Sectional fence: types and features

Buying and assembling fences for a summer residence, estate or country house is an important stage in creating the appearance of the site. The most popular option right now is a sectional fence..

What is?

A sectional fence consists of a certain number of blocks assembled together thanks to various connection elements. The main advantages are:

  • ease of installation without the involvement of specialists;
  • cheaper than most types of fences;
  • decent appearance;
  • large variety of materials.

The pillars are used as the fulcrum and reference point for each section. They must be fixed to the foundation and the sections must be hung on poles. This saves time, effort and foundation..


There is a wide variety of sectional fences. The differences lie in the material from which it is made, as well as in additional elements. They are used to create a stronger and more beautiful fence..

The most common option is considered to be used in sectional fencing mesh-netting. It is based on galvanized wire. You need to know that there are meshes of various qualities. The width of the cells may also be a factor. For fences next to plants, choose a wider width to maximize the amount of sunlight for the plants. Cell density often doesn’t even create shadows.

This option is easy to install and quite cheap.. These two factors determine the popularity of the chain-link mesh. Also, the mesh is durable, reliable and easy to maintain. With proper installation, it will not sag for a long time. And with the optimal choice of height, no animal can enter your territory..

More expensive is option with welded mesh.

Such a fence has a number of advantages over a fence with a chain-link mesh:

  • higher strength. It is achieved due to the fact that the elements are fastened due to spot welding – this allows the use of such a fence for a long time;
  • various diameters of metal bars. This allows you to change the density of the bars;
  • exclusion of the possibility of sagging of the sectional web;
  • creating a 3D effect thanks to the presence of one or more V-shaped protrusions.

Easy to manufacture is the option of a fencing made of corrugated board. Such a fence will help hide everything from the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. The corrugated board looks good, there is a wide selection of material colors. Due to the fact that the supports are concreted, this type of fence will be reliable. It also eliminates the windage of the sheets..

The only thing that may be needed from you during operation is to monitor the material and paint the sheets of corrugated board. They lose color from constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation..

Wooden sectional fencing is easy to assemble and install. In appearance, such a fence may not be the most sophisticated, more often it is chosen for any landscape or for the embodiment of any design ideas. The main thing is to make all the measurements correctly, then competently carry out the installation of such a structure. If all the conditions are met, then such a fence will serve an extremely long time..

A very popular, durable and strong option is the manufacture of elements and sections from a metal profile. Different execution of patterns in each section is possible. Great for places with large elevation differences. No special care is required during operation. Installation is carried out by welding sections on support pillars, which is why this structure will serve for a very long time..

One of the options may be a metal fence, most often it is an aluminum sheet. If you make all-metal sections, due to the lack of ventilation, air stagnates. This can lead to waterlogging of soils, the appearance of mosses, an increase in dampness..

These factors will increase the number of insects on the site. Therefore, when choosing metal fences, it is best to choose blind fences.

They consist of a large number of panels mounted on poles. They are capable of transmitting a small amount of ultraviolet rays. There is also constant air circulation. Due to a certain angle of inclination, panel elements will perfectly protect the territory from uninvited guests and from unnecessary glances from neighbors.

The most sophisticated – fences with forging elements. With the help of openwork elements, you can safely create any plexus. Also, forged metal is resistant to any kind of impact. The appearance of such fences will delight you and your neighbors..

Reinforced concrete fence looks very reliable, here you can also get creative when decorating. Such a fence is represented by blocks with a width of 50 to 200 cm, which are superimposed on each other. The weight of each element is 50 – 75 kg, so three workers can cope with the installation of such a fence without using special equipment.


During the preparatory phase, before installing a new fence, you need to know exactly what tool you have.. The required tool will be:

  • electric drill or screwdriver;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • perforator.

You also need:

  • metal pillars or supports;
  • screws and other hardware;
  • corners for the frame;
  • cement-sand mixture.

The first and main step is to mark the site for the supports. The pillars should stand strictly vertically – both the quality of work and the aesthetic appearance of the entire fence will depend on this.

Under each support, it is necessary to dig a hole 45 – 60 cm deep.It is best to use bricks so that the post is clamped and almost does not move. Verticality must be constantly checked with a level. After all the preparatory steps, you can pour the concrete mixture into the pit. It is best to support the pillar yourself for some time until the slightest drying out of the concrete. After that, the verticality is checked again. And such an operation must be carried out with each pillar..

After installing all the pillars, you can attach the finished sections to the supports.

It is best to put bricks under the structure so as not to hold a heavy structure with your hands for a long time..


The popularity of sectional fences is due to a large number of advantages:

  • a huge selection of decorative elements, a large selection of colors;
  • a large selection of sizes and types of sections;
  • Fire safety;
  • reasonable price available to many consumers;
  • practicality;
  • long service life;

  • the ability to swap structures;
  • ease of installation work;
  • high strength;
  • often – low weight of the entire structure (with the exception of reinforced concrete structures);
  • ease of maintenance.

The durability of any type of sectional fence depends on the quality of work..

Putting a sectional fence with your own hands is a fairly doable task. Sometimes it can take more time to select the material, shape and size of the sections. The attractive price allows such structures to be used everywhere, and the simplicity of installation work will delight anyone, even a beginner in the construction business.. The main thing to remember is that the durability of the entire structure will depend on the quality of all parts, as well as the high-quality performance of the work..

You will learn how to properly install a sectional fence from the following video.

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