Chandeliers made by Gus-Khrustalny

Chandeliers made by Gus-Khrustalny are elite products made of high quality crystal glass. They are rightfully considered the leader in the lighting market in Russia, and are also exported to many countries around the world..

Features of the plant’s products

The plant in the town of Gus-Khrustalny in the Vladimir region began active operations in the 90th year of the last century. This is the most famous enterprise in Russia for the manufacture of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures made of crystal and glass..

The chandelier of a renowned company is an elite piece of furniture, widely known throughout the CIS and European countries. Without exaggeration, it can be argued that Gusev products made of high-quality crystal, special types of glass, coated with gold and silver, as well as with a bronze base are strongly associated with luxury and delicate taste. All chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps from Gusev developers are distinguished by their excellent design and are unique.

The plant produces a variety of products, including over 600 models, including pendant lamps and large chandeliers sparkling in all colors of the rainbow, original ceiling lamps and sconces..

Chandeliers and lamps with pendants are environmentally friendly products, made in compliance with standards on the latest equipment, which makes it possible to apply modern production technologies.

The reliability of the joints is guaranteed by high-quality materials, as well as by a properly built cycle of work for the manufacture of the finest products. This is how the magic Gusev crystal, famous throughout the country and abroad, is created. The company’s products have successfully passed certification, meet the requirements of GOST and TU.

You can order and purchase numerous and stylish lighting fixtures directly from the manufacturer, in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, as well as through the official online store, which presents a full catalog of new products. There will be a beautiful chandelier for the most sophisticated buyers – from classic style to retro, harmonious geometry and modernity, products made taking into account fashionable design trends in the world of art glass and crystal production

For individual customers with special requirements for the models, there is a feedback from the manufacturers. The factory will assemble any chandelier of your choice and for your interior.

Of particular complexity, a ceiling or pendant chandelier from the leading Russian craftsmen from Gus-Khrustalny will decorate your hall or living room.


The overwhelming majority of Gusev chandeliers are universal, that is, suitable for all types of interiors, regardless of the size of the rooms in an apartment or house. To navigate the products from the factory, experts advise buyers to pay attention to all types of products.

Chandeliers are classified by external characteristics as:

  • Ceiling.
  • Suspended.
  • Sconces and lamps.

If you have low ceilings in your home and not a lot of free space, a ceiling chandelier would be an excellent solution. For her, the mount is designed so that the product is suspended as close as possible to the ceiling. The ceiling chandelier with pendants extending the silhouette on a stretch ceiling or with a hanging plane of various heights will look even more beautiful..

Opt for ceiling lights in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or study. Such a thing belongs to the most popular goods, and fixing it is no more difficult than hanging it. A hanging hook is used for fastening, on which a crystal chandelier with pendants is firmly held. The length of the hook is adjustable so that in the case of a suspended ceiling, the product fits snugly against it. To prevent the tension panel from heating up, conventional bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs..

In this case, the heating is significantly reduced, and the downward directivity of the bulbs reduces the heating of the ceiling to zero..

Suspended crystal chandeliers are a popular type of decor for elite buildings; they have long been used by architects to complement the interiors of palace halls. Chandeliers gave the royal chambers a unique classic chic, keeping the long and enthusiastic gazes of the audience on them. Models are classified as traditional, they are intended mainly for rooms with a sufficient height of the ceiling plane, regardless of its coverage.

Pendant chandeliers created at the Gus-Khrustalny factory with adjustable length of the fastening device are adapted to be placed in standard and small apartments. Pendant chandeliers come in a variety of designs and sizes, from small and medium to solid models. In this category of products, buyers will find interesting creative finds that will add a sophisticated style to the entire home..

Sconces are wall lighting fixtures that make up a harmonious duet with a chandelier. In addition to the main lighting, the sconce gives a soft light to the room, making it more comfortable. Well suited for small halls and dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Crystal sconces and lamps are placed in places for evening relaxation and reading, next to the bed and above the table..

Popular models

The catalog of products from the Gusevsky plant is replete with beautiful specimens for every taste. Among them, the most popular and frequently purchased crystal and bronze chandeliers stand out:

  • “Winter”. Bestseller, one-lamp model, hanging, hook-on. Type – octagon or cone, transparent. The fittings are made with gold or silver plating. With a diameter of 250 mm, it has a height of 450 mm.
  • “Splashes of champagne colored crane”. Pendant chandelier, three-lamp, with ceramic holders. Crystal and colored crystal in combination, diameter 300 mm, product height 400 mm.

  • “Malinka”. Ceiling model, octagon, oak and tile pendants.
  • Bronze “Dragon’s Eye” cognac. Designed to illuminate a room from 18 to 30 sq. m. 8 lamps. The diameter and height of the product is 80 cm.

Dimensions (edit)

Large chandeliers are placed in a separate category in the catalog of manufactured products. A sparkling, impressively sized chandelier becomes the center of attention in the hall for celebrations, parties and banquets, wedding ceremonies. Often, the luxury model is purchased by hotel business owners to decorate hotels, decorate a hall or a grand staircase. Not everyone can afford expensive models of exclusive design, customers choose extra-chandeliers for special rooms in a house of two or more floors.

Medium and small crystal chandeliers have an original and unique design.

The craftsmen give graceful products the shape of a ball, jets of water, textured berries and fruits, rose petals. Such complex models as “Opticon” and “Crane” are popular..

Small fixtures have the following characteristics:

  • Diameter – from 300 to 600 mm;
  • Height 350-500 mm;
  • Number of sockets for light bulbs – from one to six.
  • Hardware – gold, silver and bronze;
  • Color of stones – black, tea, pink, lilac, absolutely transparent, red, green, blue.

Materials (edit)

The main material for the manufacture of all lighting devices from the factory is high quality crystal. This is a type of thin glass that contains barium or lead oxide, potassium additives. Their number does not exceed 25% in the glass mass. Such a composition allows you to work with the material as with precious stones – give it a complex shape and subject it to faceting, engraving, grinding and artistic carving..

The high refractive index of light makes glass similar to natural rock crystal, hence the name of this type of raw material for the manufacture of chandeliers and all types of decorative items for the home. The play of light on the edges is explained by the refractive properties of multicolored crystal masterpieces.

Bronze chandeliers with crystal decoration are elegant and highlight the delicate taste of their owner. They are made with a cast base, curved arms, complemented by a crystal bowl and light sources in the form of metal candles. Fortified on a long bronze chain up to 50 cm long, which can be adjusted.

Every crystal with pendants needs to be cleaned periodically. An elegant lamp used to be necessary to remove and disassemble, wash and clean all the pendants separately. The laborious cleaning process discouraged many buyers from purchasing crystal products. Today these difficulties are a thing of the past as a new water-alcohol based cleaner has been developed. This composition can be purchased on the site of the plant, it is sold in packaging, inside which there is a container with an aerosol.

It is simple to use the tool – just disconnect the chandelier or lamp from the electrical network, spread a cloth or absorbent paper on the floor under it. Then spray a thick layer of water-alcohol aerosol and let it drain together with the contamination. In order to achieve perfect cleanliness of each suspension, you need to repeat the procedure. After spraying, there is no need to wipe or rinse the chandelier, it dries up and remains sparkling. A quick and easy procedure restores the original shine to any complex and multifaceted surfaces with cubes and notches.

You can turn on the chandelier only after all the elements have completely dried; while processing it with the agent, the room is thoroughly aerated.

Quality reviews

Most of the buyers of chandeliers from the Gusevsky plant responded about the product as a product of decent quality. The families who bought the chandelier are pleased with the beautiful and practical product. It is easy to find a place for a chandelier even in a room with an area of ​​no more than twenty square meters. The room is well lit, and the multicolored reflections of the light complement the effective lighting and are pleasing to the eye. The large crystal chandelier, according to customers, is sold with sturdy fittings, as it is quite heavy in weight. It is easy to install it on the ceiling, it looks especially beautiful against a snow-white background and on a suspended ceiling.

It is easy to transport such an expensive purchase and transport to a new place – the chandelier does not deform or break during the move due to the quality of the material and good packaging.

How to choose?

Sparkling magnificent crystal chandelier, transparent or colored, cannot leave anyone indifferent. The unique configuration of the lighting fixture with pendants will become an irreplaceable decoration in the house. Moreover, almost every family can afford to purchase an amazing lamp with crystal elements, especially a small device at a reasonable price..

The selection of the desired model is carried out according to many criteria, but the main purpose of the chandelier is in the first place – lighting in the house. Bulky parts and elements of the lampshade in a good chandelier should not cover the bulbs too much, preventing light from entering the room. Large and spectacular heavy metal and crystal products are purchased for halls, halls and living rooms; elegant exquisite sconces and lamps are suitable for small rooms and bedrooms..

It is important to choose the place where the crystal chandelier will be located..

There will be no dark corners in a room if you hang it exactly in the center, providing a sufficient number of bulbs. But you should not hang a huge chandelier with six bulbs in a small room. For a strong luminous flux, a larger room is needed from them so that the bright light does not cut the eyes and does not irritate with excessive intensity.

The assortment of Gusev products is constantly growing new developments. There is plenty to choose from, so a careful look at the catalog will help you find exactly the chandelier that you need. Both universal classic and non-standard models are popular. The main thing is a careful choice, since the product can serve for more than one year in the interior..

Spectacular examples in the interior

A chandelier in the shape of candles with numerous classic pendants was chosen for the study. The traditional form of the product is a pendant model that illuminates the space of a desk made of natural wood. All furniture is also traditional in beige tones. An arched opening with a semicircular top complements the room.

An original chandelier in the form of a fountain with red and transparent balls at the ends of curved metal tubes. The upper is made of metal with a silver finish. Perfectly matches the reddish brown walls and white furniture in the dining room.

Chandelier in the living room, made in the form of a cascade of the “champagne spray” type, large and complex assembly, with numerous pendants.

You will learn more about chandeliers made by Gus-Khrustalny in the following video.

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