Chandeliers for the living room in a classic style: beautiful ideas in the interior

It is necessary to approach the choice of lighting fixtures for the living room thoroughly. Indeed, it depends on good lighting how bright and comfortable your room will become. Incorrectly chosen light sources can make your room gloomy and uninteresting, ruin even the most sophisticated and expensive interior..

When choosing a chandelier for a living room in a classic style, you should find the best option in terms of size, quality, design.

Features of the room

The living room is the place where the whole family spends their free time and receives guests. The room is often used as a study. When decorating a living room in a classic style, great attention is paid to design. A magnificent composition is created from individual elements: all things, furniture, accessories complement each other.

When purchasing lamps for the living room, you should remember this, be able to make the right choice and place in the right place. Think about how the living room will be illuminated, whether one chandelier will be enough, or will there be a need for additional lighting in the form of spotlights, lamps or sconces.

How to choose?

It seems that it could be easier – go to the store and buy a chandelier. However, there are many things to consider when choosing a chandelier. It should not only light up the room, but also be the right addition to the uniform style of the living room, be of high quality. Today you can buy beautiful and high-quality lamps of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Such products differ in different types, styles. And what could be better than a classic.

If you stopped at the choice of a classic chandelier, you should heed the advice of the designer, sales consultants in the store, read literature, articles on the Internet.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • consider the size of the room;
  • choose a chandelier to match the style of the room, design idea;
  • choose reliability. Even if you really liked a chandelier made of low-quality materials, postpone the purchase;
  • find out the technical characteristics;
  • consider the design, find out the number of shades;
  • specify who manufactures lighting fixtures;

  • check the wiring of the lighting fixture, its voltage;
  • the color of the chandelier should match the color scheme of the room;
  • check the wattage of incandescent bulbs to avoid melting.

We spend most of the time in the living room, so the light in the room should not hit the eyes and be too bright. Lighting should be rich and calm, soft. For such rooms, it is better to choose matte shades or slightly shaded.

Types of classic chandeliers

Choosing a chandelier in a classic style, we understand that they are very diverse in design. The lampshades in them are directed in different directions, they can tilt sideways, up or down.

Lighting devices can be:

  • made in the form of candles, in this version, the plafond should be directed upward;
  • in the form of a flower, for such chandeliers, the direction of the plafond can be any;
  • in the form of geometric shapes, they are directed in different directions, sometimes in different directions.

The classic chandelier has a base designed to support a lot of weight. Such a metal base can be decorated with gilded paint, forged details, glass, porcelain or crystal elements. Such chandeliers look gorgeous, they will adequately decorate any classic living room, becoming an extraordinary accent of the guest room..

Choose a lighting fixture that fits well in size. You should not buy a small lamp for a large room with high ceilings – such a lamp can be hung, for example, in a dining room. For a large living room, a crystal chandelier will be preferable, more bulky, with various decorative curls, chrome details.

Consider the material from which the lighting fixture is made. The chandelier should be a stylish addition to the room, and some materials can ruin the whole idea of ​​the designer. Can be complemented with decorative trim to add some sophistication and sophistication.


Suspended ceiling luminaires can be divided into two conditional groups: they are suspensions with a simple and complex design. The simple design features a single shade, which is attached to a chain. With a complex design, the base is attached to a chain, it is complemented by horns with shades and objects.

Hanging chandeliers look good in rooms with high ceilings, in large, bright living rooms. For rooms with a height of more than three meters, such lamps will be ideal. They are able to create diffuse light that, reflected from the ceiling, will fill the guest room..

The chain can be used to adjust the length of the suspension. The number of tiers depends on the height of the ceiling in the room: for very high living rooms, you can use multi-tiered views. Such a lamp can not only illuminate the room well, but also give a unique charm to the living room..

A pendant crystal chandelier can be used to transform a small room. The lighting fixture, shimmering with many colors, will immediately add solemnity to the room. Crystal chandeliers are often hung in living rooms where guests and visitors gather, they will decorate the hall, emphasize the richness of the interior.


When choosing, be guided by the size of the room, if it is small and low ceilings, it is advisable to choose ceiling chandeliers. Such a chandelier does not have a strong rod, a chain, like a pendant. Its base is attached directly to the ceiling, and there is no need to be afraid that someone accidentally hooks its head on it. Such a chandelier does not take up much space, and in a room with a low ceiling it will visually enlarge the room. Ceiling lights evenly illuminate the room, although they are not as chic as pendant lights.

With the help of a ceiling chandelier, you can visually enlarge the living room space. For a wide room, choose a lamp with a large diameter. Decide on the number of lamps in your ceiling chandeliers. Choose lighting fixtures with multiple lamps to achieve high room illumination.

Color solutions

Living room chandeliers can be of different colors, most often they are produced in a neutral color, but there are also more saturated colors. Devices in saturated colors are not suitable for all rooms; they are often used to create a certain accent in the interior. From neutral colors, black, white, gray, gold, silver, bronze are used. Using minor blotches, you can achieve a certain atmosphere in the living room..

Can’t decide on the color, buy a glass or crystal chandelier. Buyers can find lighting fixtures with a transparent shade or with beautiful pendants, there is always a suitable option in style and size.


Pay attention to the type of bulbs, see what kind of base it has. This way you will avoid disappointment by purchasing a non-standard plinth that will not fit the shade. The bulbs should match the chandelier you like. Lamps up to 300 W are suitable for the living room..

You may need a different light mode in different situations., from dim light to bright. Choose lamps with a higher wattage, and the intensity of the light can be changed using the regulator. There are two ways to adjust the lighting, with rocker switches and with dimmers. By pressing the key switch, you can turn on one or several lamps at once.

Dimmers can gently change the lighting in a room. Back in 1890, the first mechanical dimmer was invented, now new, more advanced models have already been developed that allow you to adjust the lighting in the room. You can install a motion sensor, it turns on the light when people enter the room, or control it using the remote control.

A classic chandelier should not only be beautiful, but also durable. Particular attention should be paid to the quality assembly of the device. When choosing, give preference to metal, crystal or glass chandeliers, plastic lighting fixtures that have increased heat resistance.

When decorating a modern and stylish living room, try to make the right choice and purchase a device that fits exactly into the design of your room. Listen to the advice of designers, your gut, and choose a chandelier that meets all your requirements.

For information on how to choose the right chandelier, see the next video..

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