Carob chandeliers

Carob chandeliers

It is known that lighting elements are integral components of any modern interior. Horn chandeliers are especially popular among buyers. In addition to the beautiful external design, these models have excellent functional qualities. Compared to many common options, these lighting fixtures have a number of specific advantages that you should familiarize yourself with..

Features of the models

The main feature of chandeliers is the presence of horns that intended for fastening the following elements:

  • lamps;
  • lampshades;
  • plafonds.

It should be noted that the number of horns may vary.. Modern manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of chandelier choices, ranging from compact models to overall lighting products..

It is worth noting that these ceiling structures can be used to equip any room in the house. Thanks to the presence of several arms, the chandelier is ideal as a central lighting element, even in a spacious room..


Today, carob chandeliers are in great demand among buyers. Thanks to a wide variety of models, you can easily choose the device in accordance with the style features of the interior.

In addition, the design of carob chandeliers is not pretentious. Due to the laconic design, the models fit perfectly into the interior of the room..

It should be noted that chandeliers are perfect for a design update. If you wish, you can change the design of the chandelier itself. To do this, it is enough to purchase new shades or lampshades. Due to the fact that in most models these elements are removable, there will be no special problems with replacement..

Another advantage of chandeliers is ease of installation.. You can do the assembly and connection yourself, without the help of a wizard. But if you have not worked with such devices before, it is best to refuse this idea..

Despite the complex design, carob devices easy to clean. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the presence of a layer of dust, the plafonds poorly transmit light. Due to this, the illumination capacity of the device is lost..

To clean, you need to remove the shades and wipe them with a soft cloth. Please note that the cleaning agent is selected according to the material from which the removable parts are made..


When choosing an arm chandelier, special attention should be paid to the types of models. Basically, devices differ from each other in design features, size and material that is used to create the base.

Three-arm models are popular with buyers.. Such options can be used for bedrooms, children’s rooms and offices. These rooms do not require intense lighting. In addition, the chandelier will look concise and neat..

An equally popular option is the five-arm models.. These chandeliers can be safely attributed to the unchanging classics. Mostly these models are used for living rooms.

Six-arm and eight-arm chandeliers are ideal for large spaces. It is worth paying attention to the fact that these models are used for rooms with ceilings from 3 m.The same point applies to huge twelve-pole models.

In addition to the above options, manufacturers will present and more concise types. This applies to single-arm and double-arm chandeliers. Special attention should be paid to the second option. An excellent solution for a bedroom or children’s room would be a model with directional lights. The position of the elements can be changed if desired..

Also, carob chandeliers may differ in the type of attachment.. Ceiling options are in high demand among buyers, which are fixed using a mounting plate. Thanks to this, the products fit snugly to the surface..

Suspended models are more functional. One part of the structure is presented as a flexible element, with the help of which the fastening takes place. It is worth noting that the length of the suspension is adjustable.

How to choose?

When choosing a chandelier, you need to pay attention to several important parameters. The first item is the number of horns. It is necessary to focus on the type of premises. For example, a five-arm model will be enough for a living room. Consider the presence of additional light sources.

If in the room, in addition to the ceiling chandelier, there are other auxiliary lighting elements, it is best to take a closer look at small models. A three-arm chandelier will be enough for a room with an average area.


The technical characteristics of the product are also important.. Consultants will help you get acquainted with these properties. Pre-measure the area of ​​the room in which you plan to mount the chandelier. Pay special attention to the power of the ceiling structure.

One of the important criteria is the style of the model.. Pay attention to the color and color scheme of the room. Be sure to focus on furniture design. For example, simple and laconic objects can be favorably supplemented with an unusual carob chandelier..

Pay special attention to the size of the product. For a small room, in no case choose a huge model, otherwise it will completely ruin the overall situation. Also focus on the height of the ceilings in the room..

Connection rules

With basic skills, you can assemble and connect a chandelier yourself. The main thing is to follow the correct sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to do the assembly of the structure. Please note that chandeliers are sold disassembled. During the assembly process, you must focus on the instructions provided by the manufacturer..
  2. Model wires must be connected to light switches. Be sure to engage in adjusting the inclusion of lamps. Set the required degree of illumination if necessary.
  3. At the second stage, the structure must be fixed to the ceiling.. Basically, standard self-tapping screws are used for this process. But for reinforced concrete ceilings, this method will not work. First you need to make holes by installing dowels in them. At the next stage, the bar is fixed. For this process, you must use self-tapping screws.
  4. Then the suspended truss structure must be fixed through the hook installed in the ceiling.. A flexible suspension is fixed to this element..
  5. The next step is the most important, as it is necessary to connect the wires correctly. To start you need to find the zero element that comes from the ceiling. It is necessary to identify all the wires that correspond to the buttons of the switch. Use a current tester in the process. When the electricity is turned off, you need to connect the individual wires to the zero element.
  6. To fix the chandelier, you must use decorative nuts. The structure is fixed on the profile, after which the shades are installed and the bulbs are screwed in..

Best options

When choosing an arm chandelier for your home, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer. Some of the best are lamps from a German company. Berliner Messinglampen. The peculiarity of their models is that most of them are made in the art nouveau style. Natural lines, laconicism, beauty – all these are characteristic features of German carob chandeliers..

You can complement the classic style with a model from the company Hangzhou jinding. It is worth noting that these options are ideal for spacious rooms where expensive parts are used. Only high-quality materials are used to create models – metal and porcelain.

Fans of original style solutions should pay attention to the carob chandeliers from the Italian brand. L’Arte Luce. Models from this company really amaze with their variety and unusual design. The line includes chandeliers that match both medieval and modern designs. Often these eras are combined in a single product..

To create models, the Italian company uses high-quality and sustainable materials. Metal and glass are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures. Glass elements perfectly transmit light. Basically, the company specializes in the creation of five-arm models.

In the next video, you can learn more about how to install an arm chandelier yourself..

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