Classic lamps

The classic style for interior decoration always remains in trend, as it carries luxury and elegance. Of course, lighting devices play an important role in such an interior. So, it is worth figuring out how classic lamps should look like, what are their features.


Classic lighting fixtures have a number of features:

  • They are manufactured using expensive materials.
  • Their forms are characterized by simplicity and grace.
  • Classics are always in trend, therefore, you can be sure that these lighting fixtures will not go out of style.

  • The type of these devices is traditional, but the use of innovative technologies makes the lamps more comfortable.
  • The color gamut is not very wide. Usually these are white, black, beige and brown shades. Various pastel colors are also acceptable here, as well as gilding..


To decorate a room in a classic style, you cannot do without a chandelier – the main source of light in such a room. Products here usually have several tiers, they are decorated with various crystal pendants. Carob chandeliers are also quite popular. For zonal lighting, wall lamps are used. With their help, you can highlight a picture, sofa area, piano and much more. Such devices are also appropriate in the bedroom (above the bed) or in the corridor (to illuminate the passage), as well as on the stairs..

You can illuminate the reading area in the living room with the help of floor lamps. Here they usually have a fabric lampshade and a simple, elegant shape..

When decorating an office, you cannot do without a table lamp.. A lamp with a green shade, as in the offices of the “party elite” in the USSR, can become a classic here. In classic bedrooms, table lamps are placed on the bedside tables. On the streets, classic-style lamps are also often used to illuminate the local area. Forged products with frosted glass inserts are most often used here, and the shape resembles lanterns that were installed on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg at the end of the 19th century..

Materials (edit)

As described in the features of classic lighting devices, rather expensive materials are used in their production:

  • Metal. Forged products will find their place both in the classics and in the neoclassics – including for the design of lighting fixtures. Forms are preferred here in the form of all kinds of monograms, bends. Sharp corners – minimum.
  • Wood. The carved parts of the lamps can also be made of this material. Lamps using wood look quite “rich” – and at the same time, quite noble.
  • Glass. This material is usually used to decorate shades, it is often combined with metal or wood. Classic lamps can be decorated with a mosaic.

  • Crystal. The chic and shine of this material is difficult to replace with something else on chandeliers. Swarovski-cut crystal is especially highly valued in lamps..
  • Stone. In classic lamps, natural stones are often used to make the base – for example, quartz, marble, malachite. Of course, such devices are quite expensive, but over time, this product will become a real antique. It’s a good investment.
  • Bronze and gilding. Such spraying is often used in the manufacture of such devices. It makes the appearance of the luminaire even more “rich”, and such a coating is used not only for processing the base. With its help, decorative patterns are applied to the shades..

How to choose?

When choosing a lamp for a classic interior, you need to consider the following points:

  • All lighting fixtures in the room must be made of similar materials and in the same style, so it is worth immediately determining the number of lamps and their type. It is better to buy lamps from a certain series of one manufacturer.
  • In pursuit of the beauty and chic of such products, do not forget about the functionality of the device.. The device must be of high quality and durable. The lighting from it should be sufficient. It will be better if the shape is simple enough, since washing a chandelier, for example, with a lot of crystals, is quite difficult. Many simply do not have free time for this..

An overview of classic lamps can be found in the following video.

Interesting models

On the lighting market, you can find many models of lamps made in a classic style..

Here are the most interesting ones:

  • Roof chandelier with fabric shades decorated with crystal droplets. Such a device will be appropriate both in the interiors of the Baroque and Rococo, and in the neoclassical style..
  • Sconce with a forged base in the form of a candelabra and candle shades will be an excellent option for decorating a room in the Empire style. This fixture works well for piano lighting. Such a design, as it were, will send you to the past centuries, to noble gatherings.
  • Chandelier with white fabric shade suitable for a room in a strict English style.

  • Classic table lamp with green shade – ideal for an office. Its stand is decorated with natural malachite, which makes this appliance even more chic..
  • Classic lantern will perfectly illuminate the porch on the street. These lanterns can be used to decorate a gazebo in the yard. The design is laconic, and the atmosphere that is created will plunge you into the past.
  • Gold-plated leg of this floor lamp model makes the room “rich”. Such a lamp will definitely become an accent in the room..

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