here you can place all the necessary buildings, add decorative elements, in general – create such a landscape design, which you have long dreamed of at night. On a suburban area, you can easily allocate free space for the pool, Russian bath, greenhouse and other decorative elements.


Starting to create a project for the arrangement of your land plot, you should clearly understand how to draw up a plan for the site. Think about what exactly you want to place on it. Think about the preparatory work you need to do. Hire workers if necessary if you feel like you can’t do it on your own.

Land development planning depends on many different factors. It is necessary to consider the most basic characteristics that need to be taken into account when creating a plan.

The relief of each site is special. You may have a flat surface, hills, ravines in your country house. The location of your future home and all other buildings will largely depend on the state of the relief of the site. If you will conduct water, gas, light to your dacha, then be sure to pay your attention to this aspect. It can be crucial in the end.

20 acres of land is a very large territory, which can include a variety of relief zones. This assortment, perhaps, will become a real advantage if the buildings are successfully located on the land. Having planned the landscape design of the hacienda in advance, it will be much easier for you to carry out landscaping.

Shape and other features of the site

Your piece of land can be in the shape of a rectangle, the letter G and other configuration. It is necessary to deal with the process of the location of the main buildings in accordance with the shape of the land plot. Work on the creation of landscape design should always begin with the distribution of the territory..

It is good if you are lucky with the soil and it turned out to be fertile. And if the soil is heavy, on such soil you should choose a different species composition of plants than on light.

The process of erecting buildings will be closely related to a number of additional actions. The land in your country house may have a heterogeneous soil composition. Conducting soil analysis from different parts of your land will help you avoid unnecessary worries and paperwork in the future..

The location of the reservoirs in your dacha is of great importance. The depth of groundwater is critical. It must be taken into account when drilling wells and carrying out drainage of the site..

See if your hacienda has old buildings, sewage and gas pipes. Decide whether you will include these objects in the landscape design of your territory.

Pay your attention to how exactly your territory is located in relation to the cardinal points. This will give you an accurate understanding of the direction and strength of the wind, as well as the amount of solar radiation. You will need this knowledge during the construction of the site and landscaping of its territory. You can apply for a special analysis of your site. It will provide you with the most accurate data.

Pay attention to the various trees and plants that you may have on your land. Think about whether you would like to preserve them, including in your landscaping, or not. Maybe an old rotten tree is growing on your hacienda. It risks falling and destroying buildings or injuring someone. This scenario also needs to be envisaged. Naturally, you need to get rid of such trees before starting the main work. This will protect you from unnecessary hassle in the future..


In order for the internal infrastructure of your land plot to function accurately and without failures, it is extremely important to make the correct delimitation of the entire territory into separate zones, which can be located separately, but at the same time be connected with each other..

You will need to make a plan, where and what kind of building is better to build. On a land plot with an area of ​​20 acres, there is usually:

  • House;
  • various outbuildings;
  • relaxation zone;
  • children playground;
  • man-made reservoir.

It all depends entirely on the imagination and taste of the owner. The division of the territory into separate zones is done in order to better understand where to place the future premises.

Zoning – dividing a piece of land into pieces in accordance with their planned functions. The division into zones is carried out taking into account the basic laws of design and the wishes of the landowner himself. The following zones are distinguished on the land plot:

  • Living sector – buildings that were intended for people to live in. These include:
  1. the residential building itself;
  2. outbuilding for guests or servants;
  3. altanka.

  • Economic zone. This zone includes:
  1. kitchen;
  2. cellar;
  3. warehouse buildings;
  4. bath;
  5. woodcutter;
  6. boiler room.

  • Relaxation area – a large area, consisting of all kinds:
  1. places for relaxation;
  2. alcove.

  • About appointment vegetable garden and garden areas easy to guess. They usually post there:
  1. Orchard;
  2. garden beds;
  3. small park.

Break up a few beds there, and grow your favorite vegetables in the garden. Plant seedlings and enjoy the harvest of juicy apples or pears in your garden. Break the original flower garden.

Remember that these zones must be placed where soil conditions are favorable for growing flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, berries.

  • Water zone. For a large plot of land, it would be better to include this zone in the design as a separate item. This is due to the fact that work on the arrangement of reservoirs requires knowledge and skills. The composition includes man-made reservoirs and other design solutions.

You can connect all these zones using paths, and separate them with different trees, bushes or special garden sculptures. Designers have come up with a beautiful phrase – hedge. You can plant it on your site. It will turn out very nicely, and most importantly – functional.

Having decided on the location of the zones, you need to schematically plot them on a special plan of your hacienda. Take into account all its features..

Remember that when working on the arrangement of your summer cottage, and planning the design, you should adhere to one style. Better choose it initially. This will help you avoid bad taste. Having decided on the style, in the future it will be much easier to choose decor and plants.

There are many different styles that are quite applicable for decorating the landscape design of your hacienda. Choose a style, taking into account the characteristics of your site and your own design ideas.


It is very difficult to decide exactly how to arrange your hacienda of 20 acres, and which one to create a landscape. There are so many styles, and each of them is good and original in its own way. The layout must be carefully thought out.

  • Classic design it is good to use it on large plots of land. In this style, when creating the main buildings and individual parts of landscape design, it is better to observe strict geometry. They seem to tell the guests and the owner of the site that man is in control of nature. The use of the classic style in the design of a land plot requires thoroughness and large financial resources. This style will appeal to pedants and neat people..
  • English landscape pays great attention to natural forms. The first place is taken by nature and its natural beauty. The forms that were used should focus on the power of nature and the need to submit to its rules. There should be beautiful long alleys on the site.

  • French park style with “chalet”. Many people will love this style. The main idea here is harmony and comfort. The popularity of the style is gaining momentum. He promotes the concept of connecting with nature and unquestioning obedience to its laws. When creating this style, you can use exclusively natural materials that will be in harmony with the terrain. Minimize the presence of man-made elements. This style is easy to clean. You will be able to save your family budget. Agree, this is not unimportant.
  • Exotic and tropical styles also applicable for a plot of land with a garage. True, they will cost you a pretty penny. To maintain such an expensive style, you will need service personnel..

  • Romantic the style is liked by summer residents. He collected different styles in himself. There are no special rules for the registration of such a site..
  • Style hi-tech very trendy and dynamic. To arrange a summer residence in a similar style, only newfangled building materials are used. Residential premises and other elements of architecture are built using all the most modern technologies.
  • Baroque luxurious, sophisticated and artsy style. Your favorite piece of land will look like a million dollars. You can also use it to decorate your summer cottage, but you will have to shell out a tidy sum for the care and arrangement.

  • Alpine style perfect for areas with small slopes. If you have a plain, and you want to arrange it in this style, then you will have to pay a lot of money to get the expected result..
  • Forest style you can easily create with your own hands. A great advantage will be the presence of a forest planting next to the site. You just need to do gardening of the hacienda in such a way that your man-made forest harmoniously merges with the natural one. You won’t need a lot of money to create this style. In addition, he needs almost no care..

Start by putting together a design project. Consider all zones and style. Guided by this project, you will plan the construction and landscaping process. If you doubt that you will be able to cope with the tasks set, then it is better to seek help from professionals..

The land plot is exactly the place where you can fully express your imagination and realize old dreams of comfort and unity with nature. Be attentive, neat, patient and you will be able to turn a banal dacha into a paradise from Brazilian TV series.

For a landscape design project of a plot of 20 acres, see the following video.

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