German lamps

German lamps

When arranging the interior, it is important to remember that a truly comfortable environment with an interesting mood can be created with the help of lighting fixtures. Today, many companies are represented on the Russian market: lamps from young domestic companies, stylish minimalism of Scandinavian designers, products of famous British and Italian masters. Products from Austria and Belgium are in constant demand. But even with such high competition, buyers often give preference to manufacturers from Germany..


Germany is one of the world leaders in the production of lighting devices and occupies a large share in the Russian market, supplying both budget and luxury models. Many German brands are family businesses with a long history, therefore the reliability and durability of their products is already a tradition that has been cherished for several generations. Renowned German pedantry is reflected in the perfect execution, thoughtful designs and the best materials.

German manufacturers, in contrast to Italian ones, for whom the priority belongs to design, focus on the development of technologies, carefully follow the world innovations, therefore, even devices that are classic in shape have the most modern electrical “stuffing”.

German lamps are available in all styles: from traditional, but not boring, and elegant classics to modern, hi-tech and avant-garde.

Their advantages:

  • Verified accuracy and accuracy of all structural elements;
  • Application of advanced technologies;
  • Variety of design solutions;
  • Reliability and long service life.

Materials (edit)

German brands use a wide range of materials to make lighting fixtures..

Germans love and know how to apply forged metal and its imitation – such products are very colorful and attract with the grace of lines. They will complement the rustic or retro look of a country house, but they will perfectly fit into a purely urban loft style. Real forging is handmade, so each such lamp is original and filled with the warmth of the hands of high professionals..

Light fixtures using wood do not go out of style, they carry the positive energy of natural wood, and their designs can range from imitation of ancient samples to ultra-modern forms. This material goes well with metal structures..

Since the texture of the solid wood itself is very decorative, even a small piece of wood becomes an interesting accent..

Luminaire shades can be from fabric, ceramics, glass. Sophisticated blown glass models create a truly luxurious environment. The glassblowers from Germany are not as well known as their Italian counterparts from the island of Murano, but this branch of the German industry also has a rich history and tradition..

A separate niche in the high price category is occupied by crystal chandeliers and sconces, for example from Wunderlicht. The luxury status models use the highest quality crystal, which is polished and cut with the help of modern technologies. Gold leaf application adds exclusivity.


Having given preference to German craftsmen, the buyer in any case will receive a first-class product, all that remains is to choose a specific manufacturer.

The Berliner Messinglampen brand is famous for its art nouveau designs, whose soft, natural lines create laconic, sophisticated looks. Designers draw inspiration from the best examples of modernism of the early twentieth century. Berliner Messinglampen products are distinguished by their high environmental friendliness. The company minimizes the amount of environmental damage from manufacturing processes for lighting products that are durable and consume a minimum of electricity.

In addition, the elements of the models can be combined: the shades are interchangeable and fit the fittings of different lamps.

The Limburg collection has over 2000 models. The factory traces its history back to a successful glass-blowing company, so today the main emphasis is placed on glass models. The brand’s new products use highly efficient and safe LED technology.

Each Faustig crystal chandelier is unique and inimitable. This family-owned factory has set a world record twice for creating the world’s largest chandelier and a series of huge lamps for a mosque in Abu Dhabi. Cascade models made of Swarovski crystal, brass, bronze, silver and gold are very popular among buyers of elite luxury..

The products of the Paulmann brand, known for more than 40 years for their reliability, are intended for the mass buyer: both for use in apartments and for equipment of various enterprises. These lighting fixtures are practical and easy to assemble, concise and ultramodern in design, affordable..

A fairly young company Regenbogen Life produces products for any wallet: from budget to premium segment. It produces about ten independent lines under the name Regenbogen and owns several well-known brands, for example, Chiaro, which is famous for exquisite chandeliers made of various materials: wrought metal, crystal, bone china, mosaic glass..

Ingo Maurer GmbH is a brand named after its creator, the outstanding designer Ingo Maurer. His lighting creations are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The artist often uses unusual and provocative images: lampshades in the shape of a Buddha’s head, a light bulb with wings, a glowing tube of toothpaste, an installation with many pieces of paper. But at the same time, the designer pays great attention to high-tech lighting systems and experiments a lot with LEDs. The lamps of this company are extremely in demand due to their originality, but they are quite expensive, since they are objects of modern art, and not just electrical appliances..


German lighting technology is presented in all forms: models for the interior, for the street, for industrial needs and in all design variations. According to the location of the device, the following classification is used:

  • Ceiling models – they are attached to the ceiling, they are suspended and recessed, used for general lighting (single-lamp lamps and chandeliers) or for directional (spot systems);

  • Wall mounted – sconce lamps can give diffused or directional light;

  • Tabletop – functional lamps highlight the work area or place for rest and reading;

  • Floor standing – the practical design of the floor lamp allows you to create a recreation area or put a bright light accent without any installation;

  • Street – are used for external illumination of an entrance or other elements of architecture and as part of landscape design. They have high wear resistance and a degree of protection against the negative influence of the external environment.

Pendant lights and chandeliers can be both compact and quite massive. Some are equipped with height adjustment, there are also multilevel models. Glass and crystal are the basis of cascading chandeliers, which can reach several meters in height..

Sconces are divided into stationary and swivel ones, in the form of a closed, hemispherical plafond adjacent to the wall, or with a horn structure. There is a huge selection of wall lamps from Maytoni – from models with classic lampshades made of fabric or glass to modern shapes. The De Markt brand uses flowers in many of its sconces: glass shades in the “floristic” style are complemented by graceful metal leaves.

A directed luminous flux can be obtained using spots – wall-ceiling lighting devices with a small shade equipped with a swivel mechanism. They are easy to install, convenient to use in rooms with low ceilings. Models on the rail are interesting and practical: the spots move freely along it, illuminating the required space. Such systems are presented by the brands Maytoni, Brilliant, MW-Light, De Markt. The spots for children’s rooms are made in a playful design: bright colors and shades in the form of flowers, animals, cars will undoubtedly appeal to kids.

You can also trust German companies when purchasing models for bathrooms: sealed lamps with increased moisture resistance are 100% safe, comfortable and beautiful. They are available from Brilliant, Paulmann, Favorite and many others..


Consumers highly appreciate lighting technology from Germany. Buyers of fixtures from DeMarkt, MW-Ligh and others are pleasantly surprised that German scrupulousness is reflected even in the packaging of products: each element is carefully wrapped in a protective film, and fabric gloves are included in the set for careful handling of glass and crystal parts..

Maytoni chandeliers have repeatedly become the first in the rating by reviews. The quality of the materials used: glass, metal for fittings and fasteners is at the highest level and guarantees that the product will serve for many years.

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