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Today, a chandelier in the house is not only an additional source of light, but also a stylish decoration of the room. These devices from various manufacturers are presented on store shelves today. However, recently more and more attention of buyers is attracted by Odeon Light chandeliers..

Description and features

Initially, Odeon Light chandeliers were produced only in Italy, but today the company’s production facilities are located in Russia. At the same time, the manufacture of these products at domestic factories is carried out in strict accordance with Italian standards..

These lighting devices owe their wide popularity to the advantages they have, among which one can especially highlight:

  1. High quality and complete safety. For the production of such devices at Italian and Russian factories, only the highest quality and safest materials are used. The assembly process itself is also carried out on the latest equipment. Plus, each copy undergoes final testing before entering the store..
  2. Wide range of. Few manufacturers can boast of such a wide variety of models and types of chandeliers, like that of Odeon Light. Among the assortment you can find a chandelier of any style, shape and size..
  3. Affordable cost. An important advantage, especially in combination with high quality. Thanks to the flexible pricing policy of the manufacturer, now absolutely any buyer can purchase a modern, high-quality and safe chandelier..
  4. Availability for the buyer. Odeon Light chandeliers are sold today both in company stores and in partner stores. But even if there are no outlets with this product nearby, there is always the opportunity to purchase such a device through the official online store..


There are several main criteria by which the lamps of this brand are divided into types. The first one concerns the type of fastening. It can be ceiling-mounted, that is, the device is mounted directly to the ceiling. There are also suspended models, which are also attached to the ceiling, but with the help of special cables or wires..

Also, all Odeon Light ceiling chandeliers are divided into two types, depending on the availability of protection against moisture and dirt:

  1. Standard models that do not have this protection.
  2. Dust and moisture resistant chandeliers. These models are ideal for installation in bathrooms, baths and saunas.

Depending on the type of light bulbs that can be used in such chandeliers, they can be halogen, fluorescent and LED. Rarely, but still can be seen on sale models for which standard incandescent bulbs can be used.

Also, such lighting devices are divided into several more subgroups. In this case, the division is carried out by determining the number of bulbs in the device, their maximum number reaches 13 pieces. Usually the manufacturer produces products with an odd number of lamps, for example, 3, 5 or 7.

And finally, the last criterion is the material for the manufacture of the chandelier frame itself and its shade:

  1. Plastic;
  2. Metal;
  3. Wood;
  4. Combined options. In this case, both the above-described materials and additional materials, for example, glass or crystal, can be used together..

As you can see, the range of Odeon Light chandeliers is actually quite wide..

Therefore, you need to know some of the nuances of choosing such a device and take them into account when buying.

How to choose?

If you want to purchase a chandelier of this brand, then first you need to decide on such parameters as:

  1. Place of installation. Here you need to decide whether it will be a private house, an entertainment establishment, or a strict office. For an office, you need to choose the most laconic models, but for a home or other place, you can purchase a more daring modern version..
  2. The area of ​​the room where the chandelier will be installed. Its size and the number of bulbs in it will depend on this parameter. The larger the area of ​​the room, the more massive the device should be..
  3. General interior style. In order for the chandelier to become a decoration of the room and harmoniously fit into it, it is necessary to take into account its general color and design style. It should be decided whether such a device will be used only as an additional light source or whether it will be the main highlight of the room. Depending on this, the shape and color of the product should be selected..

Having picked up a chandelier according to these four parameters, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time, and will also delight you and decorate the room..

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

With the increasing popularity of lighting fixtures of this brand, the number of their fakes has increased dramatically.. Therefore, in order not to run into a fake and buy a real Odeon Light chandelier, follow these recommendations:

  • It is best to go shopping at a company store or make a purchase on the official website..
  • If this is not possible, then you need to contact partner stores.
  • Before paying, be sure to ask the seller for certificates of quality and conformity. This is the only way to be sure of purchasing an original chandelier of this brand..
  • Be sure to pay attention to the purchase price. Too low a price is often direct evidence that the purchased Odeon Light chandelier is a fake..

Now a few words should be said about the cost of such a product. The simplest model made of plastic and glass will cost around 3000 rubles. On average, prices for products range from 5 to 12 thousand rubles. Although there are more expensive goods, for example, a crystal chandelier worth 25 thousand rubles.

A useful tip – before going to the store, monitor the prices for the selected models and write them down, and then compare with the prices in the store. But keep in mind that the price in partner stores will still be about 30% higher..

For an overview of Odeon Light chandeliers, see the following video.

Popular models

Among even such a wide range of chandeliers of this brand, there are models that are especially popular with buyers.. These include:

  • 2006 / 4C Is an exquisite combination of chrome, steel and glass. Transparent chrome-plated lampshades look stylish and sophisticated. Such a model of a lighting fixture will look appropriate both in a private pulp and in a company office. Ideal for interior styles such as hi-tech, modern and minimalism.

  • 2565 / 7C – This is a classic version of the chandelier, but in a more modern design. Matt white shades perfectly transmit light and gently diffuse it. The device itself, thanks to beads with translucency, looks stylish and elegant, and most importantly, presentable and expensive. This chandelier, like the previous one, is made in Italy..

  • 1989/8 Is a classic wrought-iron chandelier that amazes at the same time with its laconicism, style and severity. This option is appropriate anytime, anywhere. He immediately makes it clear that the owner of such a device has excellent taste. The chandelier of this series itself is quite heavy due to the forged metal, but at the same time it has a reliable bracket in the kit, which allows it to be fixed to the ceiling..

  • Ball chandelier 2655 / 4C Is style, modern unique design and sophistication. This model is ideal for people who love and appreciate everything new and unusual. In any interior style and in any room, this particular model will become the center of attention..
  • Waterproof chandelier “Diana” 2208 / 7C Is exquisite tenderness and safety. The perfect combination of chrome-plated pendant parts and waterproof white shades make this model very unusual, attractive and versatile, because this lighting option will be appropriate really everywhere..

  • Galora 2688/5 – an innovative chandelier model that has no analogues. The intertwined texture, amazing curves from the first minutes automatically turn this model into the main decorative element of the room. This lighting option will be appropriate both at home and in crowded places..
  • “Ixora” 1345/6 – this is another waterproof lighting device of this brand that is in demand among buyers. The refined spherical shape allows you to adjust the intensity of the color, and the pleasant tones in which the lampshades themselves are painted contribute to relaxation and soothing. Thin rods holding the plafonds in the air are almost invisible to the eye, which creates the feeling of a chandelier fluttering in the air.

Despite a fairly wide range of models, it is these options for lighting devices that have become the most popular with buyers..

And how much they correspond to the characteristics of the declared manufacturers, they can show reviews.

Customer Reviews

Almost every person who has an Odeon Light chandelier in his home leaves extremely positive reviews about it. Buyers and owners of such devices note their unusually stylish and beautiful appearance, affordable cost and a wide variety of models.. For many, it is also important that the manufacturer gives a quality guarantee for his product, which means that he is confident in it and values ​​it highly..

The presence of waterproof models in the brand’s assortment is noted by many buyers with particular enthusiasm. After all, this makes it possible to buy a high-quality, beautiful, and most importantly, safe chandelier for the bathroom..

As a result, we can safely say that the chandeliers of the Italian brand Odeon Light are today deservedly considered one of the most demanded and sold.


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