The subtleties of the layout of a suburban area with an area of ​​6 acres

Almost all owners of a summer cottage are wondering about the correct layout of the territory. A summer cottage of 6 acres is a small piece of land, the dimensions of which are 20×30, or 15×40 meters. Drawing up a plan for such a site is a rather difficult task that requires a competent approach. Indeed, in this small area, residents want to place a lot of things. Our article will tell you about the intricacies of planning such a site..


Before starting work, it is important to find out what exactly you would like to see at your dacha. Since all people are different, their tastes and requirements are different. Some just want a comfortable and cozy home to relax when there is time, and the area that remains is simply sown with a lawn, they arrange recreation areas, and they build a bathhouse or a fountain. The latter prefer various types of planting, grow ornamental and fruit and berry plants, trees. For the third, it is important to combine the first and second options..

The planning scheme is carried out to scale, all the necessary buildings are located on it and the main zones are determined. The diagrams and drawing are carried out with their own hands. The scale of the drawing is 1k500 (1 cm = 5 m).

During paperwork the owners are given an act on the land, which indicates the exact dimensions of this piece of land. All sizes are transferred to paper. After that, we decide on the size of what you would like to see on the territory of your site in the future: a house, a shed or other building.

Before starting construction, you should study:

  • smoothness of the relief;
  • the shape of the site;
  • features of adjacent areas and other nuances.

The pride of any owner of a summer house is always a garden. When planning it, the ground level is always taken into account, because the direction of movement of water, which is formed as a result of rain or melting snow, depends on it..

If you plan to equip a summer cottage of 6 acres yourself, without involving workers, it is important to note that the main building is located away from the noise of the streets, in the depths of the cottage. When planning the interior of a house, it is important to consider the following points:

  • the windows of the bedroom, living room and kitchen should be located on the sunrise side. On the north side we have a bathroom, dressing rooms and other rooms for the household;
  • windows are located away from the dog booth and the fence;
  • an emergency exit to the gazebo (if necessary) is also thought out in advance.

In many modern projects, a garage space is allocated in the total area of ​​the house. This space can also be allocated in the basement. The convenience of such planning lies in the fact that from the garage you can get into the house directly.

Other projects include a garage at the edge of the property. In such cases, a straight path can be laid between the house in the depth and the garage. If you want to save space and money, it is advisable to use a carport, it does not require the construction of a separate room.

The possibility of planning the attic is not excluded. The advantages of this choice is that it can be positioned on either side of the house, since thanks to the windows, the rooms of the room will always be well lit.

How to arrange correctly?

The minimum distance between your and the neighboring plots is negotiated at the legislative level. If your building does not meet the established requirements, you will be forced to pay a fine and eliminate the violations. If the fine is not paid off the specified terms, you will have to demolish the building.


  • the maximum distance between the building and the red line of the street is 5 m. A greater distance is not allowed;
  • the minimum distance between two houses is 3 meters;
  • the distance between the windows of the house and outbuildings must be more than 6 meters;
  • premises for keeping poultry or livestock are located at a distance of 15 meters from the house;
  • the approximate distance from yours to your neighbor’s house should be between 6 and 15 meters.

Rest zone

During the construction of the main house, they are simultaneously determined with the design of the personal plot, as well as with the territory intended for the construction of a bath, if such is provided for by the project. It is very important to place the house and the bathhouse at a sufficient distance from each other., but this is often a problem because the area is small. To save money, a separate room for a bath is allocated in the house..

However, the most effective solution is to build a recreation area separately, near the reservoir..

After you have decided on a place to rest, you need to bring light and water to it. Since six acres is a fairly small area, it is advisable to build a compact recreation area here, which will include a gazebo, a pool or a fountain. A ready-made pool can be purchased. They are collapsible and do not require land work.


Plants and garden plantings should also be placed correctly, that is, you need to find a suitable place and soil. This will make the plants feel comfortable. Unlike other summer cottages, the sun should be here long enough, this point should be taken into account when planning.

The vegetable garden is the “key” place in the country, where fruits and vegetables are grown. Every summer resident knows that products grown by their own hands are always tastier than those purchased. The garden and vegetable garden are the places where you can turn on your imagination and arrange everything the way you want. For people who love garden work, planning of such a volume will not be difficult..

Below are examples of options for planning a garden and a vegetable garden:

  • Decorative option. The most common forms for creating compositions from plants are oval and circle. It looks something like this: a bush is placed in the center, and around it are small bushes of some berries.
  • Rectangular option. In a rectangular version, the garden and the garden are planned so as to lay both those and other plantings at the same time.
  • Free option. Size is one of the main factors here. But if a person has a well-developed imagination, he will cope with the task, even on 6 acres.


Paving paths is a fashionable trend for decorating small areas. They are different: from stone, concrete, wood and create a cozy atmosphere. In order to walk on them in the dark, you will need to provide additional lighting..

Solar powered lights can be used to save electricity.

In order to visualize the project of the estate territory, it is advisable to draw a sketch on paper. Do not forget about flower beds and paths. The style should be the same for all buildings.

Useful Tips

Below are tips with which you can create the perfect summer cottage, regardless of the number of acres:

  • If you want to make a lawn, do not forget that you need to care for it, that is, mow, install sprayers or regularly water by hand..
  • Fences are needed for the beds. If they are not there, then your friends or acquaintances invited to visit can easily trample the beds. If there are small children in the house, the fence will be a warning to them that this is not a play area..
  • The layout of any summer cottage is fraught with great responsibility. It is important not to oversaturate the site with a large number of plantings. If the territory of the site is small, then the buildings should have the most restrained and laconic design..

  • It should not be forgotten that more is planted than eaten. Therefore, you should not plant the entire territory with vegetables..
  • In order for a wooden fence to last longer, it must be treated with special substances. They protect wood from vermin and mold.
  • Experiment with decorations and designs. Monotonous areas look boring and merge with neighbors. The main thing is to choose the right style.
  • Six acres is not a very large area, which is clearly visible from all sides. It is important to use loach plants or mesh fences to soften the fence lines. You can also install a solid fence in a neutral shade. It should be light. Combination of textures is allowed. In order to visually increase the space, do not make the fence monolithic. The proper effect is created by partitions entwined with vines..
  • It is advisable not to plant trees in one row. The best option is chaotically scattered trees throughout the country..

  • The area set aside for the lawn also allows you to mentally expand the space. The lawn can be placed in the middle of the cottage area to create a kind of “center”. It is appropriate to plant ornamental plants here..
  • In order for the beds to look beautiful, they can be decorated in the shape of a crescent or a spiral. If space is tight, this is the most practical option..

What is important to know when planning a summer cottage, see the next video.

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