Children’s night light with dimming

All parents try to make the children’s room not only beautiful, cozy and comfortable for their child, but also such that the little one would fearlessly remain there on their own at night..

Adults do not in vain put so much effort, energy and time to plan such a room, because the most important person spends a lot of time in this room. And no matter how old he is, one year old, 5 years old or 15 years old, for parents he will always remain a beloved baby. Therefore, the entire interior, furniture and lighting are selected with great care..

Many parents are wondering how to properly design lighting so that it is not only comfortable, but also safe for small eyes. In addition, some children are afraid to sleep in complete darkness, so adults are puzzled by the choice of a device for night lighting. Among parents, a very popular children’s night light with dimming is very popular, which allows you to change the degree of illumination in the room depending on the situation and the needs of a boy or girl..


Children’s night light with dimming is a device that is equipped with a special dimmer. It can be used to illuminate a small area of ​​space. For example, sitting on a desk, he will allow the student to prepare homework. If you use wall models, then they can be located in any corner of the room.. By hanging them near the bed, the baby will be able to independently turn on and off the lighting device if necessary.

Also, such a lamp is used as a night light, creating a soft diffused light that does not interfere with the child’s sleep. This is especially true for young children who are afraid to sleep alone in their room..

Mothers of babies also prefer to leave such a device on at night in order to easily find a pacifier, bottle or change a diaper, without turning on the central lighting, which can wake up the baby..

Main advantages and disadvantages

Compared to other lighting fixtures that are used to illuminate a child’s room, a children’s night light with dimming has a number of advantages:

  • Saving energy – most models are equipped with LEDs, which are famous for their economical power consumption. Therefore, even if the night light is on all night, parents will not receive a huge bill for the light. Due to the presence of a dimmer, such lamps begin to gradually “go out” as soon as the first morning sunlight breaks into the room.
  • Security – LEDs practically do not heat up, so the baby does not risk getting burned if inadvertently touches the lighting device. In addition, there are luminaires that run on batteries or accumulators, so they do not have to be plugged in..

  • Such lighting does not create glare., therefore safe for small eyes and does not adversely affect vision.
  • Bright design – such models can be made both in the form of a standard classic lamp, which is suitable for older children, or made in the form of an animal, a house or a favorite cartoon character, which will appeal to little girls and boys.
  • Easy to operate – most often these nightlights are equipped with a touch panel. You just need to touch it to make the lamp burn brighter, or vice versa, so that the light becomes more subdued and does not irritate at night.
  • Long service life – high quality LEDs will last you much longer than conventional incandescent bulbs.

But the most important advantage of such lamps is adjustable lighting..

Thanks to this characteristic, it is possible to change the degree of illumination from brighter when the child is active, for example, playing, reading books, doing homework or doing creative work, to dim when the baby is setting up for a night’s sleep..

The main disadvantage is the cost of such nightlights with a dimmer. The price for such models is slightly higher than for similar devices, but without the adjustable lighting function. But the economical consumption of electrical energy, which will be very noticeable if the night light is on all night long, will quickly pay off this purchase.

Selection rules

When purchasing a night light with a dimer for a children’s room, you should adhere to certain rules so that the model is not only functional and useful, but also pleases your baby.

Key points to look out for when buying a dimmable night light:

  • Consider the age of the child. A lamp bought for a very small toddler should attract his attention and calm him down. There are models that are equipped not only with a brightness control, but also respond to the crying of a baby, they turn on soothing music, it is worth the little one to whimper. For older children, it is worth buying a functional model that will burn not only at night, but also illuminate the work area in the evening..

  • Pay attention to the gender of the child. For girls, nightlights with a dimmer are more preferable, made in the form of a flower, a doll or a character from a fairy tale. Boys, on the other hand, will like more dimmable lamps made in the form of a car or military equipment. Wall-mounted options with a lampshade or table lamps made in a modern design are universal models that are equally suitable for a boy’s or a girl’s children’s room..

  • Room dimensions – the power of the lighting device should be sufficient so that at night the room was twilight, but the lighting should also not be too bright so as not to interfere with the child’s sleep. Therefore, models that are able to adjust the degree of illumination are preferred..
  • Room interior – a night light for a children’s room should look harmoniously in the interior, without getting out of it, but complementing the chosen design and style.

It is also worth taking seriously the choice of the place where the children’s night light with dimming will be located. A bright design can attract the attention of an inquisitive toddler who will strive to get it. But it is better not to allow the kid to play with the lighting fixture, as it is unsafe, he can injure himself through negligence and break the night light. Therefore, it is better to place such devices in a place where it will be difficult for a baby to get to it. Wall structures that a child cannot reach will be an excellent option for young explorers..


Many parents have already appreciated the advantages and positive characteristics of children’s nightlights with a dimmer. Those who have already purchased such models and tested them in action leave positive feedback and are advised to purchase similar lighting devices.

Users note the versatility of such a device due to the presence of a dimmer, which allows you to adjust the degree of illumination, so many use it not only as a night light, but also as a table lamp..

Parents really like the fact that such lamps are economical in energy consumption thanks to the presence of LED lamps. Ease of use is also noted, because it is enough to touch such a lamp to make it burn more or less brightly.

Children’s night light with dimming is not in vain very popular. It will become an indispensable lighting fixture in the room for your child, allowing him to fall asleep peacefully at night, as well as do school lessons or do creative work in the evening..

You just have to decide on the design of this lamp. In this matter, be sure to take into account the opinion of your baby, and then the child will be happy to turn it on and off and will not be afraid to sleep alone in the room..

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