Swing gate automation: design features

Now manufacturers provide ample opportunities for the automation of swing gates. You will be able to open the gate not with your own hands, leaving the car or at home, but remotely using the control panel or button. Thus, with the help of swing gate automation, you can make your life easier. You just need to choose the right mechanism.


Automation for swing gates allows you to make their use more convenient and comfortable. They are a flap mechanism that opens the gate outward or inward. But there are many models that differ in their quality characteristics and some properties. Models are also presented that have different levels of possible loads..

The characteristics differ depending on what type of gate will be used, what will be the width of the leaves, what is the total weight of the gate as a whole. So, there are models that allow you to open the gates only inward, and there is an automation that allows you to open them both inward and outward. Models are presented that are intended only for gates with one leaf, but there are products for double-leaf gates.

Automation has different characteristics depending on the weight of the gate: there are models with a maximum weight of up to 200, up to 400, up to 600 and up to 900 kg. It is also necessary to take into account the level of loads that will fall on the automation. So, an excellent option for using automated systems are gates with corrugated doors. It is also necessary to take into account the intensity of operation in advance..

If you plan to open the gates infrequently and purchase them exclusively for home use, then it is better to opt for models that are designed for 50% operation. But for a production facility, where the gate mechanism often works, it is better to choose an automation with an intensity of 100%. According to their characteristics, the models are also divided depending on the time spent on the full cycle of opening the sashes. At the same time, manufacturers indicate the exact time in seconds based on the weight and size of the gate..

This figure is calculated with the gate opening 90 degrees. But there are also more interesting models that have the ability to open 110 and even 180 degrees. Automation may vary depending on the stroke rate. Thus, the maximum step makes the use of the structure more comfortable. It is better to use the most comfortable models, which are characterized by smooth running and braking before the maximum opening. This is necessary in order to preserve the gate leaves and prevent damage to them..

Advantages and disadvantages

Swing gate automation has a number of advantages:

  • First of all, this simplifies the process of opening the gate. This is especially important in bad weather: when it snows, rains or severe frost. You don’t have to go outside to manually open the gate.
  • In addition, you will not need to use force for this..
  • You will also save time: all you have to do is press a button to open the gate by itself. It would take longer if you opened the gate manually. And the average time for opening swing gates with the help of automation is 15 seconds..
  • Another great advantage is that the door is securely fixed by the operator. Thus, the design is completely safe..

  • A number of products have an important advantage in the form of illumination. When the gate opens, the backlight automatically turns on and illuminates the entire adjoining area to make it easier for you to enter by car. So you can see who enters or enters the territory, close the door at the right time.
  • Automation allows you to make the opening of the gate smoother and quieter. So, the doors move quietly and do not wake up household members even at night..
  • The automatic gate opening system is reliable and durable. It can serve for decades with proper maintenance and care..
  • Many systems are equipped with a shutter locking function. Thus, you will be able to ensure complete operational safety and will not worry about breaking such gates..
  • Despite the fact that the gate is fully automatic, it can be opened even without electricity. So, many models are equipped with a special key that will help you open them manually. Therefore, you will not have unpleasant and awkward situations, because of which you will not be able to get home..

Some buyers are faced with the disadvantages of automatic systems:

  • Many systems do not work in severe frost. Therefore, sometimes you have to open the gate with your hands so as not to spoil the mechanism..
  • Inexpensive automated drives do not move very smoothly, on the contrary, they move abruptly, therefore they wear out the door structure faster.
  • High-quality and reliable systems require wide pillars so that a block with a gearbox can be fixed there. For the normal operation of the system, it is necessary to provide for some conditions. It will be necessary to take into account the weight of the gate, the size of the leaves, as well as the width of the pillars..
  • Some also experience breakdown of the mechanical parts of the automation. Usually this is due to jamming of the leaves due to the fact that there are any obstacles in the path of the gate when opening. Thus, it is necessary to transfer the mechanism to manual mode and independently adjust the gate..

The principle of the mechanism

Automation includes several elements in the kit that affect the operation of the mechanism as a whole..

This system includes:

  • system control unit;
  • drives;
  • electronic console.

In addition, many manufacturers provide an instruction manual to help you install the automatic drive yourself. For the normal functioning of the mechanism, you can purchase remote control key fobs, antennas, lamps for illumination, as well as a radio receiver.

Many devices also have an electromechanical lock that allows the gate to be locked after it has been closed. Some mechanisms include warning lights in the kit, with the help of which you can notify everyone who is near the gate that the doors are starting to open.

As for the operation of the mechanism, the lever version is powered by a gearbox, which moves the two available levers. Such a device is installed on a pole, and the lever is attached to the gate leaf..

Linear models are opened by reciprocating stem movements. The design is based on a gearbox that drives it in action. Such a mechanism has a peculiarity of work: it slows down a little when the cycle of opening and closing is completed. Thus, this automatic system works longer than other types. All these mechanisms also make it possible to open the gate manually..

Types of drives

Automation is divided into different types depending on the drives:

  • Linear Actuator Models.
  • Linkage Models.
  • Underground drive models.

They are selected based on the conditions in which the gate mechanism will work: a specific size and weight, temperature.

Linear Actuator Models

They are the most common and easy to use. As a rule, the automation is located in the lower part of the sash. But there are options with the arrangement of the mechanism in the center or on top. The choice is not limited, it all depends on the convenience of users.

The linear drive is characterized by the presence of a worm gear. Another element is the engine. It is powered by a special power supply unit. The motor is supplied with direct or alternating current.

Such a system is fairly inexpensive and simple. It is easy to find in the store, choosing it for any type of swing gate. In addition, such systems are very inexpensive. And you can install them even if the sashes are fixed to narrow posts..

The big advantage of this system is that the linear drive is able to slow down the leaf when opening and closing the door. Thus, it increases the service life of the door and increases the durability of the motor and the unit that supplies the electric current. In addition, the linear actuator can be opened by hand in case of power problems thanks to the emergency opening system..

The linear drive allows you to open the gate in any direction: both inward and outward. But in this case, the opening is possible only by 90 degrees. Thus, they can slightly block the passage and prevent freedom of movement. This is especially important if you have large equipment. The standard linear actuator is ideal for doors with a leaf weight of about 600 kg. These models are suitable for gates about 3 m wide..

A standard linear actuator weighs approximately 8 kg. With this ratio of weight and quality characteristics of the operator and the gate, the leaf opens in about 16 seconds..

In case your gate is wider than 3 m, a telescopic linear drive should be used. It is also suitable for doors weighing up to 600 kg, and the opening time is 17 seconds..

There are more reliable hydraulic drives. This linear drive is suitable for doors weighing up to 900 kg. But the opening time of the sash is about 30 seconds..

The latter option is more suitable for industrial premises, it can withstand heavy loads and frequent opening and closing of the gate. But its cost is very high.

The linear-type automation itself includes an engine with a control unit, two drives, as well as a remote control or a button to activate its operation. The linear actuator has some limitations for its use. They mainly relate to temperature and weight. Moreover, each manufacturer presents different models..

On average, products with a linear drive can withstand temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees. Therefore, in severe frost, such automation will work intermittently, in this case it is better to refuse to use it..

Lever drive

This is another common type of automation, which is notable for its democratic cost and good quality. It is also available in AC and DC models. The drive itself weighs about 13 kg and is more massive than the previous design. But it works very differently. The main moving structure in this case is the lever, which ensures smooth opening and closing of the structure. That is why this system does not have a deceleration function..

The gates serve for a long time and do not deteriorate from such automation. In addition, the actuator itself is more durable than linear.

Lever type drive can be easily installed by hand. Moreover, many manufacturers present models that have a backup battery inside. When the power supply is interrupted, the system can operate normally, regardless of the power outage. That is why it is more convenient and reliable. But it is possible to install a lever drive mainly only on columns of medium width and wide.

This type of drive is used only for monolithic doors. And also for gates no more than 4.5 meters wide. The average weight that this structure can withstand is 600 kg, but there are also weaker models. It all depends on the specific manufacturer.

It also includes a remote control, a unit, two swivel actuators. The indicators limiting the temperature regime are similar to the linear type of the drive: from – 20 to + 50 degrees. That is why such automation is not very practical in cold weather..

Underground drive

This is a very convenient and newest automation. It involves the installation of the entire system that regulates the opening and closing of the gate, underground. Thus, the appearance of the gate will not be spoiled. The drive itself is hidden in a box that reliably protects it from rust, moisture and dirt. It is installed under the hinges of the doors, which is why it is completely invisible from the side. The system can be installed both on square and rectangular doors and on arch-shaped structures.

An important advantage of automation is that it is more practical. So, the opening angle of the gate is 110 degrees if you take the standard model. But there are more interesting products with extended configuration, the opening angle of which can even be 360 ​​degrees. It is a convenient planetary drive.

Such automation assumes quiet and smooth opening and closing of the gate, so a preliminary stop before the end of these cycles is not required. The mechanism is completely protected and therefore serves for a rather long time. The maximum leaf weight that is permissible for the gate when using this type of operator is 900 kg.

The gate width indicator is also large compared to previous types of automation: 5 m. In addition, such automation can be installed by hand. It is safe and of high quality. But these products are more expensive..

As for the temperature regime, such models are well insulated from the cold underground, therefore they are considered more resistant to cold and temperature extremes..


Gate automatics are produced by many manufacturers, they are distinguished by high quality products and a large assortment.

  • Now popular in Russia Doorhan brand, which represents automation for different types of gates. Basically, these models belong to economy class systems, so their cost is low. Among the drives, the Sectional models are popular. The company presents its own development of a drive system for various types of gates, including swing gates. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty.

  • German is no less famous Hormann brand, which represents the automation of the ProMatic and SupraMatic series. The manufacturer relies on the reliability of the system, pointing out that it is almost impossible to hack. So, the Hormann brand introduced a system that protects against jacking up the mechanism. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

  • Came Is an Italian company that occupies a leading position in the market for the sale of gate automation. All models have a modern design and are designed for all types of swing gates.

For small gates, you can choose a sliding operator for outdoor installation Amico, and for the medium-sized doors – the ATI model drive. For metal gates, a separate Krono model with a steel cylindrical body is provided. The company also provides low voltage drives that work even when power supply problems arise. The Came brand guarantees the safety and functionality of its designs.

  • Another popular Italian company is Nice. The brand’s actuators are robust, durable and modern in design. The manufacturer indicates that the installation of such systems is simple, for this it will be enough to read the manual. In addition, it is very easy to control such automation: you can pick up any control panels that have a wide range for signaling.

All Nice brand drives are completely safe and have a function of detecting interference during operation, which locks the gate if an object is detected in the radius. Automation from this manufacturer is popular in many countries of the world: in Russia, England, Germany, buyers leave only positive feedback about these systems.


Customers leave a lot of good reviews about Came brand automation. Many people like the value for money of these systems. Their reliability and durability are also noted..

Some buyers mention Chinese AN-Motors because it offers functional models at affordable prices. But many people complain that such automation is unstable in cold weather..

For the qualities of frost resistance and protection against overheating, buyers distinguish models from Doorhan.

Application features

Choosing automation for swing gates, you must take into account the rules for its use. So, it is better to buy models that are designed to open inward, they are more convenient to use. In this case, automation can be used with any drives. Even electric drives made from satellite dishes will do..

When using automation, also take into account the characteristics of the materials., of which the pillars are made. So, if they are made of bricks, then the brackets can ruin them, and over time, the pillars will begin to crumble and even collapse. That is why it is necessary to additionally strengthen the post, and the brackets should be welded around the entire perimeter..

The same applies to concrete drives. For them, it is better to use a lever mechanism. It is also best to use actuators with the longest stroke. Such a mechanism will retain its qualities and characteristics longer..

Before using the mechanism in operation, it must be tested and checked if there will be any movement after the gate leaves open to the desired angle. Thus, you will avoid damage to the gate and set up the automation correctly. Only after you have checked all the features of the device and the application of this system, it will be possible to mount it on the gate..

Operating rules

During the operation of automatic gates, it is necessary to provide that there are no obstacles when opening them. Therefore, buildings and structures should not be installed in this radius. If a wicket is built into the gate, it is necessary to check how tightly it is closed before moving the gate..

For good operation of the mechanism, it is better to set up and pre-adjust the drive., by selecting the desired operating mode. When operating models that operate on signaling using a remote control, you should study where the active signaling zone is located. And when the gate is automatically opened, you should be in this zone.

Separate rules are provided for manually opening the gate in case of any damage to the mechanism or problems with the electricity supply. This should be done smoothly, without sudden jerks. Do not under any circumstances push the gate during its automatic movement, especially when the sash starts to open. The fact is that it is at the initial stage that the drive develops a lot of power, so intervention can lead to a breakdown of the mechanism..

If your gate does not have photosensors that react to the appearance of a person at the sash, who suddenly got there during closing, a number of rules must be followed. It is best to switch to manual control mode, and open the doors with your own hands. To do this, the drive must be unblocked..

It is important to systematically maintain the entire gate mechanism, including the torsion bars, choosing the most reliable and high-quality types of grease. To lubricate the gate, you need to use special tools. When you inspect or lubricate the gate, be sure to disconnect the power supply to the drive..

It is not recommended to repair the gate and replace components yourself. It is better to seek help from a specialist or manufacturer in the warranty service department.

For information on how to choose an automation for swing gates, see the next video.

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