The subtleties of the layout of the landscape design of a plot of 5 acres

The most popular sizes of garden plots in our country are land plots with an area of ​​four to six acres. It is not so difficult to maintain such small gardens, but zoning and decorating them correctly can be a problem..

Site planning

Any, even the most difficult, landscape design begins with a carefully crafted plan. At this stage, you can contact specialists who can provide several options and schemes for the future zoning of the site at once. Planning the future design of the site will maximize the use of the entire space.

First of all, at the stage of developing the scheme, places are selected for future buildings. It can be a small country house, a bathhouse, a shed or other auxiliary structures. The remaining meters are set aside for plants, decoration or planting. A typical garden plot is divided into areas for work and rest. There are special paths between them. They allow you to move around the garden without damaging the plants.

More recently, the entire layout of the site was carried out using drawings on paper, but modern technologies allow you to create a voluminous visual project on a computer..

Among the principles of planning a plot of 5 acres, several fundamental points can be distinguished:

  • First of all, experts advise moving the country house to the end of the site opposite the gate. This solution will maximize the use of the remaining space..
  • The path from the house to the entrance to the site is planned first. All others will pass from this main route..
  • At the planning stage, it is worth deciding which trees you want to plant on your site. Experts recommend that owners of small summer cottages give up large tall trees. Apple trees, pears, conifers will create excessive shade and take up too much space..

  • On a plot of 5 acres, it is worth planning the minimum number of additional massive buildings. So, a shed for storing inventory can be organized in an extension to the house, and abandon a wooden gazebo in favor of one with walls woven from climbing plants.
  • For vegetable beds, if you decide to establish a small vegetable garden on the site, you can allocate a place around the perimeter of the garden. This arrangement will allow the plants not to disturb the general appearance of the site..

  • To make the suburban area look advantageous in the evening, you should pay attention to the lighting. The location, height and appearance of the luminaires can radically change the design of the garden. The most popular option is small built-in lights located in various areas of the site: near a house, trees, a fountain or a gazebo.

  • Small figures look winning and stylish in a small garden area. Stores now offer a selection of decorative miniature figurines for every taste. Figures of various garden gnomes are especially popular. Their placement on the territory of the dacha should also be thought out in advance, at the planning stage..

Design and arrangement options for the site

To make the suburban area look well-groomed and modern, landscape design experts advise to carry out all areas of the garden and all decor elements in a single style solution. The general idea will simplify the selection of small decor details and even plants.. The most popular are now the oriental, palace, natural style in the design of a summer cottage.

  • Oriental motives are relevant in the interior of city apartments and summer cottages. The Japanese style is known for the most functional use of even a small space, so it is very suitable for a garden of five acres.

Ornamental miniature trees will become an unusual and very effective solution for a small garden plot, borrowed from the East. They look similar to their full-sized prototypes, but they don’t take up much space or take light from other plants..

  • One eye-catching piece of Japanese-style plot is “Rock garden”. The harmonious combination of water, boulders, rubble and laconic plants will create a cozy and unusual recreation area. Stores offer a variety of Japanese-style garden decoration options. It can be a miniature pagoda, lanterns, small stone fountains. An excellent choice of plants for a summer cottage will be cherry trees or plums..

  • Palace style associated with luxury, spaciousness and variety of decor. This design looks very unusual in a small garden area. Nevertheless, landscape designers advise you to take a closer look at this direction and use its best features in the design of your garden. Stone benches are one of the functional elements of the suburban area in the palace style. They look great against the background of straight paths and evenly trimmed shrubs, which are also an indispensable attribute of a palace-style site. Such a garden arrangement will visually make the territory more spacious and orderly..

Shrub or ordinary roses will be a good solution. They will give the site a sophisticated and elegant look. At the same time, you will have to refuse to plant chamomiles, bells and other wild flowers on flower beds – these plants will be knocked out of the overall composition..

  • If you prefer simple, familiar landscapes, then landscape designers recommend using the site as a style solution – field garden. A riot of colors, plants and flowers will transform your site into a true oasis. In the center of such a garden, designers advise placing a small artificial reservoir. Its creation will not take long. You can decorate the pond with stones and plants that love moisture. They can thrive in a supportive environment. In such a garden, wooden benches, small shrubs and wildflowers will look great..

Tips for arranging a plot of 5 acres

The small area of ​​the garden requires particular attention to layout and detail. Designers offer Here are some tips that you can use to make the most of the space and make the site visually larger:

  • Use vertical flower beds in the design. For them, you can purchase special stands in stores or build yourself. Often vertical flower beds are constructed from tires for cars, bricks, old boxes, shelving.

  • Hanging flower pots can be used as an additional garden decoration. By placing interesting pots on the veranda, you visually connect it with the rest of the garden. Designers suggest constructing flower pots from familiar items: old teapots, mugs, small suitcases and even worn-out shoes. With the help of fasteners, the planter can be positioned on any vertical surface.

In addition to the decorative component, hanging gardens can serve as original beds. It is easy to grow greens, different types of salads and berries in them. In such pots, garden strawberries give an excellent harvest..

  • Movable, mobile gardens can come to the rescue of small plot owners. This will require several heavy pots in which you can plant the plants. Such pots can be placed on the territory during the summer season and brought indoors in winter and autumn. In addition, you can change the arrangement of such pots on the site to update the look of the garden..
  • Breaking the beds in the summer cottage, count how many vegetables you need. Do not arrange too large a vegetable garden, turning a vacation spot into agricultural land..

  • Any water structures look spectacular and refresh the view of the garden. But a small area is not suitable for arranging a pond or pool, so you should pay attention to small fountains or water mills. A variety of such accessories in specialized stores will allow you to choose a structure for any stylistic solution of the garden..

  • The different areas of the garden can be separated with fences. In a small area, it is better to use low fences, wicker hedges. With their help, you can separate a recreation area, beds or a rose garden..

  • Paths on the territory of the dacha should not only visually be combined with the rest of the garden design elements, but also be durable and safe. When choosing a material, you should not save money, because rebuilding garden paths annually is a painstaking and costly task..
  • The sides of the country paths can be done with a slight slope, it will relieve the stagnation of water on the paths after summer showers. It is important to pay attention to the width of the paths: it is recommended to organize paths about a meter wide.

  • In order to minimize the area of ​​buildings and outbuildings, choose a basic set of tools necessary for gardening. So you save yourself the trouble of building a large barn and buying unnecessary things..
  • When choosing decorative figurines, pay attention to the low figurines. They will not visually reduce the area. In addition to finished decorative products, you can decorate your garden with the help of improvised means. Brightly colored stumps, bird feeders or decorated watering cans, car tires look great on the garden plot.

Thus, even a small plot of five acres can be ennobled and create a stylish and cozy resting place on it. If you are not confident with your design skills, it is worth contacting professionals engaged in landscape design. They will develop a unique garden layout, select the style and materials to translate your ideas.

You can find out how you can transform a garden plot with your own hands from the following video.

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