Airplane chandeliers

Airplane chandeliers

Now in stores you can find a large number of lighting fixtures of various shapes and types, especially for a children’s room. A chandelier is the element of decor that can become the very highlight of the whole room. Airplane-shaped chandeliers are very popular. Such a chandelier will surely please not only parents, but also the baby. She will not only light up the child’s room, but also develop his imagination, help in exciting games. First you need to finish the main decor. If you buy a lighting fixture first, it may turn out that it does not fit at all with the overall style of the room.. A chandelier is worth buying as a finishing touch.


A thematic interior is most often chosen for a boy. When choosing, parents start from the character of the child, from his preferences in games – or simply from their own desires. A chandelier in the shape of an airplane is better suited for an interior in blue, light blue, white. As for the age of the child, the device in the form of an airplane is perfect for very young children or for younger schoolchildren..

When choosing, you should pay special attention to the material. Let it be metal, wood, non-toxic plastic. When choosing a chandelier made of plastic material, be careful. Cheap plastic can melt from high temperatures and release toxic substances. The safest material is polypropylene. Purchase a lighting device only from trusted and well-known companies, because the safety of the baby is above all..

You should not buy a glass device with many small details in a boy’s room. Make it a reliable luminaire with large and stable details. Boys tend to prefer active games and can damage the chandelier – for example, playing with a ball.


All chandeliers are divided into ceiling and pendant. When choosing, be guided by the height of the ceilings and the total area of ​​the room:

  • If the room is small, then select the ceiling lighting option. Ceiling chandelier is more suitable for very young children.
  • With a high ceiling a hanging chandelier will do. So you can adjust the length and adapt the product to the overall space of the room..

Airplane-shaped chandeliers are often quite large. It can be either a very simple children’s plane with several shades, or a complex version. Lamps are most often located under the wings of an aircraft. The option of placing lamps in place of the motor or engines is not excluded. Long diodes or halogens can be used over fenders.

If the material is glass, pay attention to the presence of LED backlighting. Such a chandelier can also serve as a night light. The light will be muted and diffused.

An airplane-shaped pendant chandelier can look like an airplane is floating in the air. This effect can be obtained if the device is attached to the ceiling with several thin cords..

The volumetric ceiling chandelier is fully fixed to the ceiling. Most often, the product is supplemented with shades around the perimeter of the wings or lighting under them. The ceiling chandelier in the shape of an airplane gives a medium level of illumination. This level is considered optimal for the child. This is enough for the play area and for the recreation area.

What to look for when choosing?

An important point when choosing a ceiling chandelier is the presence of a double bed. This moment may seem insignificant, but there are often cases when a child has a desire to get to a chandelier made in the form of an airplane.

A chandelier in the shape of an airplane should fit harmoniously into the children’s room. If the room is not too large, then the lamp should be small..

As for the shade, be guided by the other colors of the room. If the room is not full of bright colors, then choose a chandelier in the form of a bright airplane (with several colors). If the room is filled with a variety of shades, then try to find a product with a minimum of colors..

Ideal for matching wall sconces (or a bedside lamp). This is necessary for an even distribution of light in the room, to create harmony in the interior. In an airplane chandelier, open lamps should have a matte finish. It will help protect your child’s eyes..

Interior options

An airplane-like structure under the ceiling can become the only decorative element of a room. Located in the very center of the room, the chandelier will attract all the attention – especially if it is massive, voluminous.

Such original models look good in rooms with blue, light blue, green, white, yellow colors. The plane can be made of wood if there are a lot of warm colors or wood in the nursery. A product of a neutral color will “calm down” the interior well and make it more restrained..

Very often you can find a crib in the form of an airplane in the children’s room. In this case, you should not add the same lamp to the interior. The child will almost certainly quickly get tired of such an abundance of aircraft themes. Choose either a bed or a lamp.

Make sure that the lighting fixture is easy to care for. Airplane wings and various parts quickly accumulate dust on themselves..

When choosing the best product, consider not only your opinion, but also the wishes of the child. Do not forget that the lamp will be located in his room..

You can find out how to make a chandelier for a children’s room with your own hands by watching the video below.

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