Subtleties of landscape design of a plot of 25 acres

Lately, many people wish to move out of town. Today there are a huge variety of options for how to decorate a land plot beautifully and in an original way around a country house. But despite this, many owners still cannot decide which landscape design option will be most beneficial for their summer cottage area. Today I would like to talk about which design project is suitable for a space of 25 acres.


The territory of 25 acres will allow its owners to bring to life many design ideas. On such a large space, you can place many different plantings, buildings, water structures. But do not forget that the arrangement of a site of this scale will require a lot of time and effort..

Arrangement of a summer cottage area of ​​25 acres includes:

  • Study of the territory.
  • Drawing up diagrams, sketches of the future suburban space.
  • Carrying out the necessary work to create the conceived landscape design.

It is imperative to remember that in addition to plantings and all kinds of plantings, other equally important structures (water and lighting) are needed on the site. They can easily be located on a large plot of 25 acres.

Also, do not forget about the device of special small paths, they can be made from a variety of materials (glass, wood, decorative stone, metal)

When decorating the landscape design of a land zone, it is worth remembering that, despite the huge size of the territory, it cannot be overloaded with unnecessary details and structures, otherwise the garden will turn out to be too tasteless and ugly. When drawing up a preliminary plan for the arrangement of the space, it is necessary to organically place all items on the territory of the site.

Required items

At any summer cottage, special lighting systems must be located. For a large area, a powerful light installation is needed that could illuminate the entire space.. Examples of such structures are:

  • LED strips.
  • LED street lights.
  • Pole lights.
  • Lighting devices installed on the facade of the house or on the stairs.

Special attention should be paid to the lighting of the main path leading to the house, the main alley of the territory, the owner’s recreation area and the stairs. Often, light structures are also used to complement landscape design (flickering light installations for ponds, mechanisms for highlighting flowers, lamps mounted on the outer walls of a house or garage).

Another essential element is water structures. For large plots, original decorative fountains may be suitable, which would delight garden owners with their beauty and originality. It is also often possible to see artificial ponds in suburban areas of impressive scale, which are bordered by large stones, vegetation or small bright lanterns..

Also, for a large garden plot, all kinds of irrigation systems can be suitable (devices for irrigating lawns, large mechanisms for watering gardens). Such constructions will greatly facilitate the work of the owners on their land plot and allow them to significantly save time, therefore, in the territories of a considerable area, it is important to place not only decorative water mechanisms, but also systems for humidifying the garden itself.

One of the most important elements in landscape design is green spaces. When choosing plants for his garden area, the owner of the land, first of all, must rely on his own desires and imaginations. There are a large number of options for which plantings can be placed in the summer cottage area and how exactly they can be located there.

An impressive area of ​​land will allow you to arrange on it a lot of ornamental shrubs and trees (thuja, juniper, hydrangea, viburnum). Today, designers often combine in a project of one landscape both dwarf or low-growing plantings (about 1.5 m) and tall ones (no more than 6 m). Such combinations will fit perfectly in spacious areas..

Also, in such garden areas, large flower beds that combine several types of flowers (roses, violets, dahlias, tulips, lilies) will look great. Such compositions will create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your garden. You can also use small flower beds, which will emphasize the sophistication and beauty of your site..

Ornamental grass is another important attribute of large gardens. She will be able to give your summer cottage an unobtrusive and attractive look. The types of such plants include meadow, thin-legged, fescue..


Currently, designers have proposed a considerable number of styles for arranging summer cottages, each of which has its own characteristics and features:


A plot designed in this direction will not require large investments and complex maintenance. When creating a design in a rural style, it is important to remember that paths, lamps and many other integral elements of the garden should be slightly scattered, careless. Also, this type of landscape design is characterized by the presence of several large flower beds, one of which is the main.

Often unpretentious flowers are used for flower beds (pansies, calendula, chamomile, asters).


This style is perfect for those who dream of creating an unusual oriental setting on their land plot. When arranging such a design, boulders and various types of decorative stones are most often used. One of the most important structures typical for this type of site design is a small artificial reservoir..


This style is distinguished by a large number of different structures and buildings. Often in gardens of this design, arches, bridges, special areas, additional houses for the rest of households are made. All kinds of stones, pebbles, wood, and sometimes glass are used to create such buildings..


For this style, a large variety of green spaces is typical (flower beds, different types of trees and shrubs, ornamental types of grass). At the same time, you should not place too many buildings and structures on the site. It is also worth noting that the design of a garden of this type should show a person, first of all, the pristine beauty of nature..


In the landscape design of this direction, a variety of shrubs and trees are often used, each of which is artificially given a unique look. Thanks to this interesting effect, you can create an original and memorable ensemble..

Also, the arrangement of such a site is characterized by an accurate and distinct lawn line, flat garden paths and flower beds of clear geometric shapes..

Successful examples

On a garden area of ​​25 acres, you can place a small number of large tall trees and several flower beds, and the rest of the space should be decorated with beautiful and creative buildings made of wood or stone. A small decorative bridge will look spectacular and elegant. Also, unusual gazebos for relaxation can give a special atmosphere to the garden..

An artificial reservoir of a small area will also look advantageous in the suburban space. It can be beautifully decorated with large, massive stones or strong plantings of various plants. You can also build a wooden bridge that runs across the pond. It will give the landscape design a sophisticated and pleasant look..

Some projects of designers suggest the location of a separate large recreation area on the garden plot, where all loved ones could gather. This space can be surrounded by a “belt” of stones of different sizes. The path leading to this part of the territory can be laid out with flat stones. Furniture can be represented by several small tables, a certain number of armchairs or sofas.

To find out how to choose plants for an ornamental garden, see below..

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