Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps

When choosing lighting fixtures, many cannot decide which type of lamp is best for home, office or business. One of the most popular types of lamps is fluorescent, which are presented to customers in a rich variety. It is important to know their functions, characteristics and installation features. This will help you not to make a mistake in choosing and successfully combine the purchased device with the room environment..

Features of the device and design

Before buying, it is important to understand what the structure of a fluorescent lamp is. The structure is filled with an inert gas containing mercury vapor. The inside of the lamp is covered with a phosphor – a special luminescent composition. The device is equipped with barium oxide coated tungsten coils along the edges. Such cathodes are connected to pins connecting the structure to an external power source..

The lamp needs a tight seal to function properly. When oxygen enters the internal environment of the device, its chemical composition will be disturbed, which is responsible for the operation of the lamp..

Fluorescent lamps only emit daylight, which is often very bright and dazzling. For convenient operation, the products of many manufacturers of electrical appliances are equipped with a diffuser and a reflector. The diffuser is necessary in order to evenly distribute the light in the room, most successfully combine the lamp with the interior and protect the structure from foreign objects.

The most popular types of structures are prism and microprism, honeycomb, pin-spot and opal diffuser, which is made of frosted glass and is an unusual interior detail..

The function of the reflector is to reduce the sharpness of the light flux. Together with or without a diffuser, it creates perfect illumination without clouding the light or affecting the factory function of the luminaire. Even powerful devices with a reflector do not put a strong load on the network and illuminate the room well without causing discomfort to the eyes.

Connecting a fluorescent device is not particularly difficult, because the lamp manufacturers have taken great care to make the process easier for consumers. Depending on the type of fixing, the lamp can be located on the wall and on the ceiling. The type of fastening itself is selected according to the design of the electrical appliance and the features of the network laying.

When the housing is fixed, a hole must be made in it at a specially marked place for the lead-in cable. Then, after turning off the electricity, lay the power cable and connect its wires to the junction box inside the lamp housing.

How to connect two fluorescent lamps through one choke, see the next video.

Connecting to an external power supply can be done in different ways. Often, special ceiling sockets are installed to mask the hole from which the wires come out. For wall structures, sockets are placed at a short distance from the lamp, and a cord is pulled from its body, connected to a power source with a plug.

It is necessary to install a mechanical switch thoroughly, so that the contacts are firmly fixed, otherwise, during operation, the contacts may shift, which will affect the operation of the luminaire.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with all types of lighting fixtures, fluorescent lamps have characteristics that will make you think about the need to buy them..

The main advantages of fluorescent lamps:

  • Brightness that creates good visibility in the room and makes it possible to carry out small work.
  • Long service life. Compared to other types of lighting, fluorescent products can last over a year, the light does not dim and there is no need to buy replacement bulbs often.
  • A variety of designs and types of lighting devices will allow you to choose those that will successfully fit not only into public spaces, but also into your home environment..
  • The lamp bulb does not heat up to a high temperature.
  • Energy saving at high power.
  • Luminaires are easy to clean from dust and dirt, because the body is not a complex design.

The disadvantages of products include:

  • Lamp cannot be DC powered.
  • Ambient temperature affects product performance, sometimes reducing light output.
  • The mercury content makes the lamp dangerous if damaged..

Taking into account all the qualities of the structure, you can choose a model that is suitable for your room and will serve as long as possible and with high quality.

Scope of application

Fluorescent lamps are used as indoor lighting devices for various functions:

  • The presence of such lamps in the field of medicine is especially popular. They can be found in the offices of clinics. Daylight allows doctors to carefully examine the condition of patients and take the necessary medical actions..

  • Often, fluorescent devices can be found in the industrial sector. Covering large areas with their light, they facilitate the work of people in production and allow you to operate with small details..

  • Restaurant kitchens should have good lighting, so fluorescent lamps compactly mounted on the ceiling are ideal..

  • Fluorescent lamps are installed in scientific laboratories and research rooms.

  • Lamps are used in the educational field, because often in educational institutions a powerful luminous flux is needed to illuminate large rooms and classrooms..

  • As outdoor lighting, such lamps are used near various outbuildings for practical purposes or as a decoration. Many people equip the visor before entering the garage with a similar lamp to make it safer at night..

You need to be careful with outdoor lighting using such lamps. They are subject to the influence of air temperature and can often malfunction..

  • Office spaces use fluorescent lights embedded in the ceiling to save energy costs and provide a comfortable working environment for all employees.

  • You can see similar devices in stores and warehouses..

Basic types

Depending on the scope of application, there are two types of lamps..


For work in enterprises and organizations, lamps of various sizes and designs are used. The largest can be called spotlights, which are used to illuminate huge rooms with high ceilings..

Explosion-proof lighting devices are used at especially hazardous enterprises related to the production of chemical or alcoholic products to ensure safe working conditions.

For office and industrial premises, such models of luminaires are selected that are protected from moisture and dust. The parts of such lamps are connected very tightly..


This type of lighting fixture is used in office or administrative buildings, in various organizations. Their size depends on the number of lamps in one design..

Sometimes it is enough to install a small number of products depending on the size of the room..

Often, this type of lamp is used in homes to illuminate work areas, such as a kitchen or part of an office..


There are many types of fluorescent lamps according to the design features, location and functions performed:

  • The most popular are ceiling products, because their range of light covers the largest space. As a creative solution, several large lamps are chosen, which are located on a common axis attached to the ceiling..

Often, for safety reasons, such lamps are equipped with a special grill..

  • Are in no less demand recessed luminaires. They are ceiling-mounted without affecting the overall height of the room. This kind of lighting is often used in offices or homes. It is possible to build in a single luminaire or a whole structure consisting of several lamps.

  • Wall structures can be of various sizes and lengths – from a small lamp for decoration to long models that occupy a significant part of the wall. Linear type is length oriented. Such luminaires are convenient for illuminating long objects..

  • Corner lighting devices can be installed in the joint between the wall and the ceiling in the form of a structure similar to a ceiling plinth. This design includes several small lamps of the same model and size. A similar type of lamps is often chosen for the kitchen, the luminescent model is installed on the knock between the wall and the bottom of the cabinet, illuminating the work surface.

Furniture models

Sometimes lamps are installed above the boxes for additional illumination and originality in the interior. Often, the cornice pendant is decorated with a luminescent garland, which adds piquancy to the interior..

Round models are often found among built-in and surface-mounted types of luminaires. They can be located in the headset, highlighting certain parts of it. Sometimes fluorescent lamps are built into the structure for the shelves..

By creating uniform illumination, such models turn standard stands for small items into an original piece of furniture..

Fluorescent lamps can be attached to the top of the table to illuminate the work area. For such purposes, battery-powered models are used, which are mobile and compact..

The production of luminescent devices is not limited to only one type of lamps, technologies are developing and more economical models are being created, operating on the basis of the use of a special phosphor gas. This gas, under the influence of current, contributes to the glow of ultraviolet radiation without heating the device..

On the basis of fluorescent lamps, devices have been created that are very popular in various fields of application:

  • Suspended devices are attached to the ceiling with a wire rope. They can be connected by equipping one wire with several lamps or by mounting a single device.
  • When attaching surface-mounted models, anchors are used that secure the structure to the base of the ceiling or wall. The use of such lighting devices in public organizations and shopping centers is very popular..
  • For stretch ceilings, closed types of luminaires are often used, which are not prone to overheating. The main advantage is a wide range of light shades, which can be advantageously used for interior decoration.

What characteristics to consider when choosing?

Before purchasing a fluorescent type lighting device, carefully read its characteristics:

  • Cold start protection will be a definite plus. In such bulbs, the electrodes warm up gradually and the light comes on a few seconds after pressing the power button.
  • It is necessary to correlate the power of the incandescent lamp with the power of the daylight device. Choose a 12-15 W lamp, which will become an alternative to a 60 W incandescent lamp, but at the same time, the luminous flux of conventional and energy-saving products should be the same.
  • A specific lamp color should be selected depending on the room. Cool light is appropriate for a work area or kitchen to help focus your attention. Warm shades of white will successfully fit into the bedroom, hallway, living room and relaxation room. This light is not irritating to the eyes and has a reduced sharpness. In bathrooms or garages, only dust and moisture protected type of devices work.
  • Energy saving lamps are perfect for a child’s room. It is recommended to purchase the devices in both warm and cold tones..

How to use in the interior?

The most advantageous fluorescent lamps look in modern interior styles. They are connected singly and in combination with each other in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors:

  • The most suitable and common interior direction for such lighting is style high tech. For him, long lamps are appropriate, installed at the junction of the wall and ceiling, emphasizing the geometry of the room. The light of such products is usually cold..

  • Minimalism will look good if round fluorescent lamps are enclosed in a plastic frame or presented in the form of massive flat lamps on the ceiling.

  • Eco design sometimes allows the use of warm daylight to create harmony between the natural textures of materials and plants.

  • An important functional and decorative style element loft there will be a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling in a casual style. Without breaking the concept of the direction, such a device will decorate the room, becoming a bright accent in the interior..

  • Eclecticism allows the presence of energy-saving lamps made in the form of strict lines.

If the room is designed in light or cold shades, then daylight can deprive the room of comfort. Cold light is acceptable only in apartments where windows face south or rooms are decorated in warm colors.

Reliable manufacturers

In order to choose a device that will serve you for a long time and efficiently, you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturers of fluorescent lamps in advance.. There are a number of proven companies for the production of lamps both in Europe and in Russia:

  • The leading brand popular in Europe is Philips, which presents a huge variety of lamps for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Italian brand Ares specializes not only in the aforementioned types of lighting, but also in architectural.
  • Austrian firm Thorn lighting renowned for the production of warehouse lighting and floodlights.
  • Company Osram known in Europe for the excellent quality of its lighting fixtures and a wide range of products.

Popular among domestic manufacturers are:

  • Firm Navigator – one of the most popular manufacturers of energy-saving lamps for home and garden, their products are equipped with protection against dust and moisture.
  • “New World” – a leader in the production of high-power fluorescent luminaires and floodlights.
  • Jazzway – a company that produces not only lamps of various sizes, but also LED panels.
  • Firm “Xenon” specializes in the production of lamps for industrial premises and organizations.
  • The company became the guarantor of the quality of street lighting “Aton”, which also produces lamps for enterprises and the housing sector.
  • “Leader Light” – a company that has a huge variety of lighting products, which even includes lamps for roads and highways.


Among consumers, fluorescent lighting products receive mostly positive reviews..

The most pleasant moment for buyers was the opportunity to save on electricity bills.

Many people note that wall lamps are quite simple and convenient to install, because manufacturers provide additional attributes for connecting the lamp with the device..

Fluorescent lights find a positive response from the owners of private houses. With the technology of protection from external factors, such products create a pleasant atmosphere at the summer cottage and illuminate the territory.

Some users were not satisfied with the price of products of well-known companies, but later noted that the cost was fully justified by the long service life and the preservation of the quality of light..

Choosing fluorescent lamps, you acquire the opportunity to fill your life with light that will delight you and your loved ones for a long time..

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